Culture-Enrichers Riot in The Hague

A large crowd of Eritrean culture-enrichers in The Hague were unhappy with being kept out of a party they wanted to attend, so they attacked the Dutch police with stones and other implements of destruction.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident from De Telegraaf, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Hague police pelted with stones after Eritrean party shut down

by Richard van der Crommert

The Hague: Several police officers were pelted with stones Saturday evening after a disturbance broke out at an Eritrean party in a meeting hall on the Wegestraat [street] in the Hague. Four officers were injured. During the disturbance, four persons were arrested.

On Saturday evening an Eritrean party at the Kristal meeting center was in progress, an administrator of the meeting hall told De Telegraaf Sunday evening. “The hall was hired out by us. We decided that the party would be halted. All the commotion took place outside the hall.”

The Eritrean party was stopped after some visitors without tickets entered. Visitors then turned against the police who were by then present. Several officers were pelted with stones after the party was stopped.

According to a police spokeswoman, around midnight a report was received of a disturbance at an event. “A group of about 100 people decided to enter the party without tickets or security check. When they entered the party, security decided to end the event and to evacuate the room. The visitors with tickets became angry at this and refused to leave the location.”

Police report

After the report of the disturbance, the police responded to the location quickly. “A group of about 100 to 150 people did not want to leave the location and turned against the police. There was destruction and stones and other objects were thrown at police,” added the spokeswoman. “Four officers were lightly injured as a result, and one of them was treated in an ambulance at the scene. These officers are making their reports.” According to an eye witness several ambulances arrived at the scene to treat bitten rioters and an ill person. “One suspect, who was bitten in the leg, has been taken to the hospital,” said the police.

The 4 arrested persons are still in custody. “The investigation is in full progress; more arrests cannot be ruled out.”

Train ride under police supervision

Some of the removed visitors hung around the Hague Central Station. There were no night trains there. To keep the visitors outside the station, several officers blocked the Central Station hall.

Subsequently, the NS [Railway] arranged a train at the request of the police to maintain peace. “The ride from the Hague Central to The Hague (Spoor) took place under police supervision. About 20-25 persons made use of it. From Holland (Spoor), people could continue to all destinations,” said the spokeswoman for the NS.

Video transcript:

00:02   A party in the Hague gets out of hand because about 100 people without tickets get in.
00:08   A party in the Hague gets out of hand because about 100 people without tickets get in.
00:25   The party is immediately shut down, to the displeasure of the paying partygoers.
00:41   The guests turn against the police and throw stones.
00:59   Four officers were injured in the incident.
01:16   Some of the ejected guests showed up again at the Hague Central Station.
01:31   There the police formed a line to keep them out of the station.
01:45   Four people have been arrested.

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  1. We want equal rights…plus. We demand free food, healthcare, housing, money, and more. We want it now and you Whitey Crackas will give it to us or we will burn this city to the ground. Forward!

  2. It’s no longer very interesting to give videos or new stories about immigrants who don’t fit into their host societee. The consequences can easily be predicted kalma and for those unable to follow or a prediction the real life consequences are more than apparent by now. Sorrow it’s pretty obvious that the politicians and bureaucrats who continued to encourage migration either don’t care about the social dislocation, or being fervent cultural marxists actually want to have the dislocation caused by open immigration.

  3. But think about all the tasty food you are getting in exchange. Small price to pay, really.

    • They can keep their goat kebabs, falafel, hummus, and doner. Small price to pay really for them staying in their own lands.

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