Besieged in Nørrebro

When Rasmus Paludan was staging a Koran-burning in a culturally enriched district of Copenhagen a few days ago, he was quickly surrounded by angry people who disagreed with him. His bodyguards regarded the threat against him to be so great that they evacuated him from the area. A brief account of what happened is here (in Danish).

Before we get to that story, let’s look at Part 4 of Vlad’s interview with Mr. Paludan at last month’s retreat in Quebec (previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). In it the controversial Koran-burner describes the series of events that led up to incidents like the one in Nørrebro last weekend.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading these videos:

The district of Nørrebro is just west of central Copenhagen. It is primarily inhabited by an unholy mixture of leftist activists, anarchists, and Muslim immigrants. All three groups were well-represented in the attempted attack on Rasmus Paludan that led to his hasty evacuation.

Police in one of the vehicles were so desperate to escape the area that they plowed into some of the angry anti-Paludan demonstrators, running over one of their bicycles:

Hat tip for the Nørrebro story: Steen.

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