My Big Fat Turkish Wedding

A resident of the German city of Duisburg opens the window of his apartment to have a smoke, and discovers that a gigantic and very loud Turkish wedding is in progress directly below his window, complete with gunfire and a huge Turkish flag.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   [shots being fired, loud music]
0:03   [more shots, loud music]
0:09   [German opens window]
0:12   [loud music etc]
0:19   Wow, dope!
0:24   Totally dope! Rosa street,
0:27   Duisburg, 47226…
0:30   I… Can’t… Believe… It…!
0:33   I look out the window,
0:36   want to smoke a cigarette,
0:39   and get islamized.
0:42   Awesome. Now isn’t that just the coolest flag!
0:45   As far as size goes, anyway. And the color is also debatable.
0:48   Yeah. Beautiful. It’s really going down here, isn’t it?
0:51   Yeah? This is what I call islamization.
0:55   Over there a tent, then there’s another flag,
0:58   they put that all up yesterday, just totally cool.
1:01   That old broad is shooting a pistol,
1:04   just like they do on Silvester [New Year’s Eve].
1:08   Yeah, this is just totally cool.
1:11   Fat Mercedes, Jeep, that costs quite a chunk of money,
1:14   just super dope,
1:17   I have to say.
1:22   It just makes me wanna puke.
1:27   Them with their stupid smoke thingies there,
1:36   Un-be-lievable!
1:39   Did they even register for this mass demonstration?
1:42   Well, it’s a wedding, so they don’t have to register it,
1:45   un-be-lievable!
1:49   Look there, that one guy, with the thick fat camera there,
1:52   you can’t really see it with my camera, but
1:56   this is absolute madness.
1:59   Yeah, there they stand around,
2:02   and up there you can see a drone,
2:05   it watches us all everywhere,
2:08   just totally dope, right.
2:11   Madness.
2:14   Well I don’t think I need to record more of this s*** show,
2:17   this is plenty.
2:20   For God’s sake, this is really making me puke!

5 thoughts on “My Big Fat Turkish Wedding

  1. Undoubtedly he will be thrown in jail for smoking if he isn’t thrown in jail first for being islamophobic and a likely AfD voter.

  2. I wander how many germans are looking on the window. There are max. 100 Turks at that wedding. I bet there are more than 300 germans watching.

    • And I am sure there are several weddings like this one every day all over Germany…, and there will be even more and more…, muslims win the numbers game over and over.

  3. The giant Turkish flag is a particularly telling detail of these celebrations. Notice how it’s displayed so as to be unmistakable to the local residents, looking down from their apartment windows, and to that (government?) drone flying overhead. Supremacism, anyone?

    Twice I came across wedding celebrations while living in Turkey, but neither time did I see any Turkish flag. If there were flags there, they must have been very small.

    Note too the relative absence of women in these boisterous goings-on. They are probably all tucked safely away in that tent. Gender segregation at social events is still widely practiced in Turkey, and now also in Germany, it seems.

  4. “Supremacism, anyone?”

    Not when they flaunt their flags, no matter how large.

    Yet when WE wear a small lapel pin of our flag, now THAT is a glaring and blatant display of white and nationalist supremacy…or so I’ve been told.

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