The Desecration of a Cemetery in Neukölln

Yesterday I posted about the desecration of the Basilica of Saint-Denis in France. Today it’s the turn of a cemetery in the Neukölln district of Berlin, which is one of the most culturally enriched urban areas in Europe.

There’s no indication in the following news story that the graves were desecrated by culture-enrichers. However, the two graves hold the bodies of police officers who were slain while on duty in Neukölln, one of them by a Lebanese immigrant. Given the location, it seems unlikely that the vandals were native Germans.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   An overturned tombstone smeared with a swastika. Here at the park cemetery in Neukölln Berlin-Britz
00:06   two graves of policemen have been desecrated. Both officials were killed while on duty.
00:12   Via Twitter, Berlin’s Interior Senator expresses his shock:
00:16   “I feel disgusted and ashamed at the thought that people
00:20   have violated the graves of police officers who were shot
00:23   on duty. Desecrating their graves and smearing them with swastikas
00:26   is a wicked act directed against those
00:29   who died when they fought for our safety.
00:33   The dead deserve our highest respect and lifelong memory.”
00:38   The SEK officer Roland Krüger died in 2003
00:42   as he attempted to arrest a knifeman. The Lebanese man
00:45   who shot him in the head and was later sentenced to life for murder.
00:49   Officer Uwe Lieschied was killed in March 2006
00:53   in pursuit of a thief who pulled a gun and shot him
00:57   eight times. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder in 2007.
01:03   Shocked colleagues and citizens of Berlin took part in the memorial service for the slain policeman.
01:08   The tarnishing of the commemoration of these officials is unacceptable to the police union.
01:14   Roland Krüger and Uwe Lieschied paid for their determined fight
01:17   against criminality and for the safety of the people of this city
01:21   with their lives. Anyone who desecrates and smears their graves deliberately
01:25   not only soils their memory, but spits on the values?
01:29   that our colleagues are on the streets for every day.
01:32   The graffiti on the tombstones have now been hidden with a makeshift cover.
01:36   Because a political motivation for the crime can’t be ruled out,
01:39   the police have taken over the investigation.

5 thoughts on “The Desecration of a Cemetery in Neukölln

  1. What with the cover? Clean them after taking evidence off the stones and grounds around them or replace the stones all together at the states expense(keeping the original stones in evidence lockers out of public view.). The families of these policemen should not get less from the state that these officers who gave their lives protect German citizens.

  2. Of course, as a swastika is involved, this will be counted as “right wing criminal act”. I kid you not.

  3. The desecration may well have been done by Muslim migrants. On the other hand, Antifa is not above such antics.

    The broader point is a coordinated attack on security and the German (European) culture. Both the cultural Marxists of the European globalists, and the strategists of sharia law and hijra have a motivation to shatter the foundations of European society. Perhaps the fact that these particular police actually died in line of duty triggered the fury. Police in the soft totalitarian states of Germany and Britain know that if they should be killed or injured in actions against migrants, they will not be supported by their superiors, and might well be charged themselves.

    • RonaldB, Your point about the police and security forces in Germany and Britain is true, and at some point the vacuum of lawlessness will be filled with extra judicial means.

  4. Notre Dame is burning as we speak. Too soon to speculate on the who, what, where, and why yet.

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