Antifa and the PKK

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is a Kurdish nationalist terrorist group whose members are also hardcore Communists. In the following video, the former CIA station chief Brad Johnson discusses the embedding of a large group of Antifa operatives with the PKK in Syria. The antifas went to Syria to gain combat experience, and the survivors are now presumably fanning out across the West to put their new-found skills to work for the sake of the cause.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video. Make sure you watch the second half, which is from footage that the PKK and Antifa produced jointly:

19 thoughts on “Antifa and the PKK

  1. The same tired Marxist Revolutionary BS! Like a worn out scratchy Vinyl LP.

    Yawn! 120,000,000 to 250,000,000s dead from both Marxist and Hitler Socialism and they still persist in pursuing this madness. Einstein stated that the essence “of Madness” was to keep on doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I disagree with that opinion. These “things” are just plain evil-Period. Between Socialism and Islam they have killed nearly one billion humans. That is wilful intent to destroy. As I said- Just plain bad.

    These oiks are simply in it for crude naked bestial power. There is nothing within them to redeem their craving. Such “Things” are well beyond forgiveness and belong to the Void. What sad sick remnants of what was once Human…But no longer- they have crossed the line.

  2. Ochalan history is well known. At some point Ochalan escaped in Italy where he was invited / sheltered by italian communist party in 1998 with a political asylum. Turkey and Italy were both in the same NATO alliance, and Turkey asked for extradition, which was not granted by Italy. The communist party helped him to escape in Kenya but he was then recaptured by Turkey.Öcalan

    I would not say that all the kurdish political groups are communists, but the opposite is true: all of the international communist (or post marxism like antifa) political organizations always have been on propaganda side of the kurds. In italy the people (terrorists) who fought on the kurdish side during war in Syria has come back and now they hold regular conference of their “work” in Syria (not only in Italy but also in other european countries) with no fear of legal procedures or law prosecutions against them (in comparison most people involved with terrorism or war activities outside of the borders (middle east, Ukraine, etc) cannot come back and speak about it).

    A part from this connection of the antifa to the kurds, also america and israel (which are far more important actors than the antifa), have been sponsoring the kurdish side for so long…, despite Turkey is in NATO (both in Iraq and in Syria war). So I would not pay too much attention to some antifa guy who support the kurds, while america itself is (or maybe was) still on their side too.

    Kurdish seemed to be the best alternatives to the Syrian government and the Islamic fighters according to many american think(ers)-tanks (and israelis). But, the kurdish are unable to survive without a PERMANENT stay of internationl (american) forces on the field. Countries cannot be artificial created at any cost. Israel cannot do that, kurds are not able to do that, trump is not willing to spend other money too… the antifa lobotomized fanatics are the last who can do anything for the kurds.

    From what I understood now Turkey is going to take new land, as they did in Efrin region some years ago always by agreement (because they left Idlib region to the Syrian government in exchange), and nobody (america) will stop them from doing this. In Turkey they have millions of syrian (probably anti Syrian government) refugees in tents, nobody want them too (a part the humanitarian fools in eurocracy); Turkey will relocate them in the new land in north of Syria and then they will gain control by free election for annextion to Turkey, as Russia did with Crimea. The kurds will lose some land and they will be divided by other kurds in the south of Turkey.

    • ” Turkey will relocate them in the new land in north of Syria and then they will gain control by free election for annextion to Turkey, as Russia did with Crimea. The kurds will lose some land and they will be divided by other kurds in the south of Turkey.”

      Sounds good to me. I never saw the problem in the Syrian government in the first place. They kept Syria stable, and safe for Christians and other non-Muslim religions. The Syrian government reacted violently and brutally to protests and challenges to its existence, but in the Middle East, it’s who-whom. If the Syrian gov’t had not maintained power, the rebels would have acted exactly the same way.

      It’s pretty well-known that the Syrian rebels, and ISIS itself, were formed and maintained with US support. I expect the Syrian government to be even less friendly to the US than it was before, if possible. One can hardly blame them. Is Turkey going to give Syria another compensation in land to make up for the twenty-mile buffer line? I’ll be waiting to hear.

      I think the biggest problem with Antifa training is not that they will affect the outcome for the Kurds, but that Antifa will come back into Western countries with training and experience in military fighting and sabotage. And this is one of the biggest problem with the US getting involved with foreign wars: we feel an obligation to our so-called allies, who can turn out to be as dangerous or more, than our “enemies”. The US government would look bad if it barred Antifa fighters allied with the Kurdish “allies” of the US. Trump did exactly the right thing to pull the US out of the whole mess. Hopefully, he sticks to his guns.

      • “Is Turkey going to give Syria another compensation in land to make up for the twenty-mile buffer line? I’ll be waiting to hear. ”

        I think they have already left Idlib region to Syrian government. Just look at the map, for the last 2 years there was fighting in Idlib especially after the Turks won the northwest area (Efrin) which was formerly occupied by the Kurds. But now the Syrian government rewon all of the Idlib zone, so the Turks have been stopping to support the terrorists there, and will take a buffer zone in kurd territory, to the north of Syria, from 20 to 30km of the border with Turkey..

        Idlib was a war zone up to 2 months ago.
        But now it is all over, so Idlib will be reoccupied by the Syrian government.

        Continueing to insert coins in the war machine, with no realistic long time plan, is a useless waste of time and money. Trump has done something reasonable to me, getting out of this mess (artificially created by globalists and international humanitarian (UN in first place) and financial institutions pro democracy) late is still better than doing the same mistake over and over again.

  3. The spokesman sounded American or maybe Canadian.
    I wonder how many of them are coming home to Europe, Canada and America.

  4. Trump just bailed on the Kurds, or so the papers say. Maybe he knew something that the papers weren’t willing to report or allow to be addressed. Yah help and protect those Kurds who are called by His name.

  5. In this cheesy situation we have large Kurd cheese and small Kurd cheese. Which one should we prefer given what has o’Kurd?

  6. This report will back up this article by Gates of Vienna:

    Read this article by this Communist Magazine (Jaconbin) that gives a supposed insiders story, of a “non-binary” disillusioned youth, traveling from England to Syria to join and fight with these Kurdish/Communist groups, and meeting members from other Western nations, including the United States:

    These don’t sound like “Christian” groups to me.

  7. The second part looks like a fake; everyone except the speaker is “frozen”, like a still photo.

    More broadly, whatever the politics of the PKK, the Kurds are a coherent (and ancient- Saladin was a Kurd) ethnic group in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria who, in a just world, would have their own country; and given the current regimes in those countries, they have an additional incentive to break free. AND they’ve fought and died in the fight against ISIS.

    President Trump’s recent comments about their not being “with us” in Normandy, etc are fatuous, irrelevant and insulting.

    • You seem to be under the impression that one set of muslims are better than another? They are not, keep them fighting amongst themselves doing their best jihad is the best we can hope for. They are still flooding our western countries as we speak and not one of you in Europe are doing a bloody thing about it except baaa like sheep. In Normandy, Trump was talking about who our allies are, and the muslims, no matter their bloody stripe, are not and never will be any ally of ours.

      • No, I was trying to make the point that if a people’s legitimate aspirations to, or wish to preserve, their nationhood are denied (almost irrespective of religion), they may turn to groups who appear to offer a solution, whether communistic and violent (PKK, Viet Minh/Viet Kong, ANC) or “alt-right” and peaceful (Le Pen, AfD etc.)

        Trump’s Normandy reference really was fatuous; in WW2, Turkey was neutral, and Iraq, Iran and Syria were effectively controlled by the Western allies (who were dilatory, to say the least, in preventing the expulsion of ancient Jewish populations, starting in 1945, from the MENA, including Iraq and Algeria, but that’s another topic).

        • Mark, the problem is the religion(islam) in all it’s shapes and sizes, that is the part you are not getting, so let them slaughter each other, the more the merrier. The strongest always survive and thrive in islam and the weak get subjugated and massacred, it is what they always do. I would be far more concerned with what those savages in merry ole England are doing and act accordingly if I were you.

  8. Muslims always turning on the wrong type of muslims. Let them slaughter each other to their little jihadist hearts content. It is what they always have done, it is what they always do, and if westerners want to play in the sandbox, be prepared to get bit. So, if little commies of antifa want to get their little war on, so be it. Time to sort the wheat from the chaff anyway, it is long overdue. Let the Great Purge begin.

  9. Our external enemies are so emboldened because useless idiot traitors are peppered throughout all Western nations.
    There won’t be any peaceful solution due to all of the infiltration. Imports also won’t have any qualms about dispatching the natives.
    Buckle up and be ready.

  10. Muslims killing other Muslims a half a world away. They want us to fight for the wretched Syrian desert while the West gives away Paris, London Stockholm etc. to its mortal enemies.

  11. Wow! It’s enough to label somebody a commie, and they magically become a legitimate target for an Islamist dictator!
    PKK is “nationalist” and “Marxist”, so an ethnic cleansing of Kurds from their own land is fine?
    PKK is “nationalist” becuase they want autonomy, instead of their territory being under others’ rule – this is a nation of ~40 million denied a state of their own – and “terrorist” because they have resorted to violence for it… after the “democratic” republic of Turkey murdering Kurds. As for “Marxism”, the ideology was abandoned by the leader, and had always been confused with Turkish oppression. PKK fighters have been Marxist the Western type as much they have been Muslims the Islamic State type – how Marxist it is to want a state of your own!
    Kurds (and PKK ) are considered infidels by Islamists, along with Christians and other religious groups – that’s the kind of “muslims” they are.
    So, the PKK are bad guys because they’ve dealt with Antifa? Well, the US helped and sent arms to jihadists. I guess that makes Americans jihadists by association.

    • The more these savages slaughter each other, the better it is for us in the west, I frankly don’t give a damn how many of each other they kill, that is less we will have to deal with in our own countries in the west. The muslims in the west will one way or another have to go, and those that support and defend them will be dealt with as well, it is inevitable. I say, arm the Kurds and let them loose to cause more havoc.

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