Best Advice: Don’t Get Drunk With Migrants

MissPiggy, who translated the following German news report for subtitling, says that the suspect who was arrested for the murder of the young lady is a migrant. I don’t know whether that fact was provided by another news outlet, or whether someone who is completely immersed in German culture can pick up the subtle clues that telegraph the ethnicity of the perp.*

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

*   Over the years I’ve noticed that when I read local Virginia crime news, I can often determine the race of a named suspect, even without seeing a mug shot. There are various clues about race that one learns subliminally if one lives in the Upper South for a long time. Race is significant, yet there is often a taboo against discussing it, except of course when a perpetrator is white and a victim is black. Nevertheless, when the news is very local, one can almost always tell.

Another example: When I read the obituaries in the local paper, I can tell whether the deceased is black or white, even if there is no photograph, by the name of the funeral home serving the family. In the little town nearest us, there are two funeral homes, one for white people and one for black people. This is not a matter of law, but simply a long-established custom, like separate black and white churches. I can’t tell you why things work that way out here — I’m a “foreigner”; I’ve only lived here for forty years. But that’s the way things are done.

Black and white people mingle totally in other contexts, usually quite amiably. The woman who cuts my hair (and Dymphna’s), for example, has both white and black customers. Funeral homes and churches seem to be an exception, and for some reason the federal government has never forced them to “integrate”.

Video transcript:

00:00   Until now, all that was known was that a woman had died,
00:04   and her body, it seems, was hidden in a wooded area.
00:07   There is a suspect who was a part-time waiter, and possibly a disagreement that caused this tragedy.
00:14   At first the police searched without success for the body in the underbrush
00:17   surrounding the crime scene. They combed the entire area in the vicinity of the crime,
00:22   but already suspected that they would not find her alive.
00:27   A large contingent sifted through the nearby forest until late into the night, but without success.
00:34   A cleaning crew alerted the police very early in the morning to come to the empty pub.
00:41   Police officers arrived at the pub and found evidence, in this case a large pool of blood.
00:50   On the basis of their experience, the officers immediately determined
00:53   that a violent crime might have been committed. This later became a certainty.
00:56   A serious crime had been committed in the pub, which also had security cameras.
01:01   As the officers viewed the recorded material, they nearly fell out of their chairs. Large portions
01:04   of the video contained images of the woman being killed by the part-time waiter.
01:08   Apparently both of them were alone in the pub at 3 a.m.
01:13   Obviously they had been drinking alcohol, which was followed by a fight.
01:18   At this point of the investigation we assume
01:23   that as a result of the fight, the waiter killed the 36-year-old woman.
01:27   The police are looking for witnesses.
01:30   What happened during the time before
01:33   the murder of the woman in the pub? —According to our findings,
01:36   there was a sort of drinking feast going on, so several people had
01:41   been in the pub. —Until now it seems that the other guests
01:46   were unwilling to give information to the police. They were unable
01:50   or didn’t want to. The police have now sealed the crime scene.
01:53   “Great Deal, it says on the sign hung on the door, “pay for 10 beers, the 11th is on the house!”
01:58   The neighbours don’t really have a great opinion about the pub.
02:02   When the pub was open, there was a party every evening,
02:06   and deep into the night they played loud music. The police came here
02:10   on a regular basis, every two or three days, at least once a week.
02:15   The police found the body early this morning in the forest across from the pub.
02:18   The part-time waiter confessed and told them where the body was.

11 thoughts on “Best Advice: Don’t Get Drunk With Migrants

  1. I know what you mean – a name like “DeWayne” tells you something for sure.

    • As if being born to a single, welfare queen living in the ghetto wasn’t enough of a handicap to begin life with…

      • I like to add however, that such a fine musician that was Freddie Dewayne Hubbard was christened in 1938. I do ignore the social setting of his family in those days which were not pleasant for many white persons either. The hungry years….

  2. The way the report repeats “Aushilfskellner” (part-time waiter) as the sole description of the suspect is a likely giveaway here.

  3. »whether someone who is completely immersed in German culture can pick up the subtle clues«

    What makes me think is that the murderer did not know/care of the security camera; would not expect this from a person intelligent enough to serve as a waiter and who has lived for more than one or two years in Germany.

  4. sounds like that place is a dump where binge drinking is encouraged and this attracts a special kind of patrons and predators too. My compassion is limited. No whatever subtle hints were given about the ethnicity of the part time waiter. But this is real work and thus probably eliminates enrichers.

    • I stand corrected: BILD tabloid published today that the perp was … no hard guess,I promise:
      a refugee from Lebanon, presumably, that’s what he claims. So he will be from some other country in the ….hole- belt.

  5. Buy 10 beers the 11 is free what a great buy back deal in the police interview! I guess there is no cut off in German bars for being grossly drunk, they keep serving you ,no cut off. The woman did not deserve to die ,but a bar that keeps serving people over 10,15, or maybe 20 drinks in one sitting deserve some responsibility in her death.

  6. There’s a certain type of low-IQ crime that is often a giveaway on race. For instance, someone is hijacked and murdered, and the murderer gets caught because he is trying to use the stolen credit card hours after the murder. Or, as in this case, commits a murder in an establishment likely to have security camera.

    There is no discussion of the race or origin of the victim. I know there’s a type of woman, often a refugee volunteer or an NGO “advocacy group” official, who habitually use the refugees for sex. But, the fact that the woman was present for boisterous, drunken parties with migrants indicates something other than a sexually-frustrated, overweight German frau, so it seems to me.

  7. “The police are looking for witnesses.”
    – Please remember that the testimony of a woman is worth only half that of a man 🙂

  8. Northern Virginia. I was reading Florence King about her youth in the sleepy country towns and backroads. She said that all the well loved names of the country towns are now names of suburban exits on the interstate and names of shopping malls.

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