Allahu Akhbar at the Liebfrauenkirche

Cynthia loved Ahmed. She was devoted to him. She wore hijab for his sake.

Unfortunately for Ahmed, his application for asylum in Germany was turned down. When he was finally arrested and about to be deported, he asked Cynthia to come with him to Tunisia. When she refused, things turned ugly. Cynthia was later found stabbed to death.

The following video reports on what happened at the church where Cynthia’s memorial service was to be held. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about Cynthia from Bild (subscription required), also translated by Nash:

Cynthia wore hijab for her killer

[Photo #1 (at the top of this post): Without makeup, but with hijab: Cynthia looks into the camera with a slightly uncomfortable look. Ahmed apparently wanted to take his girlfriend back to Tunisia.]

Worms — Her death leaves you speechless! More than 500 people participated at the funeral march on the weekend with flowers and candles for the 21-year-old Cynthia R. She had been murdered by her boyfriend Ahmed T. (22) last week.


[Photo #2 (not shown): In front of her house, pastor George Ambadan lights a candle]

[Photo #3 (not shown): A selfie from happier times: Cynthia and Ahmed only got together at the end of last year]

Friends of the family talk about the relationship between Ahmed and Cynthia. “She wore hijab for Ahmed,” says a friend of Cynthia’s father to BILD, “and she learned to speak Arabic out of love for him.”

When the two began their relationship four months ago, Ahmed T. already knew that he was going to be deported. His asylum seeker application had been denied long ago.

So he tried to convince his new girlfriend to go with him to Tunisia. But friends of the family say that went too far for Cynthia R.

[Photo #4 (not shown): Ahmed under arrest: After his arrest, the killer was brought to the prison with shackles on hands and feet. He’s been behind bars for five days now.]

Could this be the reason he murdered her? Because she didn’t want to move to Tunisia with him? Last Monday an arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend in order that he might finally be deported. Less than 48 hours later the situation between the two escalated.

Ahmed had registered himself under three different identities and had therefore cashed in three times the spending money in Germany. He stabbed the young woman by ramming a kitchen knife through her neck, her lungs, her hands and her back more than ten times.

[Photo #5 (not shown): Cynthia with pit bull: Cynthia loved animals; she had two dogs. Here she poses with one of the puppies.]

[Photo #6 (not shown): Her cousin: Patrick Schopp (34) is devastated by the loss of his cousin.]

“She meant so much to me and I miss her a lot,” says her cousin Patrick Schopp (34, scaffold builder) to BILD. “I will keep her in my memory as this fun-loving person who never had anything bad to say about anyone and who was very helpful with everyone.”

Video transcript:

0:00   A funeral march for a young, murdered woman.
0:03   Citizens as well as family
0:06   of the 21-year-old Cynthia
0:09   walked through Worms this evening.
0:12   The funeral march started about 8pm
0:15   at a supermarket parking lot in Cynthia’s neighborhood,
0:18   and with flowers and candles about 500
0:21   participants walked towards Cynthia’s house.
0:24   Afterwards there was a memorial service at the Liebfrauenkirche,
0:27   where an ecumenical prayer was said for the 21-year-old woman.
0:30   And in this church there was an incident.
0:33   My colleague Tim Kirschsieper is in Worms.
0:36   Can you tell us what happened, Tim?
0:41   Yes, just now, before the service started,
0:44   about twenty people came running out of the church in a panic.
0:47   They were members of the funeral march
0:50   who were at the church early.
0:53   They came out distraught, calling for the police,
0:56   crying, because apparently someone
0:59   stood in front of the altar with arms stretched out,
1:02   and yelled “Allahu Akhbar” loudly, and other things
1:05   that people couldn’t understand, and that caused fear among those people.
1:08   The police apprehended the man a hundred meters down the road.
1:11   He is at the police station being questioned.
1:14   What exactly this was all about, however, is at the moment still unclear.
1:17   Whether this was a bad joke, or a confused man;
1:20   at this time it is completely unclear.
1:23   However, the church service is continuing,
1:26   which leads me to surmise that the police
1:29   haven’t classified the situation as too dangerous,
1:32   because otherwise the service certainly would have been cut short,
1:35   or rather, wouldn’t even have taken place at all.
1:38   Apart from that incident what do you think about the funeral march for Cynthia?
1:43   Yes, there were very impressive moments.
1:46   There were 500 participants who walked through the neighborhood in silence,
1:49   and then set up hundreds of candles
1:52   in front of Cynthia’s parents’ house.
1:55   It was a very moving experience;
1:58   it really was something special.
2:01   Tim Kirschsieper, many thanks.

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  2. Her service should’ve been held at a mosque or SPCA. It’s what she would’ve wanted.

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