The Brazilian Connection

The following news report from Brazil gives details about the bust of a major people-smuggling ring that routes its clients from South Asia to the United States using Brazil as a primary transit point.

It should be noted that this is a criminal enterprise, and the smuggling process is very profitable. Yet the leaders of cartel are Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and its paying clients are also South Asian Muslims. This is the way migrant trafficking into the USA becomes more than a matter of poor illiterate Latin Americans swarming across the border. And I don’t have to tell you that this is also how jihad is imported into the United States.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Eight foreigners were arrested on suspicion of smuggling of migrants
00:05   via Brazil en route towards the United States.
00:09   The investigation reports that the gang earned $10 million between 2014
00:16   and 2019.
00:19   Authorities temporarily arrested five citizens of Bangladesh and three from Pakistan,
00:23   among them the leader Saifullah Al Mamun, considered by the American government to be
00:28   the greatest human trafficker in the world.
00:31   The gang was based in São Paulo.
00:34   Illegal migration to the United States was arranged through travel agencies
00:39   aiming to launder money. The criminal organization charged up to US $10,000 per person
00:45   to facilitate the migration. Migrants used a cable dollar system to make payment.
00:50   They provided amounts
00:53   to a dealer out there in South Asia and a corresponding money dealer over the
00:57   in the tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
01:00   They received these amounts and sent
01:03   the value fractionally to
01:06   an account of intermediaries of the smugglers here in São Paulo.
01:10   Since November 2017, 84 people
01:14   sent by the gang were arrested upon their arrival
01:17   in the United States. Federal Police confirmed that another 395 migrants
01:22   followed the Brazilian route with the same destination through two travel agencies
01:27   in downtown São Paulo. The victims are
01:30   mostly young people in their 30s.
01:33   The investigation began in May of last year with international cooperation
01:37   between the Federal Police and the North American migration agency.
01:42   They intercepted phone calls and emails, and broke the bank and tax secrecy of the suspects.
01:47   They found that the group provided asylum applications and
01:52   false travel documents such as visas, passports and letters of
01:56   a maritime crew to immigrants from South Asia
02:00   specially Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan.
02:05   Illegal migrants departed from Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, bound for Rio Branco,
02:11   State of Acre, crossing the border with Peru,
02:15   then traveling by land to the Mexican border with the United States.
02:19   Logistics were arranged in contact with members of the criminal organization
02:23   in the countries involved. There, in this region, hundreds or even
02:28   thousands of people die during the crossing. These migrants must cross the jungle.
02:33   Many of them end up getting sick and dying.
02:36   Not only that, when they arrive in Mexico, after they are able to cross this border
02:40   and manage to cross on foot through all the other countries, when they arrive in Mexico,
02:44   many of them are kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels.
02:49   Those arrested should answer for the crimes of immigrant smuggling,
02:52   made worse by subjecting them to inhuman
02:55   and degrading conditions, money-laundering
02:59   and criminal conspiracy.