Vox Takes a Stance for the Protection of Spanish Women

Rocío Monasterio is a member of the populist Vox party in Spain and the president of the Madrid branch of the party. The following video features some of her remarks during a debate with members of the other parties, which was held during the run-up to the recent elections (in which Vox did very well).

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To Vox. —Vox is the only party that asks for life imprisonment for rapists
00:05   and for murderers and violent offenders, and I would like it if today, here,
00:09   all the representatives of the other parties would join the proposal by Vox,
00:13   because we don’t want to see recidivist rapists again in our streets,
00:18   because mothers don’t want to think that when our daughters come out of
00:21   the metro they will meet once again with one of these ruthless men,
00:25   such as the killer of [Lauro] Luelmo. And for this we ask for life imprisonment,
00:29   and hope, and we would like the others join in because we are for solutions,
00:33   and it doesn’t seem to be a solution, a sexual assault law in which we are compounding the error,
00:38   and seeing that there have been 51 women murdered this year, it is confirmation
00:42   that the numbers should not increase. If it were only one, we should reflect on how
00:47   we could improve this law. And it would be a responsibility,
00:51   and a sovereign responsibility on the part of the parties present here who don’t want to talk about
00:55   reforming the law, to improve it to guarantee protection to women, and, besides,
01:00   they don’t believe in women because what happened when the delegation from Iran arrived
01:04   in Spain, and said to all the political parties that the women
01:08   cannot approach us and shake our hand and if they want to look us in the eye [they cannot],
01:12   only Vox opposed. And all the rest were ready to comply,
01:16   of course until Vox made its announcement that the others backed down
01:20   They were all ready to order their female deputies… to order their female deputies
01:25   not to shake their hands and not look the Iranians in the eye .
01:29   This is feminism, and this is the defense of equality by politicians in Spain [unintelligible].