The Battle We Are Losing

In this week’s essay, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan discusses the usurpation of the public space for Muslim prayers, and related matters.

The battle we are losing

by H. Numan

Mohammedans have discovered something new: civil disobedience. It works excellently for them. I’m referring to the illegal mass prayer meetings they organize wherever convenient.

Civil disobedience is nothing new. The extreme left discovered and practiced it for ages. They actually worship it. I recall flower-power hippies preaching civil disobedience as an alternative for an army. Just don’t obey any commands from an occupier and there is nothing he can do.

That was long ago, when I was just a lad. Not a stupid lad, I think. Because the very idea was too silly to even consider. Even when I was 12. I thought ‘How the hell can that possibly work? Look at the Prague revolt and the Hungarian uprising. All you have to do as the Warsaw Pact is to machine-gun the unruly crowd into obedience.’ Which is exactly what the USSR did.

You don’t have even to machine-gun everybody. Much later when I served in the military police we had a spot of trouble with Moluccans. After the hijack was resolved, we had to clear an area where snipers were seen. It became somewhat dangerous, so an M113 armored personnel carrier moved in. The gunner used his Browning .50 machine gun to shoot over the heads of our opposition. That quieted things down in a hurry. Nobody got hurt, apart from some chimneys. The sniper was quickly arrested. (After that action the .50 was replaced with a MAG 7.62 mm, as the Browning was serious overkill.)

Does civil disobedience work? Sure it does — if your opponent is democratic. Otherwise it won’t. The left sang songs of praise about the civil disobedience at Tiananmen square. During the first couple of weeks, at any rate. The lone man holding a squadron of tanks back, all alone. That’s real civil disobedience! The sad truth is different. The Chinese government had absolutely no problem at all using as much violence as they deemed necessary. Shooting a man from a tank, or waltz over him — that’s a bit embarrassing. Absolutely no need for that. Apart from that lonely individual, who probably was executed later, plenty of violence was used. Did it work? Did the Chinese civil disobedience work? You tell me. My bet is on the Chinese government.

What happened with the Tankman from Tiananmen Square? We don’t know. We don’t even know his name. It’s highly likely he didn’t live happily ever after. Or if he is even alive, in some out of the way prison — we simply don’t know. This civil disobedience action was squashed completely. In other words: it didn’t work. It couldn’t work. Why? Because the Chinese government is anything but democratic.

Did you know you have your own home grown disobedients? They are called ‘Sovereign Citizens’. A mixed bunch (not a coherent group) of disillusioned anarchists, fundamentalists, poor and extreme rightists. They claim they are not US citizens and bring many a cop to tears. Sovereigns are usually non-violent and most of the time excruciatingly polite. All the same, they do not comply with lawfully-given orders by traffic police, and try to make any citation as difficult as humanly possible.

Sovereign citizens are not really a defined group, but more a sort of weird legal ideology in which they consider themselves not to be US citizens and are exempt from the law — except where it suits them. They invariably deny they are driving, and claim they are ‘traveling’ which according to them is a constitutional right. When asked for a driver’s license, car registration and proof of insurance they never give them, but do insist that the officer shows any kind of identification they desire. Watch some YouTube clips about them; it’s hilarious. Having been a police officer myself, I sympathize with my American colleagues and admire their patience.

Don’t underestimate this group: they number roughly 300,000 adherents all over the USA. Sovereigns are listed as domestic terrorists, although I don’t think they are — at present — very dangerous. Bothersome, yes. Irritating? That, too. But really dangerous? No. Several reasons for that.

First of all, it’s not really a coherent group. You can find anyone who’s disgruntled in it, from the extreme left via the extreme (Christian) religious to the extreme right. It’s a kind of vague ideology, not really a movement. And they are mainly political, not religious. That’s when things usually can get out of hand quickly.

That brings me to the battle that we are losing, the battle for the public space. In Europe we have plenty of civil disobedience. Usually extreme left-wing; Antifa is a good example. But more and more mohammedans are blatantly ignoring the law. The current tactic is to hold mass ‘prayer meetings’.

It’s not really new, but something most people are not aware of. Mass prayer meetings were organized first in Paris, ostensibly to demand more mosques. A couple of hundred or even thousands of worshipers congregate together on a certain street or square and simply occupy it. An imam leads the prayer. Usually sound systems are brought to accommodate the worshipers. The reasons for those prayer meetings vary. Often to demand more mosques. But on other occasions they demand less nudity (a small prayer meeting was held on a beach in Belgium for that), no dogs, more halal food somewhere, or what have you. Anything goes.

That prayer meeting on the beach in Belgium was a tiny one. Size, however, doesn’t matter. What they do is effectively take over a street, square, or in this case part of a beach, and do whatever they want. Which, for now, is to scare the doodoo out of passersby by praying. A tactic that works wonders for them.

Mohammedans know very well what they are doing. They defy the haram governments in the countries they are colonizing. Technically, you need to apply for a license for any kind of demonstration, including a prayer meeting. Since they don’t do that, the police could in theory arrest them. But there is a problem. We are democratic, they are definitely not. How can you even begin to arrest ‘innocent’ people who merely pray? We’re not talking about five people praying together, but many hundreds of people. That’s for starters.

They know exactly what they are doing, and would love nothing more than for the police to move in for mass arrests or with teargas. Many of the worshipers are women and children. They are there for a purpose, not by accident. Any idea how much violence would occur if the police did try to intervene? I haven’t mentioned real jihadis or ordinary heavily-armed men who are almost certainly among the worshipers. Itching for 72 virgins. They’d like nothing better than provoke a riot.

So what do the police do? Just like our spineless politicians, they look the other way. It’s not worth it. Or so our political superiors think. Looking the other way worked for fifty years, so why wouldn’t it work now? That’s because giving in a little bit each time adds up to giving in a lot.

Mohammedans know exactly what they are doing. They are milking the support of the progressive left for all it’s worth. Looking as innocent as possible. When confronted they happily admit they have taken over the street. What are you going to do about it, you stupid dhimmi? Your police are not going to do anything. They haven’t got the balls for it. Your army then? You don’t even have an army! (That goes for the Dutch, Germans and Belgians. The French most certainly do have a good army.) It won’t be long before we take over your country, dhimmi. Better get used to it. We’ll be giving the orders soon!

As always, we never ever give in. Right away, that is. As always we do give in, but a little bit later. Remember the mass murder of the Charlie Hebdo team? After burning candles, putting the darkened Eiffel Tower on Facebook and a silent march vowing to never give in, we gave in.

Seen many Mohammed cartoons recently? I haven’t. Many comedians who otherwise would have made decent jokes about mohammedanism don’t do that anymore. Why? Because they like to live. Every time a comedian offends muslims, he is told so. Often politely, but with a message. Remember Charlie Hebdo. We won’t hesitate to kill you if you do it again. So they comply. As do we all.

It’s even worse than you think. I’m member of a serious historical forum. Someone posted a question about Mohammed splitting the moon. If that event had been observed somewhere on the world. Now, this is a serious forum. We don’t do silly questions. So my — polite — reply was that like Harry Potter running through a concrete pillar to get on platform 9 ¾, this event couldn’t have taken place. Therefore it could not have been observed. Extraordinary events demand extraordinary evidence. Within seconds my reply was tagged as offensive. I had to be more respectful towards religion and remove the Harry Potter remark. It’s not something shocking the world, but it shows how far political correctness and our coming surrender have gone.

Sure, lots of people claim they won’t surrender. But we already have. Not you and me, but most businesses, the civil administration, the courts and our governments already have. Only you aren’t supposed to know that yet.

— H. Numan

40 thoughts on “The Battle We Are Losing

  1. I practice a type of civil disobedience. I do not give my custom to any Muslim owned business. I will not use their taxis, will not use their shops, nor their filling stations, and check credentials of sellers on Ebay, prior to any purchase. In short, I have nothing to do with them. If everyone did that they would be frozen out of the economy pretty quickly. And….. its not illegal, just a bit time consuming to do the research.

    • Likewise , Ellie. But I also extend it to Corporations, commercial enterprises and any organisations that promote such things as mixed sex bathrooms, grotesque sexual deviations, preferential treatment and ‘affirmative action’ for Muslims and other predatory ‘ethnics’ or predate upon businesses that choose to conduct themselves according to Judeo-Christian principles.

      At first I thought this decision might limit my options but it did not. I find that I can buy quality, locally produced or sourced goods and services, albeit a little more expensive at times (and thus healthy moderate consumption levels that playing field) because their products do not have the benefits of mass distribution and margins.

      Never the less the rewards are there; community cohesion, real interactive contact between seller and buyer, everybody benefits in one way or the other and any complaints are dealt with immediately and quickly rectified because the livelihoods and longevity of such businesses depend upon it at a personal level and there are no additional costs involved necessary to enrich an avaricious horde of ‘Executives’.

      It does work but it does time to develop but once it does the whole ambience and general moral and physical health of the local community changes for the better.

    • How do you get around buying meat Ellie ?…after all they have infested most of the slaughterhouses with their Halal barbarism..and I guess just eating pork could get a bit old quickly.

    • OK ,Ellie.This is easier as it sounds when you look at the business they do: mostly after hour tobacco and booze or the dominance in cellphone paraphernilia like pouches or prepaid cards. I often thought how the invaders would do did they have to use payphones or real listed landline phones for their obscure activities. The uninhibited access to cellphones enables much of the criminal actions in our countries,be they domestic or imported.

  2. Why don’t the people in these cities have their own prayer meeting right alongside the Muslims? One reason may be that these same cowards who won’t stand up to this are the same ones who act like being an outwardly religious Christian or Jew is some untoward act in and of itself. Nihilists are at the same time bullies and cowards. The end result may be bin Laden’s analogy of people eventually preferring “the strong horse.” I will not welcome any such who have been so prejudiced against Christians and cowardly where the Muslims are concerned if they attempt to flee to the US. They are the type who flee one place and upon arrival in a new home begin voting for what destroyed their old home.

  3. If the State *really* wanted to deal with those mass prayer meetings, a way would be found that wouldn’t involve any immediate violence, but be highly discouraging.

    To find out what they’d do exactly, have a bunch of right-wing Christian fundamentalists organize an equivalent meeting.

    • Erect a large cross in front of those praying down to the earth. The Mohammedans will beome violent instantly and then the authorities can use the firehoses.

  4. Well written and many good points.
    I quietly say, that many of our police, judiciary are complying with sharia, in many small ways.
    Many refuse to believe it, but the marks in “free speech” “free expression” of
    offensive, insensitive, that Human Rights Councils like ruling on from their high salaried emprire.
    Then the way how authorities rephrase things as being a part of “safety & health” “taking all precautions” “due care” “code of practice” “recommended practice” “well being” “certification” that sharia can be sleeved into so that it can rule.

    It is tempting to let a “sulfuric” smell loose at one of those street prayer meetings. A really rotten egg in a rubbish bin.
    A timely yippy yappy dog, of course on a leash exercising it’s free speech.
    A few woman talking, singing loudly, and happily.
    Yes I know not so simple, as needs to be well orchestrated with great care for the participants, but should be seen as unorganized.

    In the mean time, record as much as possible, plus any problems, so complaints can be served on councils, police, governments.

    • Everyone living around the square should fry up a slab of bacon, open the windows and turn on the fans.

  5. How disgusting is Macron to not have the police violently remove those third world invaders occupying the streets, but use full force against french citizens that protest his outrageous tax increases?

  6. No, you can’t arrest everybody present. But you can go for the leaders. Arrest the imams, and those operating the sound equipment. Make examples of them by hefty penalties.
    Next on the list: use water cannon.

  7. I have just been banned from Facebook for a month for making the sort of remark about islam that muslims make about non-muslims. I have two Facebook accounts and I just switched to the other one.
    I pursue the same principle as Ellie, above. I refuse to deal with them. I will not put money into muslim pockets.

  8. Natural European counter weight to the Muslim public prayers would be, I think, our natural European football hooliganism – but such civily disobedient assemblies have been totally disassembled by the police, so now Europeans do not have a counter weight against united groups like the Muslims.

    • I wish, but I grind my teeth when I see nice, spiffy parades of the Spanish Army in Melilla or the Black Watch in Britain. Most enjoyable to watch but just a waste of money at this moment. They go back to their barracks obediently and the fundamental outrage of having been betrayed by their political “leaders” goes uncorrected.

      Ho hum. There’s that call to prayer in Trafalgar Square and that shariah patrol rousting white Britons in the park. Will our officers ever act???

      We’re in a classic Gordian Knot situation. Trump does something in the immigration area and some U.S. District Court judge in Portland says “no.” Trump needs to get in touch with his inner Andrew Jackson.

  9. Do not forget that they did not win by intelligence or technical superiority, but by lying and wombs their females.

    The battle has not yet begun, and our “elites” have already betrayed us. I wonder if they are being held in fear or have they been promised something for it?

    • I wonder if they are being held in fear or have they been promised something for it?

      Yours is a distinction without a difference. This is because, at day’s end, we 99% all wind up dead anyway. When room temperature—colloquially known as STP (or Scientific Temperature and Pressure), otherwise defined as 273.15 Kelvin pressurized to 100 kPa, laxly referred to as “ambient”—conditions obtain, blackmail and booty become indistinguishable, as in: No matter to a corpse (tuxedoed or otherwise).

      Soon enough, things will deteriorate into festivities whose crassly unengraved invitations no longer contain any RSVP. Instead—reflecting this steady decline in civility (three words) and selectively enforced Rule of Law—a more roughneck atmosphere may pertain. More likely, ensuing festivities probably will be in mufti with the “come as you are” attitude of preppers.

      It is in this commonplace arena of the common man that these stripey-pantsed, bowtied backstabbers could well find themselves discovered, daggers drawn, at a gunfight.

  10. “Does civil disobedience work? Sure it does — if your opponent is democratic. Otherwise it won’t. ”

    This can be seen as a process of natural selection favouring undemocratic parties of conflicts.

  11. Muslims are just the symptoms, not the cause. A country without a spirit is a dead corpse artificially kept alive by machines. The humanitarian ideology with the chart of human rights and its “freedom” of religion is simply neo-paganism. People praying pagan gods is pure evilness. But you cannot stop the foolishness when the country is ruled by soulness and sold traitors corrupted by international financial institutions.

    • robyt, I have a dear friend who is a “wikkan”, or pagan as you would say. He’s one of the most decent people I know, and would argue that his beliefs honour women, whereas the widespread misogyny of our culture derives from Christianity, and especially St Paul’s perversion of it.

      • I also didn’t like the Abrahamic religions too much (to be honest, I don’t like them at all), but I think Jesus Christ did a lot to correct the misogyny inherent in this religious line. It will be fair to say so. He did a lot 2,000 years ago. As Peterson says: he equated the souls of slaves and slave owners, men and women.
        But here is the problem: in Russia with the name of Christ, slavery was planted with the words “Christ endured and ordered you” and “All power from God.”

      • And your wiccan—incidentally, a faith as wholly contrived out of whole cloth as Mormonism, Krishnas, Scientology, and every Jonestown nameable—chap is entirely right!

        “Right” in the same exact way as pilots who are overly reliant upon their instruments. Something so mundane as jammed pitot tubes can force even the best of flyers into what is half-jokingly referred to as, “PoW” (Peek out Window) mode.

        Semi-humorously, because obstructed ram-air speed measurement orifices will not properly signal cockpit instruments and can combine to deliver conflicting readouts which only can be crosschecked through external observation.

        Likewise with your wiccan bloke. Eyes that are fixed to the moment will refuse to stray from whatever convenient console of recent events. To them it certainly might appear as though the, “misogyny of our culture derives from Christianity”.

        After all, even a stopped clock is right occasionally. Be that as it may, no one uses a crook chronometer to captain a (Lockheed) Connie.

        This is what we have with someone who looks no further than at whatever indications are close to hand. As in the mountains coming to Mohammad, so it is with people who reject history’s lessons or just instrument-addicted pilots who fly straight into a cliff: They’re all, “dead right”.

      • This argument of the pagan/atheist/gay/whatever friend is a delusional arguing used mostly by inclusiveness reasoning. It is not contradicting the point of what I am saying really, I am talking of political system, not personal belief.
        Historical example: in the Republic of Venice, it was possible (the law) for muslims to live, but not a single monsk was ever built (and the Republic of Venice was not a theocracy as it could be Iran or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today). In most modern countries (like France) there is a lack of spiritual power, anybody can come and spread its own truth even when it is a plain lie, because that is allowed (by law) as a fundamental human right: to spread lies. This is called religious relativism (or multiculturalism or neo paganism): many different truths can coexist together. But it does not work. Well, maybe an atheist could live well with both a christian, a pagan muslim, or a neopagan wikkan (but most likely not the contrary: some people like to be accepted/included and many people dislike to accept/include others).
        If one thing is true, the opposite shall be false, so if only one religion is the Truth, the others are not. This is simple logic, anybody can understand. The muslims feel entitled to spread their lies in France/UK because they know there is no religious authority to stop them (ever heard of a faith watchdog, a bishop, a pope, whoever recognized by the government as religious authority, who say no to the building of a new monsk, explaining that is all a bunch of lies ? Never. Whenever there is a stop to the build of a new monsk, it is only for a burocratic deny, maybe some citizens who do not want to be disturbed or some work permits. I mean that there is no protection at all against the building of new monsks, because truth relativism is considered an achievement of society). These enlighten countries have lost the soul of their countries just by letting this to happen (in the name of human rights and modernism) and are going to disappear soon or later (if things go on like this). No country ever survived without a soul, letting everybody to come and feel entitled to tell the Truth when it is a plain contradiction of the country itself.

        (“the widespread misogyny of our culture derives from Christianity, and especially St Paul’s perversion of it.”
        that is your personal opinion, I really think it is wrong, but you can live with it if you like it (to talk about that would be too long and it is not the point of this talk).)

      • Oh, please.

        You should see some of the pictures of voodoo practices in Haiti. People rolling around in mud is the least of it. The Santeria practice among Cubans is to slaughter chickens and, IIRC, scatter their blood and entrails around Florida court rooms to propitiate the law gods.

        Please bear in mind that “pagan” is invariably much more repulsive and subversive than some belief system that oozed out from faculty tea rooms in Western universities.

        The Christian religion looks astonishingly wonderful in comparison and I find this focus on its supposed misogyny repellant. Read the “Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.” (1811) By Captain Grose et al. It is full of good humor and a healthy appreciation of human nature and the relationship between the sexes. Puritan women in the Salem colony felt free to complain in church that their husbands were neglecting them sexually. Ann Hathaway was a brilliant woman who tied the colony into knots.

        There are innumberable stories of men and women devoted to each other in the history of Christian civilization.

        • Eh? I can assure you that my friend has nothing to do with sacrifices. of chickens or anything else. He would argue that his faith honours “The Goddess”.

          With all due respect to your Captain Grose, and Jesus, it was St Paul who said “Let the women be silent in church”, an attitude probably imbibed with his Jewish upbringing, and which has plagued Christianity ever since.

    • Absolutely agree with you. I have also gradually begun to understand that the ideology of human rights, tolerance, diversity, feminism and the rest of it is a sort of false religion. It has its idols, its prophets (Marx, Freud, Darwin and a few minor ones), its scriptures, its feasts, its holy fools (Gretha Thunberg, for example), its crusades (Gretha Thunberg’s, for example) and its rituals.

      However, being 100% fake and phony, this pseudo-religion cannot replace Christianity as the foundation of Western civilisation. In fact, it cannot be the basis of any civilisation because it is inherently destructive. It wages a war on the family and childbirth, it promotes death by abortion and euthanasia, it encourages all sorts of pathological behaviours, it makes human relations superficial and fragile and it destroys the arts and culture substituting them with hideous simulacres.

      In fact, even Islam, in spite of all its savage cruelty and spiritual primitivism, is better than this ersatz religion. It does not deform human souls to that extent. Though, of course, it is very inferior to Christianity. But only if we understand Christianity as the traditional faith of Christ, of His apostles, of the fathers of the Ecumenical Councils. For the modern mainstream Lutheran churches or the Church of England (or all the numerous progressive sects of the modern West) are rotting corpses. The thing they mistake for Christian faith is nothing more than sentimental hogwash. Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church under Francis has been rapidly turning into the same sort of walking corpse.

      Thus, there seems at present that the days of Western civilisation are numbered. It will either euthanise itself out of existence or will be conquered by Muslim barbarians. Or, if Muslims fail for some reason to subjugate it, some other barbarians will arise. They may prove even worse than Muslims.

  12. If the political leaders were not cowed by leftists or were not leftists themselves, this problem could be dealt with quickly and effectively with little to no violence.

    As other commenters have said, officials could target the ringleaders, the imams themselves and the known organizers. You could start out with relatively lenient civil penalties, but rapidly escalating to criminal charges with guaranteed prison time for those who do it a second time.

    And as others have pointed out, there are more dynamic ways to break up the prayer sit-ins if need be. Such gatherings hould be considered the same as an unlawful demonstration or a riot. All crowd dispersion techniques commonly used should be available for use depending on circumstances as seen fit by the commander on the scene.

    It is not that we don’t have the means to quickly and effectively clear and disburse such illegal gatherings. It is that our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats do not have the WILL to do it, due either to fear of the potential political backlash or because they secretly want the gatherings to continue.

    We the people need to make it clear to government officials that WE will not tolerate them. And let them know that if they do not uphold the law, the resulting backlash they most need to worry about will be from US. Also let them know that if they do uphold the law, that We the People will have their back, and will run interference against any potential backlash coming from the media, the left, or the Mohammedans.

  13. You stated that using Ma Deuce in an urban environment during your little skirmish in Holland was overkill? I will simple state that overkill is highly under rated and Ma Deuce cures all that vexes you.
    Now for the little problem of these islamaniacs caterwauling and banging their heads in the public square, do like we do when the caterwauling begins, get big huge massive speakers that can be heard for miles and play some AC/DC or Rammstein and out noise their noise, it really does have a very disconcerting affect on them when they know the infidel is onto their little game. To sit there and do nothing is consent of what is happening, so start doing something, anything to show your displeasure at this 3rd world invasion, because it is only going to get a heck of lot worse.

    • … get big huge massive speakers that can be heard for miles and play some AC/DC or Rammstein and out noise their noise, it really does have a very disconcerting affect on them when they know the infidel is onto their little game.

      As a self-taught guitarist who custom designed his own Pseudocaster™ and plays through the same model of Gallien-Kreuger (200RG head with 4×12 stereo cab) rig with which Santana rocked Woodstock, I could not agree with you more.

      There’s also the hidden bonus of how loud music aficionados get a honking big dopamine rush from tunes “turned up to eleven”, even as those annoyed by said sonorizations will find their serotonin supply sagging.

  14. This is so simple. Every American soldier is trained on, and qualifies on, a Pop-Up range. Just wait till prayer time…

  15. Online censorship is the worst, especially when the site operator doesn’t tolerate those who challenge what they believe. Naked Capitalism (liberals), The Burning Platform (anti-God), The Economic Collapse (zionism), The Rapture Forum (trinitarian).

    Enforcing Internet etiquette should be sufficient for controlling behavior, but these sites want to control the narrative as well.

    I’ve heard good things about Gab, and Reddit is pretty decent, too.

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