Free Steen’s Computers!

Steen of Snaphanen has been a good friend for almost thirteen years, since my first trip to Copenhagen in April of 2007, when he put me up in his flat.

Steen is an accomplished photographer and manages the most popular blog in Denmark. He is also a dissident — he speaks out about immigration and Islamization, publishing uncomfortable truths that give the Danish political establishment heartburn.

Steen was arrested and interrogated last May because he posted a link to a site that linked to the video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco, who were killed by mujahideen. To assist them in their enquiries, the police confiscated Steen’s computers and other equipment.

That was eight months ago. Steen has not been charged, and the police still have his equipment. He has written a letter to them, demanding the return of his work tools, and posted about it yesterday at Snaphanen.

Steen’s ability to put pressure on the police is limited. All he can do is publicize what happened, and urge his colleagues among dissident bloggers to do likewise. I recommend mirroring this post (or writing your own) on websites and forums, in order to help bring pressure to bear from outside Denmark.

Michael Jalving is the most popular blogger at the Jyllands-Posten website. Mr. Jalving also wrote yesterday about Steen’s plight. Many thanks to Signe for the translation:

Free Steen Raaschou’s computers, photographs and SD-card

The blogger Steen Raaschou was arrested last year for doing his job. Copenhagen police still have not returned his seized work tools. Why?

One of my friends from the Danish writing community, the blogger Steen Raaschou of, who taught me quite a lot about Sweden, courage and photography, was woken up early in the morning back in May of 2019 by a squad of police officers. Apparently they were not in the wrong place, since they arrested and interrogated him because five months earlier he had shared the recording of the bestial assassination of the two Scandinavian girls in Morocco. The same way they arrested Jeppe Juhl, then a parliamentary candidate for the party Nye Borgerlige, and another blogger for Jyllands-Posten, Jaleh Tavakoli.

Both the authorities and the mainstream media treated the murders as unmotivated bad luck — not jihad. Steen Raaschou corrected the misunderstanding by linking to a site that linked to the jihadists’ video.

The arrest was bizarre. And it seemed not coincidental that it happened just before an election.

The 68-year-old blogger had his home ransacked during the arrest and a lot of electronic equipment was seized. It remains confiscated.

It must be added now, as Steen himself has done, that §264d of the law is quite fair. Depending on how it is interpreted.

[Jalving quotes the paragraph. Steen has not violated anyone’s privacy.]

The accused, as I understand it, has not been charged with anything. But the authorities still refuse to return two computers, an external hard drive with ten years of photographs, an SD card, etc.

What is going on with the police? What is the cause of this treatment? Is it simply bureaucracy? Or is there really someone in the Danish police that loves to harass people who do not like Islam?

In that case the words of Ulrik Høy (R.I.P.) after the arrest are yet relevant: “Arrest me too! Preferably along with Lars Hedegaard, so we can have a game of cards in the prison cell”.

Now, Steen Raaschou writes to the police, and I quote:

To whom it may concern:

In four days it will have been eight months ago that you arrested me as if I were a dangerous terrorist, and seized my work tools. Let me tell you what you already know: You do not have time for 68-year-old unpunished persons like me […] The interrogating officer said that day to Jeppe Juhl: “We greatly regret this, but it is political, you know.”

I do not blame low-ranking police, but it must be said that higher up in the system are people who abuse the judicial system politically against people like me.

I do not care if I am convicted, but I do care about the other treatment I received, and I can assure your superiors that I will make this case very well-known to the public. By my own pen and via my many contacts in the media.

I do not want to blame low-ranking police, but your superiors must know that they will not be happy when I begin to make this case public.

And I want my tools back now, thank you. And I mean now!

Kind regards,
Steen Raaschou.

I completely understand Steen’s anger, and that is why I chose to write this. The good man is caught in no-mans-land, where he has no options other than to make noise. It is not for fun, darn it, that he and other observers are trying to inform the public about things out there in reality, among other things, topics having to do directly or indirectly with the rise of Islam.

Police — if you really want to look after the citizens, then free Steen Raaschou’s work tools. Now!

7 thoughts on “Free Steen’s Computers!

  1. You absolutely have to always, ALWAYS make backups of your vital media and put them in a safe place. And there is no way around, regardless how much you may hate it, making yourself savvy about how to do this without leaving traces and protect yourself BEFORE YOU BEGIN any work, or even study which could reveal your interest. Because each and every digital footprint you make can expose you and incriminate you for “wrongthink”. Just surfing a website or sending or receiving an email is such a footprint. Too many in this field discover that only after it’s too late.

    Start here:

    • How about be ready to help your friend, your neighbor ? In Romania we died for freedom. I take freedom as a serious fact. I am ready to die for. Are you ready to die with me for our freedom ?
      If you are ready, then there is no government ready to kill us.

  2. Did he have pics of hot chicks on there? The donut molesters are busy sifting through the information right now on the way to that prime pension.
    They are keeping you safe from yourself. Allahu Ackbar comrade.

  3. They are just following orders… (Where did I hear that before, hm???)

    And they can do so, because there is no counterweight to them.
    And we all act as individuals.

  4. I had some alcohol until now. This is why I am writing. Normally I just prefer to read.
    I am an east european in Denmark. Usually, east europeans are not well regarded in west europe. We work to hard. We take life to serious. And thieves from east europe are way to advanced for western police. I feel ashamed by this, but this is the truth. Thieves must be in prison, not free.
    I want Denmark remains Denmark for the next 1000 years. I want Europe be Europe for next 10000 years. At least. But I know I want too much. West europeans have no idea what they want. I know this, now.
    My first impression about Danes, from first day, was that they are small kids playing as adult humans. When you become adult in a communist system, west European system is nothing but a nice place to be. Full of kids. My first question was….what did happened to west europeans while we were under communist regime ? When they become so disconnected to reality ?
    From time to time, east europeans have meetings. If there is to much alcohol, there is fun. Usually, if there is alcohol, polish and russians, there is a funny fight conflict. And all starts from history. All the rest of east europeans can jump over history conflicts. Polish and russians cant. They must fight. After that, they also jump over. And then we have a party. Before party, there is fun.
    All east europeans cant understand the missing instinct of self defense.
    All east europeans cant understand how can be self defense illegal.
    All east europeans agree that if defending family and children means prison according to western europeans rules, then there is no problem if the aggressor die.
    There is a rule that east europeans must help each other. We want to extend that rule to our danish friends. But is not so easy. Their first instinct when we talk about self defense is to call the police. They dont do the same when danish girls are raped by illegal guests. What a stupid word combination…illegal guests. We know that illegal guests must die if they rape our children. Why is it only us, easterners, thinking that way ? Are we still barbarians of europe ?

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