Over the Wall We Go — Into Melilla

Melilla is an autonomous Spanish city on the coast of North Africa, and shares a border with Morocco. It is a favorite location for migrants who want to attempt entry into Spain, and thus into the European Union.

Several days ago a group of 200 migrants stormed the border fence around Melilla, acting in a coordinated fashion. About fifty of them succeeded in getting over the fence, despite the actions of both Spanish and Moroccan police.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   The local government office announce that this that morning 200 immigrants tried to enter
00:12   over the fence, and 50 succeeded.
00:15   It was emphasized that they used hooks against the Civil Guard,
00:18   and six agents were wounded in addition to two immigrants treated for injuries.
00:24   It was about 7 in the morning when the fence-jumping occurred in the northern zone of Melilla
00:28   between Rostro Gordo and the Nano River. It involved an organized group of about 200 sub-Saharans.
00:34   In spite of the timely alert and the show of police,
00:38   on the Spanish side as well as the Moroccan side, the government office
00:42   said that the immigrants dispersed in a radius of more than a kilometer and a half
00:46   in such a way that 50 managed to enter the city center.
00:49   During the jumping of the fence, the immigrants used hooks
00:53   as projectiles against the agents, as well as rocks and other objects
00:57   as described by the government office. Six Guardia Civil agents were injured,
01:01   pending developments, and two sub-Saharans evacuated by ambulance,
01:05   one with an open fracture of the tibia and fibula,
01:08   and the other with various contusions.

7 thoughts on “Over the Wall We Go — Into Melilla

  1. Just the sort of people Spain would welcome into its country as positive enrichment of its culture.

  2. Palestinians, who I assume were affiliated with Hamas, tried something similar with Israel. They used the “borders are racism” chant and tried to breach Israel’s border fences. The movement stopped when a few got blown up by land mines and a few got machine-gunned. Israel treats border incursions as a military invasion and responds accordingly.

    The citizens of a country that outsiders are trying to break into are under no obligation to guarantee the health or safety of the invaders.

    Countries should not put themselves under the authority of international bodies, even if as a result of a treaty. Invariably, institutions like the UN, the EU, and the European Court of Human Justice will use whatever misplaced moral or legal authority they have to break down the obligation of countries or states to protect their borders and their people.

    They all begin with the same mantra: the opinions issued are only voluntary, and are not legally binding.

    Within a few years, the bureaucratic regulations and “voluntary” court decisions are treated as enforceable law.

    This is sufficient reason for the US to exit the UN. It would be beneficial to all parties, especially the US, if the US were to exit NATO as well. Who is NATO defending against: an underpopulated, shrinking Russia spilling over into sparsely-populated Sweden and Norway?

    NATO is actually being used to garner support for the imperial wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. It has nothing to do with actual European security, except to provide a hair trigger for Russian missiles by surrounding Russia with anti-missile emplacements.

    • The citizens of a country that outsiders are trying to break into are under no obligation to guarantee the health or safety of the invaders.

      It’s at times like these where a universal sense of humanity ought to prevail and force all of us to examine carefully what parameters the world has set with respect to those who would enter a country against the will of that nation’s citizens.

      Long ago, there was originated a document with this specific intent. It is called the Geneva Conventions and this revered compact specifically identifies measure appropriate to these circumstances.

      Well established is the fact that anyone who seeks to trespass upon a nation’s borders may be repulsed by whatever necessary force. Attempts to knowingly circumvent such efforts constitutes an attempt to subvert that nation’s Rule of Law and that sedition is nothing less than a form of espionage.

      Be it individually or en mass, conducting such operations is a form of de facto espionage. Gainfully employed by that body or in the capacity of independent operators, citizen agents of another government performing these missions are unregistered military actors for their home countries.

      Fortunately, the Geneva Conventions furnishes us with provisions regarding how to deal with legionaries captured on the battlefield (or those edges of them called “borders”). As agents of espionage that are apprehended out-of-uniform in active combat, during times of war the specific legal remedy is spelled out quite clearly by those Swiss statutes:

      Summary execution without trial.

      Most satisfying of all is how a vast majority of the invaders know this and unhesitatingly save us any trouble by drowning, dying of thirst, or succumbing to various and sundry other perils that they voluntarily expose themselves to in the course of their invasions.

      Given that these soldiers-in-mufti regularly sacrifice their lives for the sake of their fellow troops while softening border reinforcements, it’s more than clear how a vast majority realize that their actions are military in nature. Their nations of origin openly recognize this as they revel in the spoils of combat that often take the form of booty and loot sent home as remittances or material plunder (be it wide screen televisions, shoes or smart phones).

      Proof of these notions lie in the routine dependence upon this plunder demonstrated by Mexico, the entire MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region, and innumerable other participants in this pogrom of peripheral porosity.

      Hog-tied by perceptions and media glare, this flaccid border response—one that so often has become expected of Western countries—makes a mockery of the internal security measures maintained by those same hypocritical nation states. In hellholes like Guatemala and Colombia illegal crossings into those places are simply unheard of.

      Please don’t think such inaudibility proves that they never occur (e.g., fleeing Venezolano refugees), it’s just that anyone attempting such incursions are “disappeared” and never heard from again. The marauders currently engaged in these nefarious activities are keenly aware of this. It’s an awareness daily demonstrated by a willingness to die in large numbers for the sake of their homeland’s dominance over powers of greater might (but substantially lesser political will).

      It is beyond difficult to not gain a sense of refreshment from watching the astonished and indignant glares of those apprehended in the midst of perpetrating this near-universal hypocrisy. In this age of brooding Leftists and the sullen minorities they rally against all dissent—if only for the sheer entertainment value obtained thereby—reelecting Trump will deliver a sense of satisfaction entirely absent since Reagan’s second term.

      • I’ll feel a lot better about re-electing Trump if he actually institutes some border controls, rather than waving the invaders into the interior. If he says he will simply ignore the inevitable court order to not interfere with immigrant invaders, I’ll join the marchers with pitchforks supporting Trump.

        Ditto if he sends Ivanka and Jered back to their businesses in New York.

        • Ye bottom line. In Ann Coulter’s immortal formulation of about a year ago, if you go down to the border and throw a brick in the dirt you’ve thus done more to build a wall on the border than Donald Trump has.

          Trump winds me up but good because of his refusal to base any action on the border on his powers to repel invasion in Art. IV, Sect. 4. He studiously insists on an inferior position by relying on “emergency” legislation and thereby subject to the limitations imposed by politicians dealing with past hurricanes, floods, and angry soccer moms. Such troops as he sends or are sent to the border serve as mere auxilliaries to the CBP and when they are not standing around passively observing they are merely typing memos or delivering diapers to the processing centers, excuse me, the concentration camps. The polar opposite of the Israeli response described by Mr. Radish above.

          ZerhHedge has an article about how none of the construction on the wall is new construction. It’s been merely to repair what’s already there. Fine and dandy but a far cry from “I’m going to build a great, big beautiful wall.”

          It is to weep. The feebleness and dissembling of it all is tragic. We’re going to be extinguished by our “compassion” (for foreigners and minorities) and our straining at gnats (“comprehensive immigration law reform” the details of which are never provided and the schedule for which is published) and swallowing a camel (invasion by hostile people with an inferior culture intent on stealing our jobs and living as parasites on our productive citizens).

          Trump will still be better than any of the Democrat Clown Cavilcade but it is a great tragedy that at this pivotal point in our nation’s history our commander in chief is a man of such feckless spirit and shallow understanding.

  3. I’m just amazed that the Moroccans aren’t encouraging this type of thing to the n’th degree, then “offering” to take over sovereignty over these places as a “solution”.

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