Hysteria Eleison

The German state broadcaster WDR2 (West Deutsch Rundfunk 2, West German Broadcasting 2) used a children’s choir to create a propaganda song pushing action to stop “climate change”. The main point of the little ditty seems to be that riding motorcycles and eating pork chops are doubleplus ungood activities.

The diminutive choristers are to be indoctrinated trained as “ambassadors for climate justice”.

MissPiggy, who translated the text and video below, reports that WDR2 later back-pedaled, claiming on Twitter that the song was in fact a satire. However, an announcement from last October by WDR2 belies that assertion, demonstrating that the broadcaster was launching the initiative in all seriousness.

In case it gets removed from the Internet, MissPiggy has screen-capped the page in question:

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Here’s the translation:

On Saturday, 5 October 2019 the WDR Children’s Choir of Dortmund will sing at the closing event of “Plant for the Planet” in Königswinter, Bonn.

At the same time the singers will be trained as ambassadors for climate justice by other children. “The topic of climate change is on everyone’s lips right now, and with “Fridays for Future” it has also become a topic for the younger generation. In addition to the activities of Greta Thunberg, there are also many other very exciting and meaningful projects on the subject of climate, such as the organisation “Plant for the Planet”. This organisation trains children in a one-day academy to become “climate protectors”, and plants trees with the children in cooperation with a forester. Many hundreds of thousands of trees have already been planted in this way.

Within the framework of this project there will be a WDR report.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   My grandma drives in the chicken coop with her motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle.
00:09   That’s thousands of gallons of gas every month! My grandma is an old environmental pig!
00:16   My grandma says riding a motorcycle is so cool, so cool, so cool.
00:25   She even uses it in the old folks’ home as a wheelchair. My grandma is an old environmental pig!
00:32   My grandma uses an SUV to go to the doctor, the doctor, the doctor.
00:41   She runs over two grandpas on their mobility scooters! My grandma is an old environmental pig!
00:48   Every day my grandma fries herself a pork chop, a pork chop, a pork chop.
00:57   She does it because discount meat costs nearly nothing. My grandma is an old environmental pig!
01:04   My grandma doesn’t fly on planes anymore, she’s reformed, reformed, reformed.
01:13   Now she takes trips on cruise ships ten times a year.
01:18   My grandma isn’t an environmental pig! My grandma isn’t an environmental pig!

24 thoughts on “Hysteria Eleison

  1. But what about hashtags and Saint Greta? Maybe put up a climate free zone sign?

  2. Wallah! *irony off.
    This song goes back to the 1930s apparently and there were text versions of 1958 and 1980.

    Notwithstanding the pros and cons of less or more more meat in a diet, note
    the bourgeois Gutmensch contempt for affordable protein at> pork chop. For such people, there is no poverty in Germany.
    The broadcaster of this ditty is West German State broadcasting WDR, an arm of the German State.
    WDR is as eager to warmonger against Russia, peddle NATO lies one to one and bash Trump as it is to welcome country shopping welfare migrants 24/7.

    As usual with such people, there is no explanation of how importing into Germany millions of catchup consumers who need or want cars, new apartments and flatscreen TVs is supposed to be congruent with reduction of fossil fuel useage and other action to benefit the environment.

    Note also that the girl choir seems 100% white indigenous European, this does not reflect the percentage ethnicities of this age group and sex in Germany overall or in the reception area of WDR. Possibly Turkish parents might object to their girl children singing songs describing the previous generation as *unislamic* pigs.

    Or lyrics holding that generation up to ridicule and blame for environmental problems.

    The comparison here in the Anglosphere is with the frequent blaming of any and all Boomers born from 1946 to 1964 for various crises or problems arising from the neoliberal coup around 1980 of Reagan and Thatcher.

  3. WDR is financed by a tax (Merkel calls it „contribution“) on premises, e.g. apartments or shops, not sure if a house pays one or several “ contributions“. Several people, including single mothers, went to jail for not paying the „contribution“.

  4. That is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. If this is main stream Germany today, it’s over.

  5. Terrible, communism like hell , remind me of old DDR , children signing the song with scout uniforms, democracy is long gone in this country, Who write songs like this for a Kids!!!!

    • The question is how the children themselves relate to this. For me and my friends, this totalitarian coercion caused nothing but longing.

      In grade 5, I became ill with jaundice (hepatitis A), they put me in a hospital. It was impossible to visit the infectious diseases department, so my friends came to me on the way home (it was just on the way) and I talked to them through the window, since the ward was on the 1st floor.

      At this time, just Brezhnev died. “It’s good for you, Lenka, you’re sick,” they said. “You don’t have to stand the whole school break in full uniform tightly next to his funeral portrait”

  6. “The environmental movement promises to bring greater numbers into our orbit than the peace movement ever did.” – Carl Bloice (Communist)

  7. Next will come the Euthanasia chants and squads. I compare this to Hitler’s time and the anti-Jew ditties. Socialism, Fascism, Globalism or any other of this mass lunacy never changes. How many must perish this time? Another 170,000,000s?

    I predict compulsory Euthanasia next and Children’s SA or ‘Young Pioneer’ squads marching through the streets demanding the end or outing and demonification of Baby Boomers to ‘encourage’ the pensioners to ‘Save the Planet’ by killing themselves. The younger members of the family unit will be brainwashed to emotionally pressure those that should be left to enjoy their retirements.

    It has not changed since 1917, nor 1933 and it will not now. Nasty times about to become nastier. ‘Brave New World’? No Just Nastier Old World.

    The Good news is that Globalists themselves are being banned across the globe by the likes of Philippines President Duarte and a number of US Senators but also that Summation of Evil George Soros himself.

    • very well, Bishop. But let their squads come.They will encounter something they were never trained in because so pacifist: effects of lead propulsed by pulling a trigger.

    • Yes, this climate change hysteria can lead to a ‘virtuous’ and politically correct genocide. And this abominable Greta is the devil’s parody of Joan of Arc.

  8. Do these people realize that Motorcycles use far less gas per kilometer?
    Have they read the 2 minute hate of 1984?
    Are they familiar with the self-denunciation of Maoist China?
    A lesson in how short our memories are!
    Print your Samdizat on high quality acid-free paper, because we are at the precipice of the memory hole.

    • Since when did facts matter to Liberals? They regard themselves as superior to us “Deplorables” or any other grouping they seek to further their perversion and greed.

      Their ends and desires justify the means.

      The list is endless…

      White working class

      And eventually even Moslems. That’s coming soon-very soon!

      To the self- adoring Liberals they feel themselves gods.

      Moslems are already seeing the reality. And in truth I would support any grouping against the evil Globalists aka Socialists, Communists, Nazis, Bolsheviks et al. Nobody is safe from these demons-nobody.

      Hundreds of millions have died to sate their power-lust.
      Keep our national noses out of the affairs and cultures of others.

      The World is an absolute mess.

  9. This is criminal children indoctrination, if they grow up and nobody stops their insanity, they will start killing people – for the planet of course.

    • Nice one, ac.

      The Baron’s erudition (and yours) are showing; most of the sung Catholic Mass is in Latin, but the initial “Kyrie Eleison” is Greek, as is the word “hysteria”.

  10. I would not get too upset about this episode. It was a heavy-handed satire of the sort not uncommon in Northern Germany. Seriousness does not preclude satire, however much one might wish that, or not.

    The song was meant to drive home its point by making its target look ridiculous. Instead, the satirizers made themselves look ridiculous. Their song just shows how out of touch the WDR is with its original purpose and audience. For a start, a modern day grandma would likely ride an electric bike to visit her chickens and friends, not a more noxious and troublesome motorcycle.

  11. meanwhile , in Cologne, head staff of WDR has publically apologized, when a 24 year young antifa free-lance to the station added insult to injury by mocking the ” environmental pig” phrase : they’d better sung ” nazi pig”.
    Well, this shows the brutal mindset of killers in the Mao- style. Had Danny Kollek done some maths, he would have noticed that the grannies of those kids were born after WWII and the youngest Hitler- youths are in their nineties if still alive.Kollek claimes himself a hater of Germany.Apparently a qulification to work in publically financed broadcasting. He has a clear photograph on his twitter account, so he might be recognizable in public and be some target of hatred.

    • Really, our progressive times are no better than the darkest ages that humanity has ever known. Greta’s campaign looks like the Children’s Crusade on steroids. And it is opening the door to a new witch hunt (or Cultural Revolution? To me they seem more or less the same thing).

  12. According to many Posts on Facebook Danny Hollek, a not permanently employed guy working for the WDR has posted on Twitter that the Grandparents are nazipigs.

  13. I had a discussion on facebook with an admirer of saint Greta. He told me that my generation of baby boomers is to blame, among other things, for the nuclear experiments in Bikini Island (incredible but true). In 1958 I was wetting my diapers, like any new born does.
    I do not believe it was a satire but the real message of Greta’s followers. Grandparents, (babyboomers generation) are the Grand Evil, and destroying them will save the planet.

  14. Quote:
    … Scandal erupted. Even the German burghers, trained in absolute and non-rational submission to the authorities, thought that the left somehow went too far, somehow over-boosting the education of Pavlik Morozov(1), who despised and hated the older generation. Many Germans suddenly began to gradually realize that the ideological dehumanization of the politically incorrect older generation would certainly be followed by a stage of the final solution of his question, and that he might even come sooner than the most inveterate alarmists thought. Fortunately, the Germans do not take up experience. Maybe Cyclone-B for anti-environmental grandparents, as well as the wrong dad mothers in warehouses somewhere around.

    In social networks, on newspaper forums and in comments on YouTube, either German grandmothers themselves speak out, forced to collect beer tins in garbage dumps and never on a cruise but never on vacation in life, or their grandchildren, who are familiar with another grandmother – turning off a burning lamp in vain, not allowing to throw out a crust of bread and darn leaking socks, but at the same time paying for her grandchildren, half-educated, green “climate defenders”, sure that the electricity is taken from the outlet, and paying their bills for expensive smartphones.
    1) Pavlik Morozov is a pioneer hero who betrayed his father in the name of the ideas of communism.


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