The Democratic Communists of America

They don’t call themselves communists, but they might as well — the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) revere past American communists, adhere to communist doctrine, and use the venerable jargon of communism.

The video below features excerpts from a talk given by DSA head Maria Svart at a global meeting of Marxists held in April of this year at the EU Parliament building in Brussels. Ms. Svart is quite candid about her organization’s plan for infiltrating, co-opting, and assuming control of American political institutions. And she’s proud of how much success they’ve had in recent years, helping numerous candidates get elected to local, state, and federal government positions. Mind you, they ran for office as candidates for the Democrat Party, the same way Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did (and do).

One of the DSA’s proudest moments was its success in deterring Amazon from establishing its headquarters in New York City.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing this video, and to the RAIR Foundation USA for uploading it:

14 thoughts on “The Democratic Communists of America

  1. It’s as if the 20th century never happened! Lenin, Stalin, Mao, the Kim dynasty, Pol Pot, Castro. How many will be murdered this time?

    • You noticed the same thing I did. Pretty intelligent recounting of pure details without a speck of logical or philosophical underpinning. It’s like watching a talking AIDS virus discuss its strategies for overcoming the natural defenses of the body. Does an AIDS virus worry about the effect it has?

  2. Yep. Chicago has 5 DSA members….of course…organizing central’s hub! Just look at o’s historical start in the Altgeld Gardens community. Unfortunately, Chicago is suffering the stranglehold of liberal nonsense.

  3. Talking about power – how to get it gradually; fascists talking about the rise of fascism … Where did I hear all those things? Ah yes – I have a formal college education in Marx-Leninism, and all this was conspired and executed with myriads of corpses paving the road to communism via socialism.

    The fact that the same things are now happening in our country is very frightening. If there’s is one good spin of all this – the part of Europe which was behind the Iron Curtain until 1989 will hopefully never fall for this nonsense again.

    • The soft underbelly of representative government is coalitions and identity politics. These enable the tyranny of the organized few over the diffuse many. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that.

      Really, the only counter to that is to partition nations and states so representation is actually local to the people, and there are multiple borders which are enforced. It’s akin to the compartmentalization of a submarine, where the flooding of one section does not necessarily sink the ship. The Chicago metropolitan area, Los Angeles, San Francisco, possibly Detroit, should be allowed to seceded as independent free cities with their own laws and economies. This was quite common in the medieval period, with great success.

  4. Yes and whatever terms they like to label themselves with we should all remember that this is an international movement whose ultimate goal is to emulate the People’s Republic of China. They all consider themselves as fellow travelers in that regard. They are all a totalitarian guild of global collectivist elites waging an eternal war towards achieving the total control over all of humanity. You can know and identify them by the verbiage they use as well as by the fruit they produce. Divisiveness, disparity, depression, disunity, dissension, disharmony and dissidence which are all qualifiers for their particular types of death cults.

  5. It seems that fat and soft Good Socialist, Maria Svart, has just moved herself up on the list. What list, say you? The one that all of the economic suppliers have to justify working yourself into the ground while the DSA’s make all of the decisions. Yeah, that Special List of self annointed smartskies.

  6. Don’t forget the buffoon with a Yale law degree, Sheila Jackson Lee, the embarrassment from Texas, another tyrant in waiting.

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