Most Violent Crimes in Oslo Are Committed by Culture-Enrichers

The crime statistics given in the following article are no surprise to anyone who has been following the general trends in the major cities of Western Europe. Norway is unusual, however, in that it is willing to collect and make public the ethnicity of perpetrators — France and Sweden, for example, don’t allow such forms of data collection.

What was dismaying in the article was the fact that a third of the population of Oslo is now made up of people with a “migration background”. Norway has put the brakes on immigration in the last few years, yet it seems that the capital city is rapidly approaching London, Brussels, and Paris in its level of cultural enrichment.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this piece from Norway’s commercial TV channel TV 2:

Immigrants behind three out of four violent crimes

TV 2 has gone through all the verdicts in which a person was convicted of serious bodily injury and gross bodily harm in Oslo, from the beginning of 2018 until today.

A total of 140 people have been sentenced in the past year.

Among the verdicts we find people who have carried out stabbings, beatings and abuse.

We also find victims who have suffered lifelong injuries, deep cuts and cranial fractures. It has been revealed that in one third of the verdicts either a knife, glass or bottle was used.

More than two out of three are immigrants

There is a large majority of men among the convicted. The convictions furthermore show that immigrants are over-represented.

TV 2’s investigation shows that of the 140 perpetrators, 70% were of immigrant background.

In other words, more than two out of three violent incidents in Oslo were carried out by immigrants. This is despite the fact that, according to Statistics Norway, immigrants make up 33 per cent of Oslo’s population.

An immigrant is classified as a person who has immigrated to Norway, or who was born in Norway, but who has a mother and father who were both born abroad.

Not surprised

Although the figure seems high, the violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk is not surprised. She believes that one of the reasons is that many come from cultures where violence is more prevalent.

“They are more vulnerable; they have experienced more trauma. Some of them come from violent cultures, and they bring it with them. And then some of them are not Norwegian citizens, who come from other countries and only stay here for a few months,” says Bjørnebekk.

The parliamentary representative and Oslo citizen Himanshu Gulati (FRP) points the finger at Oslo City Council, and believes that City Councilor Raymond Johansen and the City Council’s immigration policy are to blame for the high proportion of immigrants among the convicted.

“He must understand that the policy he advances has real-life consequences. If you want to maintain high immigration to Oslo, then it will not become easier to handle the problems we are now seeing.”

With all due respect for Gulati, this is just nonsense, says Raymond Johansen (Ap) to TV 2.

“We respond to inquiries from the state. It is the Directorate of Integration and Diversity that approaches Oslo and asks us to accept refugees.”

He further states that it is not certain that the integration policy is the cause of the high figure, but believes one must go deeper into the statistics to unmask the complete answer.

“We have integration challenges in Norway, but we must look at more than the crime statistics; we have to look at other statistics as well. For example, immigrant girls do well in higher education. There we can turn it around and ask why integration in Norway is going so well,” says Johansen.

Explosive increase in knife use

In the verdicts one may read that there is extensive use of knives. Oslo has recently seen a strong increase in knife-related violent incidents in particular.

On the night before Friday it happened again.

During the last few weeks there have been several stabbings in the capital, among them when a man in his 50s was found with knife wounds in a stairwell in Torshov.

Pure luck that it hasn’t ended in murder

The police chief of Oslo, Hans Sverre Sjøvold, told TV 2 earlier that he is very concerned about the development. In several of the cases he believes it is only luck that the perpetrators have not become killers.

“We must emphasize that in some cases it is pure luck that we have not ended up with a homicide. The threshold for using a knife is low. We also see that many of those we are dealing with out there have very little respect for the police. This also worries me. I think there has been a change lately,” says Sjøvold to TV 2.

The chief of police believes it is often a matter of rootless youth struggling at school, and confirms that there is an over-representation of immigrant youth.

“There is a lot of poverty and cramped living. We notice this especially in Oslo. For many young people, it is tough growing up. Many of them are Norwegian citizens. They were born here,” says Sjøvold.

Not all verdicts are enforceable, and several have been submitted to the Court of Appeal.

4 thoughts on “Most Violent Crimes in Oslo Are Committed by Culture-Enrichers

  1. Oslo is FUBAR. The most stupid people in the country are elected as politicians. The result is for everyone to see. The city is soon like Mogadishu. The Somalis are thriving and nobody are safe any more. Oslos nerly 100 Mosks are funded by the City and the Norwegian Government. We are financing our own death.

  2. “Norway has put the brakes on immigration in the last few years, yet it seems that the capital city is rapidly approaching London, Brussels, and Paris in its level of cultural enrichment.”

    Correction: there are no brakes – because most of the immigration are family reunion. (I beleive – approx 15 000 a year – and on top of that huge birth numbers among the invaders) Last year we had the second highest import of third world clan people. Only the year Merkel opened up the borders there where higher numbers coming in. The numbers of welfare (asylum) seekers have gone down due to luck – other countries as Denmark, Hungary and more stop them from coming up North. (And Germany are still the pot of gold.) So slowed down for now.

    No new laws in place to stop a new flow. This year our politicians decided to take – flew them in here – 3000 extra welfareseekers from africa/middle-east because “So few are coming – we have to fix that and take our responsibilities bla bla bla.)

    33% immigrants in Oslo – many of them are from Poland, Estonia, Sweden and more. These immigrants do a lot of economical crime. From top of my head – ca 16% are MENA immigrants. Take away the elderly, women, children – then it is a small % which are the perpetraitors for 70% of all the hideous, many times torturlike and senseless violent crimes – often for the fun of it. Last week there where 5 stabbings where a knife where used – in Oslo alone.

    Oslo has been and are the fastest growing city in Europe – whites moving out – clan people moving in. Our Politicians are proud of the growth and work hard to stimulate the growth. Gangs: 2 paki gangs in the early 1980s – today mor than 200 gangs. They are evil, vicious, without empathy for their victims – they laugh while they cut you up, cick your head etc for the fun – after they have robbed a you: be it you are a child or pensioner.

    Oslo will from my point of view become the new Malmø. Several political parties suggested newly a stop of immigrants to Oslo, a pause to fix all the problems. The evil do-gooders voted it down. Norway as such is having a marathon to become as Sweden – as fast as possible. From south to north – every little town or community have some invaders and probably a mosque. Do not believe the hype about Norway being better off than other countries, well maybe slightly better at the moment – but its going very very fast downhill.

  3. Pity. I have never been to Norway and was looking forward to visiting Oslo one day. Now it is one of a number of places in Europe I will choose to avoid.

  4. So after they turn Oslo into another Mogadishu, and the country unravels, where are the enrichers going to go then?

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