Muslimas on Patrol in Sweden

The video below is one of those unusual projects that required a lot of coordination among speakers of various languages. It was recorded in Sweden, but the language spoken is Arabic, with German subtitles added. So we had to ask a German to help with an Arabic-language video from Sweden — a peculiar situation.

There are a couple of things to note about this video. First, this is obviously a sharia patrol that the Muslimas have organized. The “youths” they are trying to manage do not accept being bound by the laws of the hated kuffar, but they tend to listen to the authoritative voices of mature women of the Muslim community.

Secondly, the patrols organized by the Muslim ladies take place on Fridays — that is, the days when the young Muslim bucks have been fired up with Islamic zeal by imams giving sermons in the mosques. The boys then burst onto the streets, itching to break windows and rape and set fire to anything that the unbelievers own or control. The women patrol the streets to keep them in line and prevent them from acting prematurely, before their numbers are sufficient to ensure complete victory over the kuffar.

At least, that’s the way that I read it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:18   The project has been running for almost a year.
00:22   Every Friday we walk for about two hours. We walk through the nearby districts.
00:27   We are a group of acquaintances from the neighborhood,
00:35   and over time more and more people have come with us.
00:44   There are many problems with young people. They break the windows
00:48   of shops and restaurants. They cause problems.
00:53   They’re young people, so we try to win them over. At the same time
01:00   they’re ashamed when they see us mothers, so they won’t cause problems.
01:09   Yes, the young people behave better towards us than towards the police.
01:12   The police try to intimidate them, so they cause them problems.
01:15   Since we are like their mothers,
01:18   we try to teach them that they need not be afraid of us.

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  1. yes ,mam, but problem is those youths need something to be afraid of and paradoxically, they sorely miss it. One chapter of Gattis’ novel ” All Involved” ,about page 296 onwards, might inspire action to calm them down and could not be published on GoV. It might even incite them to go back to their countries….. if they can walk, that is.

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