Bus Full of Schoolchildren Hijacked and Torched by a Culture-Enricher

A Senegalese immigrant in northern Italy hijacked a bus full of schoolchildren today. He was carrying canisters of flammable liquids (evidently diesel fuel and gasoline), and told the children that everyone was going to die to avenge his own children, whose deaths he blamed on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

The driver failed to take away one child’s cell phone, and the resourceful youngster was able to alert the police. When the Carabinieri arrived, the terrorist poured out his accelerant and ignited the bus. Fortunately the officers were able to break the glass in the back door and get the kids out before they could suffer anything worse than smoke inhalation.

The angry culture-enricher was shrewd enough to plan his attack in advance and have his materials at hand. However, he doesn’t seem to have thought through his overall strategy very carefully, or he would have realized that his actions were an affirmation of Mr. Salvini’s arguments against allowing third-world immigrants into Italy.

The first of the following two videos is from a news story about what happened to the bus. Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is a brief interview with one of the students who was on the bus when it was hijacked and torched.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a detailed article from ANSA about the torching of the bus in Cremona (hat tip Insubria):

Terror for Kids After Hijacker Sets Bus Alight

Man angry at govt migrant policy said ‘no one will survive’

(ANSA) — Milan, March 20 — A 47-year-old bus driver was held by Carabinieri police on Wednesday after allegedly hijacking a bus with schoolchildren aboard and subsequently setting it on fire after tying their hands with plastic electrical ties in an apparent attempt to kill them, sources said.

The children’s terror lasted for almost 40 minutes as the man, angry at government migrant policy, confiscated their phones and said no one would survive.

But one boy, 13-year-old Rahmi, managed to keep hold of his phone and call the police.

The man hijacked the bus with 51 pupils from a middle school in the northern province of Cremona.

The suspect has been named as Ousseynou Sy, a man with a criminal record who is originally from Senegal but has been an Italian citizen since 2004.

He said he wanted to kill himself and “stop the deaths in the Mediterranean,” the sources said.

Sy ordered a teacher to tie the children’s hands with plastic ties but the teacher only attached the ties to four or five of them, and so lightly that they easily freed themselves afterwards, local sources said.

“No one will survive,” Sy said after hijacking the vehicle outside San Donato near Milan, according to Carabinieri Provincial Commander Luca De Marchis.

After being stopped by police, he got off the bus and set it alight, having poured petrol inside.

But the Carabinieri managed to get the children out by smashing windows at the back, the sources said. Before being stopped, the suspect had also tried to ram through a road block. Twelve children and two adults were taken to hospital after suffering smoke inhalation, as was Sy, the sources said.

The bus is a write-off.

A teacher who was with the children said that it was not the first time Sy drove a bus with pupils on board.

“We knew him” the teacher said, adding that the hijacker was angry about the government’s migrant policy.

“He wanted to get to the runway at (Milan’s) Linate (airport)”.

The children’s ordeal lasted nearly 40 minutes, local sources said.

A girl said “he handcuffed us and threatened us. He said that if we moved he would pour our the petrol and light the fire. He kept saying that people in Africa are dying and the fault is Di Maio and Salvini’s. Then the Carabinieri saved us”.

Luigi Di Maio, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement leader, and Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant Euroskeptic League, are the two partners in Italy’s populist government which has closed Italy’s ports to migrant rescue NGO ships amid a broader crackdown on migrants.

Another girl said “he took our phones but one schoolmate managed to keep his. We were cuffed with electrician’s ties. He told us nothing would happen but threatened to pour the petrol”.

Rahmi’s friend Adam, 12, said “he was clear-minded, he was smart. The driver took all our phones but he managed to keep one and called the Carabinieri”.

“Later I called the emergency services and we tried to explain where we were”.

Sy will face possible charges of kidnapping, attempted mass murder, causing a fire and resisting arrest, judicial sources said.

“It was a miracle they survived and we have to thank the Carabinieri for that,” said Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco.

He said the prosecutors were weighing terrorism charges against Sy.

“The intention to commit mass murder had started ad the man was about to torch (the children) as he then did the bus,” said Greco, thanking Carabinieri for an operation that was “like something that you see in films about special forces”.

Greco said Sy had admitted his actions had been premeditated.

Sy did not pronounce Islamist phrases, sources said.

Prosecutors said they were trying to establish if Sy, who was employed by the Autoguidovie bus firm, was fit to drive.

Carabinieri questioned Sy’s wife who left the Carabinieri barracks at Castelleone without saying anything to the media.

Video transcript #1:

00:05   The bus that was traveling, as scheduled, late in the morning of March 20, between
00:09   Peschiera and San Donato on the provincial “Paullese” road number 415, burst into flame.
00:13   According to first reports, a man poured flammable liquid on the vehicle and then set it on fire.
00:18   Many pupils were riding on board. The emergency units arrived immediately
00:23   after being called: a code red ambulance, and eight vehicles from the fire department.
00:29   It turns out, based on initial eyewitness reports, that the perpetrator, the driver who torched it,
00:33   is a Senegalese. During questioning he said he intended to avenge the dead migrants lost at sea.
00:39   He confessed that he let all kids get out of the bus before it blew up.
00:44   No update on the medical condition of the passengers is available yet.
00:48   No case of severe intoxication was reported. All the survivors
00:52   of this cruel case are safe and sound, apparently.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Well, we live in Crema. We went, in the second hour we went to do gymnastics.
00:07   Then, we wanted to return to school have a snack. We waited ten minutes
00:11   because the bus arrived late.
00:14   Then, when we boarded, we said, “Good day,” and sat down.
00:19   Then this guy told us, “You must remain silent.
00:24   I’m going to tie you with some kind of [unintelligible]” like this.
00:29   And then everyone was scared. I understood only because there were no lane dividers
00:35   and because he didn’t take the street which he had to take to school.
00:38   Therefore, he took another way.
00:41   Then when we arrived in Milan, around Milan, we stopped three times.
00:47   The first time, he threw diesel fuel everywhere. The second time, there was a type of…
00:53   How should I say? Some small curtains, soaked in gasoline,
00:57   and put in the windows.
01:01   Then the third time he told us he wanted to take revenge… for his children, because
01:05   his children wanted to come to Italy, but didn’t have the means of transportation to go.
01:10   Therefore they went by sea and died. And therefore he wanted to take revenge for his three children,
01:14   and kill us.
01:17   Did he cite something political? Did he talk about [unintelligible]?
01:21   —No, he spoke in general —Yes, in general. He also said kind of… government.
01:24   He said, “Fault of the government, of Salvini” and so on…

8 thoughts on “Bus Full of Schoolchildren Hijacked and Torched by a Culture-Enricher

  1. Why wasn’t this man shot and killed. This approach will only encourage other malcontents and terrorists. I am of Italian descent and children are the focus of my family’s lives…how could this not DEMAND a more severe reaction.

    Have the government or the carabinieri made any statement about this horrific situation.

    Thank God the children are safe

    • In Europe, before THESE people – kidnappers, thugs, mass murderers, rapists – start to get shot and killed, people like US have already started to get imprisoned and ostracized for our Internet posts.

  2. Just imagine….. the outcry on all MSM TV and newspapers, if it had been a chap named Andrew/Peter/Steven…. Brown/Chapman/Davies, who did this to a bus filled will Moslem schoolchildren going to their madrassa school? I have imagined it, and the contrast could not be more stark.

  3. Waiting now to see how many mature and not so mature “Caucasian” ladies will come out to support Mr Ousseynou with flowers and I-heart-refugee posters in the court. If he ever reaches court, rather than being pronounced “mentally unstable” and not fit for trial. As if there is someone mentally stable south/north of the Polar circles these days.

  4. The angry culture-enricher was shrewd enough to plan his attack in advance and have his materials at hand. However, he doesn’t seem to have thought through his overall strategy very carefully, or he would have realized that his actions were an affirmation of Mr. Salvini’s arguments against allowing third-world immigrants into Italy.

    This small mercy still being much larger than the perp’s IQ on a hot day.

  5. The “italian citizen” (passport granted as usual) of Senegalese origin, who has a chance of 92% of being also a muslim (what a coincidence!), according to wikipedia (source: “Senegal is a secular state. Islam is the predominant religion in the country, practiced by approximately 92% of the country’s population”), is said to have made a youtube video the day before the failed terrorist attempt. I could not verify it because I could not find it (the video and his channel) yet (also not sure the language that would be). On the press they said in the video he wanted to demonstrate against death toll in mediterrean sea, and also (that is quite important) to discourage africans to leave africa and come in Italy/Europe.

  6. These 3rd worlders really have no idea what is coming and they won’t until it is far to late. The 2 per centers should be out playing shortly or have and authorities are keeping it quiet. There will be at some point a defining moment where clarity and cold realization will hit as the hammer falls. We are just about there, for the natives won’t take much of this before the backlash begins.

  7. Italians simply have to accept the fact that loading their kids on a school bus might result with kids being set on fire by Senegalese rapist and criminal.Part and parcel of living anywhere culturally enriched these days ragazzi

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