The Majority Population in German Cities is Facing Its End

A number of German cities are no longer populated mainly by Germans — a trend that will increase in coming years.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

The Majority Population in German Cities is Facing Its End

by Michael Rasch
July 9, 2019

Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach, Heilbronn, Sindelfingen — in these and other cities, Germans with no immigration background are still the largest group, but are no longer an absolute majority. That affects West Germany more than the East, and cities more than non-urban areas.

As early as the 1980s, the Greens were propagating Multiculti — a multicultural society. Although it had already begun some time before, the very thought of it was hair-raising for some voters. This reality has been accentuated in recent decades. Although the phrase is somewhat out of style. Nowadays, we talk of diversity and mixed society. Meanwhile, the majority society is approaching its end in German cities. That means that Germans who have no immigration background (as defined by the Federal Office of Statistics) are no longer the statistical majority (>50%), but are just the largest of three groups, with foreigners and Germans with an immigration background.

Frankfurt is the Vanguard

The majority society has already ceased to exist in Frankfurt am Main. This is also true for some smaller cities like Offenbach (only 37% still native German), Heilbronn, Sindelfingen and Pforzheim, explains the immigration expert Jens Schneider, who does research at the University of Osnabrück. The same thing will happen soon in several other German cities. In early 2018, according to the city’s statistical yearbook, 46.9% were native Germans. Germans with immigration background were 23.6% and foreigners — 53.1% together. The proportion of native Germans has declined in recent decades. The 50% threshold was first crossed in 2015 with 48.8%. Schneider rejects putting Germans with immigration background and foreigners in the same pot, and, like many of his colleagues, advocates revising the categories. The concept of immigration background gives a false impression. In fact, ca. two thirds of all children of Germans with immigration background (including children of foreigners) are born in Germany. They are therefore German and would often have the prospect of a much better professional career than their parents.

There Is No More Majority Society

By present reckoning, Frankfurt a.M. is probably the only major city where the majority society has flipped, with Germans with an immigration background and foreigners at 53.1%. According to the “Intercultural Integration Report of 2017” of the city of Munich, Nuremberg (44.6%), Stuttgart (44.1%), Munich (43.2%) and Düsseldorf (40.2%) also show high percentages of foreigners and Germans with immigration background.

Strong Economy Attracts Immigrants

In Stuttgart, that percentage is now 46%. According to the press office of the capital city of Baden-Württemberg, almost 60% of under-18 residents of Stuttgart have an immigration background (including foreigners). The entire relationship will change in coming years, so that there will no longer be an ethnically defined majority. This is already the case in other communities.

It is almost exclusively West German and some South German cities that are affected. This may be because of the economic power of the South and the related need for labor. At any rate, there are also a number of cities where the proportion of these groups is considerably less. They tend to be in the East and North of Germany. In Hannover and Berlin, for instance, it is only ca. 30%, in Kiel 24%, in Potsdam 12% and in Dresden 11% (figures from end of 2016). Before unification, the East German states had very little immigration, and this is reflected in today’s numbers.

Definition of Immigration Background

According to the Federal Statistical Office a person has immigration background if that person or at least one parent was not born a German citizen. The definition comprises the following individuals: 1) foreigners whether immigrants or not; 2) naturalized citizens, whether immigrants or not; 3) (recent) ethnic re-settlers[1]; and 4) progeny of the first three groups born with German citizenship. There are slightly different definitions in some federal states.

If we look at the entire area of the Federal Republic, Germany in 2017 had 81.7 million residents, among them 62.5 million Germans without an immigration background (76.5%). Nationally, Germans without immigration background will remain an absolute majority for the foreseeable future. Germans with immigration background will reach 12.5% (9.8 million) of the entire population, and foreigners 11.9% (9.4 million). Here too, the declining proportional trend of Germans without immigration background could continue. Among children from 0 to 10 years old, the proportion of Germans without immigration background is easily 60%; among 10 to 15-year-olds, 64%.

Germans Continue to be the Absolute Majority

The two groups — Germans with immigration background and foreigners — are quite heterogeneous. First after WWII came the expelled ethnic Germans. Then, as early as 1955, the federal Republic concluded the first recruitment agreement with Italy and countries such as Spain and Portugal, as Schneider says.

Immigration was a steady stream. The first European work immigrants were followed by especially Turks, but also Moroccans and South Koreans. After that came the late-returning expellees from the former Soviet Union, returning to the land of their forefathers, as well as refugees from the Balkans during the war there. Because of the freedom of personal movement in the European Union, Germany drew many people from other member states, not least Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The refugee wave in the middle of this decade provided a further growth of the group of foreigners.

A Phenomenon in All of Europe

Cities like Frankfurt am Main with majorities of minorities are not at all a German phenomenon. In American metropolises, this has been a familiar thing for many years. In Europe, too, there are cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels or London, where there is no longer a majority of original residents. In Amsterdam, Netherlanders with no immigration background have been a minority since 2011. Moroccans there, at 9%, are the largest group of foreigners. Among children under 15 years of age, only one in three children is of pure Netherlands origin. In some of these cities, integration no longer takes place. In principle, living together is just organized, said Netherlands integration researcher Maurice Crul in a 2018 interview with “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.” Diversity is the new norm, which, to be sure, can lead to uncertainty in the majority society.


1.   From formerly German-settled areas, now in other countries — sometimes legally expelled.

Hat tip: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

29 thoughts on “The Majority Population in German Cities is Facing Its End

  1. The trouble with this “migration background” business is that it’s only a crude measure.

    I look around me (Canada) and I can see first generation immigrants, even adult arrivals, that are well-integrated Canadians. Heck, I can count many among “mouthy right-wing people”. The “mouthiest” right-wing person in my town is an immigrant!

    Then there are those who aren’t well integrated at all, even though they were born here.

    I’m afraid that the first type is a lot more common in Canada, and the second more common in Germany.

    I’m also afraid that our current idiotic federal government has been trying to make us a lot more like Germany, as they think that they’ll get votes that way.

    • @Mike: “crude measure” is true but you compound it by not specifying WHICH immigrants

      (NB, I understand that Canada does not permit unaccompanied single males as immigrants and requires family immigration?; however, the bulk of the Arab/African colonisation of Germany since 4.9.2015 has been precisely that category of male. They tend to be illiterate and have low education as well.)

      Your omission plays into the hands of the oppositional CEDA (Compassionate Empathetic Diversity Agenda.)

      Because on the way to those secure government Equity Counsellor jobs, purple-haired globohomo land whales are entirely happy to allege that patriots, (“nativists”) whether capitalist or socialist, are racist and xenophobic across the board, i.e. hate all foreigners.

      But e.g. the AfD in Germany has no beef at all with immigrant Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese or any EU indigenous of long-standing, i.e. ca. 10,000 years. Because they are industrious and peaceable.

      The fact is that the Fake Left (which hates nothing more than its native-born working class) eagerly claims early bad childhood influences or “cultural practice” as extenuating circumstances when its favoured victims face court. For example, a Somali Muslim rapist can be excused on the grounds of his “culture”.

      Conversely, this Fake Left denies and obscures very real differences in mentality and aspiration and hence behaviour in the host country between (say) a Korean shopkeeper and a Moroccan street thug.

      Because from the globohomo standpoint shared by Antifa (unwittingly) and huge corporations (wittingly), they are both equally valuable for the bottom line, which is economic growth driven by retail consumption, higher rentals and land prices and consumer debt slavery.

      And Africa and the Middle East are conveniently close by for country-shopping body import.

      With the Pope, – the one who worked de facto for US corporations in Argentina in the 70s by handing over 2 of his Jesuit subordinates to death, hence the criminal charges against him in 2005 – working hard to merge Islam and Christianity so as to provide the mental “religious” icing on the globohomo cake.

      • With the Pope … working hard to merge Islam and Christianity so as to provide the mental “religious” icing on the globohomo cake.

        Bergoglio, AKA the Antichrist, simply defies all concepts of Catholic rationality. This skirt-wearing Communist clutches Islamic vipers to the Church’s breast with a vigor more suited to Schwarzenegger than Cleopatra.

        PS: Please be on notice that my brain’s more renegade elements are nominating “globohomo” for a vocabulary listing.

      • @Reconquista
        “@Mike: “crude measure” is true but you compound it by not specifying WHICH immigrants”

        You have a valid point. It is an unfortunate habit, borne of not living in a country where freedom of speech is absolute.

        “(NB, I understand that Canada does not permit unaccompanied single males as immigrants and requires family immigration?; however, the bulk of the Arab/African colonisation of Germany since 4.9.2015 has been precisely that category of male. They tend to be illiterate and have low education as well.)”

        Single males as IMMIGRANTS are permitted. It’s much more limited than that. It’s that they didn’t go out of their way to deliberately bring them over as government-sponsored refugees.

        (Of course, single male Vietnamese immigrants are more than welcome as far as I’m concerned.)

        It’s not IMMIGRANTS who are the vast majority of the problem (those some are – again, not the Vietnamese!). It’s “REFUGEES” (i.e., fake refugees) that are the vast majority of the problem. Real REFUGEES from “certain countries” are a problem, too.

      • “Because from the globohomo standpoint shared by Antifa (unwittingly) and huge corporations (wittingly), they are both equally valuable for the bottom line, which is economic growth driven by retail consumption, higher rentals and land prices and consumer debt slavery.”

        Are you not here explaining the capitalist system and its central fatal weakness…its drive for profit, its anarchy, and its inability to see beyond the immediate need for a profit and plan for a future for our earth?

  2. Migration background is used to hide the real problem. As if a child born in German to a French father and Danish mother could not adapt perfectly. In that case migration background is something meaningless.

    We all now what migration backgrounds are problematic. But we will be WAYCISTS to write it explicitly.

  3. Having been around Frankfurt in 1978-1979, in the mid-80s, and for the past twenty odd years, I will offer this prospective.

    It was noticeable in the 1980s that people who worked in Frankfurt (or it’s shadow) weren’t desiring to live in the city anymore. They were leaving for suburbs 20 to 100 km’s away. The city? It actually helped to accelerate this movement (via improvement in the autobahns) and improving the railway system. So people made enough money to live in better communities and lets just admit it…..more Germanized areas which were way beyond what the new migrants of Germany could afford.

    Frankfurt of 2019 is still one of my more favorite German cities, but it’s ugly image has multiplied over the past two decades. Between the druggie crowd around the train station, the crime elements that you now have to deal with, and growing non-German image…it’s a different place. It still has some magnets (like concerts, shows, etc) that bring people in, but as soon as the event shuts down….you board the S-Bahn and leave the city for your home (safely away).

    Based on what I’ve seen in Koln, Hamburg, and Essen….the same thing is occurring in those cities, and it’s the towns 30 to 100 km’s away which are fortifying themselves, and gaining German residents. I expect the trend to continue.

    • Roy, how are the towns “fortifying” themselves, as you cannot mean that literally, as in “building fortifications”? and if they did, they would have to recreate armed guards at the gates to control foreigners, as in mediaeval times, else the city walls are useless. There are no such walls or guards to my knowledge; after all, globohomo presstitutes would be screaming it from the rooftops if there were…

      Do you mean instead that residents are buying more home security systems?

      Second: you seem to be stating White Flight since 1980. But e.g. the salubrious Frankfurt Westend between Reuterweg and Palmengarten, 10 walking minutes from the Old City, saw big property price rises since 1980; I cannot see the legal firms that set up shop there as having fled the area: there are as you know some very big bank HQs nearby. Unlike Volvo in Malmö, the banks have not said they are moving.

      I am dubious that ethnic Germans have moved out of German cities since 1980, it seems to me that population growth of non-Germans has lead to the 53% foreigner ratio. So can you point me to any studies on this?

      Lastly, you write about use of the S-Bahn to arrive home safely: that seems increasingly risky; see the incidents on public transport logged at PI News.

      • To the first question, public transportation (at least around the Frankfurt region), I regard as 99-percent safe at this point. Hoodlums, hooligans, and juvenile gangs aren’t evident. Course, the Bahn guys have added armed security now and they roam the S-Bahn to some minor degree. Oddly, where you have seen thug action is where ticket audits take place, and people refuse to comply, and then you see things occur that didn’t occur in the 1980s (cops getting called because the kid/adult doesn’t have a ticket and won’t comply with the ticket-audit guy). Having been around Munich in the past year, I’d describe it in the same way. I won’t speak for Berlin. Oh, I would hardheartedly agree that pickpocket activity is 500-percent up since the Wall came down….that’s the one crime you have to vigilant about now on buses and trains.

        Second topic, eastend of Frankfurt and modern housing. I would agree a boom took place near the newer EZB structure, which drove up prices a great deal. Same way when they tore down the old Army BX area….that all turned into highend condos. The Romer area in mid-town, has wrapped up renovation and is a ultra-modern area, drawing highend prices. If anything, all of these have led to housing escalations and older apartment buildings being bought, torn down, and new mega structures going up with prices beyond the middle-class guy. It’s a continual topic now that affordable housing in Frankfurt (for the 500 Euro rate) simply doesn’t exist much now. This is driving shadow communities to plan large growth and new suburbs. Wiesbaden is a good example. Mega suburb being planned on far east end (near Kastel). It’ll house around 10k-15k people in this original stage, and I suspect by 2035, another add-on will occur. Being close to the Bahn line, I suspect a lot of Frankfurt workers will be living outside of the Frankfurt shadow.

        To security, well….break-in’s are now a regular event that appears in local police blotters. I would agree that exterior lighting has gone up big-time (I’ve added four lights to the wife’s property). Alarm systems are being procured although I’d say that 90-percent of house-type properties still lack them. What the burglars are getting probably add up to no more than 500 Euro of value to some middle-guy (enough to fund their drug habit). Car break-in’s are up….mostly for parts (stealing air-bags, expensive tires, and GPS screens), and I should note….these are mostly Ukrainian and Bulgarian gangs.

        I should note, early on in 2019….Wiesbaden’s city council went and established a anti-knife zone (first in the country). So after 7 pm, cops can stop you in this 1 km by 1 km center part of town, ask for an ID and frisk you. Any knife or weapon on you….now means a mandatory 5,000 Euro fine (no exception). They’ve kinda hinted that the zone will increase if necessary, and non-compliance of the frisk will just get you into deeper trouble. I noticed last week…some punk kid got detained with a knife in the zone…judge has no leeway about the fine business and it’ll be curious how the kid pays this off.

        A lot of this crime chatter revolves around nickel-and-dim theft….walking into some highend shop to steal perfume, which the guy sells for 10 Euro to some idiot who runs a booth at the local flea market.

        Two weeks ago, some idiot tried to hold up a coffee shop at 6 AM in mid-town Wiesbaden….German clerk just laughed in their face and told them scram while calling the cops. Same happened in the city park two months ago…old retired German lady told the punks to scram.

        You see some elements of security increasing…like these little village fests now having six to eight roaming cops, or hiring private security to handle issues. That wasn’t the norm in the 1990s. Part of this is fear of the unknown….some due to drunken fights between German teens who seem to drink more than they did in the 1970s/1980s.

        Once an episode occurs and requires German cops….you tend to see them within a couple of minutes (always two of them), fully armed, and ready to go. They will give you a chance to explain the situation but if you are determined to be ‘stupid’ or a threat, they will take you to the ground in a hurry. More cops will be called if required. Resorting to any cop with violence, just gets you roughed up even more, and extra charges.

        Finally, this gang and crime-clan situation, it’s grown way beyond what the cops are built to handle. You have Lebanese, Serbian, Russian, Italian, Turkish, and Kosovo gangs very active now. Almost daily…ATM machines are blown up and robbed….jewelry shops broke into…and delivery trucks being robbed (back around Xmas, we had a tractor trailer load of chocolate stolen locally). To say these groups are migrant or asylum-related, would be wrong. They are pure mafia-type families/units. Cops are having to go and develop an entire new strategy in handling these groups.

        • Thank you for a “boots on the ground” report, Roy. Your thorough account paints a much more detailed picture than anything the media has on offer.

    • what is the definition of ethnic cleansing ?

      BleachBit running at a genetic level.

      Next question, please?

    • I’d have thought the term self-explanatory. It’s where a culture is wiped out from any given place.
      This might be through massacre, forced relocation or simply through creating conditions where the ethnic group disperses.

      The related term genocide includes anything which causes a group to disappear including being absorbed into another group if done in a deliberate manner.

      Examples from recent decades include the Tutsis in central Africa, The Tibetans in China, Yazidi in Iraq, white farmers in South Africa (50% gone).

      • It’s where a culture is wiped out from any given place.

        As is so often the case, modern technology builds upon existing infrastructure. With the information age’s advent, not just people are exterminated but, their entire historic (i.e., societal) record can be dematerialized. As at Bamiyan, this can take place at an archaeological level.

        While such expungement is not at all new, the comprehensiveness with which modern technology permits this eradication is well beyond all previous capabilities.

  4. Karma is a b!tch! Adolf the antisemite’s Vaterland, the dream model country of the aryan race, over-run by the scum of the Earth, muslim invaders whose only thing in common with Adolf the butcher is their deep, irrational, passionate, murderous hatred of Jews. He and his dream-team gang of murderous n4z! criminals would have a fit the size of the Gate of Brandenburg if they saw their beloved Germany defaced and violated by hordes of untermenschen coming into Germany from every other muslim hell-hole in the Middle East and Africa.

    Which brings me to one very nice definition of islam: “islam is God’s gift to the Germans for the Holocaust”.

    • [ad-hominem redacted]. The German people suffered enough during and after WWII. Islam is not God’s gift to anybody, it is a satanic death-cult and conquest ideology. Muslims are invading the whole Western world including the countries which fought and defeated Hitler. Where’s the karma in that?

      • Muslims are invading the whole Western world including the countries which fought and defeated Hitler. Where’s the karma in that?

        At day’s end, your question is obliged to encompass the timeless adage: People get the government that they deserve.

        For better or worse, the EU parliament is a mute testament to party-line voting—even as Europeans refuse to learn that lesson at risk of life and limb.

    • Which brings me to one very nice definition of islam: “islam is God’s gift to the Germans for the Holocaust”.

      Be that as it may, the impact of all this might’ve been halved had not Merkel been whipping the reindeer of her Christmas sleigh into animalian mince.

    • BARON IS A [vulgar intensifier] [orifice]

      • (Oy veh, Jan your fried:)

        Having regard to WW1 and WW2: Harry Elmer Barnes, the great US historian, d. 1968 begged to differ as to German war guilt.

        More recent, the highly-readable:

        1. Hidden History: the Secret Origins of the First World War
        2. Prolonging the Agony: how the Anglo-American Establishment deliberately extended WW1 by 3 1/2 Years

        both by the Scotsmen Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty.

        It seems significant that the (much-pre-presidential) Herbert Hoover was mandated to employ 900 men to sequester 375,000 volumes of all European documents that could gainsay the official War Guilt story and to place them in the Hoover War Library at Stanford under lock and key.

        In conclusion, recall the name of Bill Clinton’s mentor, Prof Caroll Quigley at Georgetown.

        If you do not realise what he wrote and how and why, and have never hear of Lord Alfred Milner, you have no business emoting on WW1 or WW2.

  5. Just like the Roy Orbison song, “It’s Over”. Finished. Native, Indo-Europeans are irredeemably placed for humiliation, degradation and extinction. Period. No? Give me an argument based on data, demographics, empiricism, facts, and observations.

    • Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh! Let me help! Europe is far from finished, and I’ll tell you why, human nature is tribal, despite the communist influence that all cultures are equal, when it is as clear as day they aren’t and never will be, therefore conflict is always inevitable. What is coming is what I am calling the Great Purge, for the natives are only going to take so much abuse from these bloody 3rd world savages for only so long before all hades breaks loose. The 2 per centers are sharping their knives ready to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats, then another 10% will quickly join in the fun and festivities, then the military will join in the fun as the governments of western Europe fall do to circumstances beyond their control. The militaries of Western Europe will take the reins of power and quickly eliminate those who brought us to this point. What we will get as a form of government will be a crapshoot, but one thing for certain is, in my most humble opinion, is that democracy in it’s current form is dead.

  6. So what? Germany is a lunatic asylum anyway. There is nothing that could be saved.

    • This mode of comment is ridiculous and naive. Ridiculous because 13% of German voters vote AfD at present, this being several million people who want the current trend reversed.

      Naive because if the Islamic Caliphate of Germanistan is founded once the “lunatic asylum” has collapsed, it will be a wild card in the complex foreign policy of Europe, with its dozens of countries.

      The Caliphate will be eager to aid President Ilhar Oman and VP Cortez in securing Russian fossil fuels, gold and platinum for US and German corporations by means of war.

      However, the spread of the ummah to Russia with thousands of Muslim German troops will be declared by a female POC spokeswoman at Brussels HQ of NATO to be compassionate intervention to save Russian transgenders and lesbians (cf. Masha Gessen), and to close down all fossil fuel mining, this instantly enthusing self-styled “liberals” of the PBS and MSNBC persuasion.

      Social media censorship will successfully suppress all evidence that NATO oil companies have confiscated Russian oil and natgas locations and pumped up the output.

      But long before the Islamic flag flies over Red Square, we will be nuclear ash, as we would have been had Clinton (“white people have racism in their DNA”) become Prez.

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