Culture-Enriching Gang Rape in Krefeld

This latest report on cultural enrichment in Germany is particularly sordid. The crimes the “youths” are accused of — doping and gang-raping young women — are bad enough. But the details of the case (see the article below the video) reveal that the young ladies agreed to get drunk and have sex with one or more of the migrants, but not necessarily to be gang-banged. Did the parents of these girls never train their daughters to avoid certain dangerous social situations? It boggles the mind.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

MissPiggy also translated this related article about the trial from

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW): GROUP RAPE! Five men are accused of raping two women — the particularly horrifying details cause disgust in the courtroom.

They allegedly incapacitated the women with knockout drops and raped them collectively, according to the charges against five men from NRW.

Neuss. When prosecutor Thorsten Althoff cites the charges, the courtroom is horror-stricken. The charges against the five men (24 to 29 years old) from Wesel, Dinslaken, Moers and Krefeld before the district court in Neuss (NRW) are abhorrent. The defendants are said to have incapacitated the young women with knockout drops, then they were beaten and raped by them for hours.

NRW: Indictment causes horror

When the attorney for the prosecution began to quote from the video recordings made by the defendants, some spectators left the courtroom shocked, while others cried. The men made the women the “objects of their humiliation fantasies”, according to the prosecutor. “I am ashamed,” said a mother of one defendant after leaving the courtroom.

Accused of perfidious scam

The accused men called themselves “Jamal”, “Sammy”, “Momo”, “Memo” or “Bilal”. They did not want to reveal their real identity to the women, as most of them had girlfriends. According to the prosecution, their scam was always same. “The victims were not completely unknown to the accused. Among other things, they had met them at a dance club in Düsseldorf,” explains court spokesman Alexander Lembke.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, there were two rapes and one attempted rape. A defendant is also accused of dangerous bodily harm.

The accused acts

Mehmet Y. (24) and Amro L. (25) are said to have met with two young women in the apartment of one of the defendants on 15 February. They are said to have mixed K.O. drops with vodka energy into a woman’s glass. The other woman was brought to the apartment by the defendant Taycan A. (25), the only defendant out on bail. Achmed D. (25) joined after a call from the other two men. Together, the group are said to have raped and humiliated the defenseless woman for hours. According to the indictment, she could not remember anything later due to the anaesthesia. The accused filmed the deeds.

The defendants Achmed D. and Amro L. are also said to have met two underage girls on 2 March in front of the Düsseldorf disco “Smileys” who pretended to be grown-ups. The men convinced them to come with them to the apartment in Krefeld. It is said that they played “Spin the bottle” together before a girl had sex with a defendant voluntarily. Another witness was unconscious due to the drink containing knockout drops, according to the public prosecutor’s office, which remains a case of attempted at rape. The defendants allegedly dragged the woman through the apartment or placed bottles on her head.

Nidal E. (29) had met a young woman in the club “Smiley”. They agreed to meet for sex, but instead of being alone, he appeared with Achmed D. and went to Amro L’s apartment. Here the men are said to have raped the young woman. Especially bad: Achmed D. is said to have beaten the young woman and raped her with a broomstick and a bottle of vodka. Nidal E. is said to have put a discharged gas pistol in her mouth to take a “cool picture”. Following their crimes, the accused are said to have called themselves “pigs” and “sickos”.

Amro L. is also accused of ambushing three men at a Halloween party in Moers after a verbal argument with an unknown accomplice, and allegedly attacked them with a knife, bottles and their fists.

“It was a positive mood.”

When the defendant Nidal E. (29) gave testimony during the case, he recalled the events of the night of 20 March 2019, but he rejects the accusation of acting against the will of the woman concerned. He never received clear signals from her that she was against anything that happened that night, Nidal E. said. However, he apologizes for individual videos he had recorded without prior consultation. “That was a mistake.”

In the car she is said to have told him that she had already had group sex experiences with a friend. “It was a positive mood,” he summarizes the evening. In addition, the court also has chat transcripts available according to which the woman concerned wanted to arrange to have sex with Nidal E. again the day after the alleged act.

Video transcript:

00:00   The prosecution office presses serious charges.
00:03   Trial begins against five men for alleged gang rape.
00:20   The defendants allegedly lured women into an apartment in Krefeld in the spring
00:25   of this year, in two different cases, and administered substances that rendered them
00:32   unable to react or to have any recollection. Subsequently, the men are said to have raped
00:40   the women for several hours and to have made video recordings of the victims during the abuse.
00:47   They are also said to have raped a victim with a bottle and a broomstick.
01:00   As for the evidence, first we have the video footage taken during the crimes and also the victims,
01:05   the potential victims, the women who also appear here
01:09   as joint plaintiffs giving testimony. In addition,
01:12   we have the results of the investigation which will also be reported by the summoned investigators.
01:20   The men are between 24 and 29 years old. They met their victims in a dance club.
01:28   A verdict for these crimes is expected in Krefeld before the end of this year.

9 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Gang Rape in Krefeld

  1. Really!!, they that stupid or don’t understand what is really going on in their country????, where are the parents of this girls ? , to explain what Merkel prepared for them ? Never ever learn , stay away from that scums, far away you can , bizarre..

    • I wouldn’t blame the parents, they themselves are victims of German post-WWII propaganda and probably don’t make the link between Merkel, migrants and crime. I know quite a few Germans and even if I talk to them about it, their innability to open their minds to different ideas is just saddening. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated and that’s that.
      But even if the parents are able to make that link, their children are constantly exposed to all kinds of media that paint those things as normal and there’s certainly a fair amount of peer presure as well.
      Lastly, Germany (and several other Western countries) have done a good job at feminizing their men, so naturally a brute, despite foreign, will feel more attractive to the women (it’s just how nature works). Sadly enough they still expect those brutes to handle them as tenderly as a well groomed man would and might eventually get exposed to a hard reality check, at which point it’s too late to prevent it.
      The only solution, in my opinion, is twofold: 1) reverse the indoctrination in the long term and 2) in the short term those who are aware should establish communities where the children can be exposed to peer presure of a different kind, hence realizing there’s nothing wrong with them if they don’t want to date migrants or whatever.

      • Please don’t lump urbanized germans with those who live in the countryside—they aren’t the same, I know many

      • I fully blame the allied re-educated for Germany’s situation, the Britain feminized their own men but forced Germany at gun point!

        • Somebody’s party membership card is showing…
          One could take some personal responsibility for the body politic instead of (surprise!) blaming ‘the west’.
          The current injection of degeneracy can be traced right back to (surprise!) europoor social technicians and political philosophers. You know, intellectual giants like Marx, Engels, Horkheimer. However, the blame reversal is very marxist.
          I thank my lucky stars that I am a free, western man. We don’t much go in for your marxo-existentialists, poncing about in turtlenecks, drongling on about the futility of life and the inevitable conclusion of the marxist historical dialectic. We’re far too busy building stuff and smoking kommies for that sort of mental masturbation
          Congratulations! NPC status awarded.
          Now, report to kommisar. Bring shovel and blanket.

  2. Reminds me of what happened in here in Marseilles recently, not that you’ll even find that in the news

    • This happens practically everyday in my Native Austria, but since the spotlight is on Germany right now most people couldn’t be bothered. Vienna and Salzburg are hellholes!

  3. In addition, the court also has chat transcripts available according to which the woman concerned wanted to arrange to have sex with Nidal E. again the day after the alleged act.

    – I don’t understand the story.

    • Apparently she was too drugged and/or stupid to notice she had been the recipient of sex acts with a broom handle, a vodka bottle, and Mohammed and his band of rapists.

      Any ethnic european female who dallies with such scum deserves exactly what they get. She brought this on herself.

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