Ginger Dutch Mujahid Killed in Syria

When I post news reports about European mujahideen who travel to the Middle East to join the jihad, I often refer to their nationality in scare quotes, because they are as much Germans or Dutchmen as I am a Hottentot. However, in this case no quote marks are warranted — the late mujahid Thijs Belmonte really was Dutch. He converted to Islam in 2005 and pursued his religious vocation by beheading infidels in Syria.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translation this article from De Telegraaf:

Red-haired Terrorist Thijs Belmonte killed on battlefield

Damascus: Red-haired jihad terrorist is killed on the Iraq-Syria battlefield

The traveler was once seen in a public beheading video

The Rotterdammer Belmonte was one of around 300 Dutch travelers and a prominent ISIS fighter according to the NRC, which writes that the report of his death has been confirmed.

Passport burned

Belmonte is one of the more well-known travelers to Syria. He journeyed to the battlefield in 2013 at the age of 24. The Rotterdamer converted to Islam in 2005. Belmonte obtained military training and was impressive in battle. He advised the Islamic State on who from the Netherlands could be trusted and who could not. On Facebook, Thijs burned his Dutch passport. Return home? Never!

National Terror List

The Public Ministry summoned Belmonte to stand trial for participating in a terrorist organization. He was on the national terrorist list.

Thijs’ family, according to the NRC, declines to comment. Earlier Thijs’ father confirmed that his son was in Syria.

Thijs Belmonte made the news in 2013 when a photo of him appeared. In it, he posed in chair with camouflage clothing and an AK-47 machine gun. The Rotterdammer was believed to be living in Aleppo. Belmonte spoke fluent Arabic and could partially recite the Koran.

His heavily pregnant wife later joined him in Syria. In the war zone, he answered to the name of Anwar.

5 thoughts on “Ginger Dutch Mujahid Killed in Syria

  1. He will get 72 black-eyed pious five-time a day praying V-goats.

    Seriously, Why did he join to fight for ISIS and not stay in the islamized, miserable, dishonorable, abjectly deplorable cowardly Europe – – – and defend his family and his nation. Or that is not trendy but hated nationalism?

    He did not like the hesitant, emasculate, eunuched, unable to decide European rulers and was fascinated by decisiveness, determination and clearly stated goals of islam. He saw in islam relentless fierce perseverance and islam will think for him and determine his fate so he does not have to use his lethargic brain: the hidden silent deadly disease besetting all western rulers.


    Paris hopes that elections in Algeria will respond to the aspirations of the people

    I experienced some boiling emotions: When he became the pilot of this miserable Republic, is he working for the aspirations of his people or the ASPIRATIONS of Caliphate?

    BTW I’d like to say to all the dictator epithet-ed rulers to remind the democracies about Assange, Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, fake news and calumnies against Pres. Trump, Robert Spencer, Geller, Paul Golding, Katie Hopkins, . . . etc and why they are persecuted and prosecuted?

    Democracies’s Fake news are even worse than the manufactured adultery accusations against Anne Boleyn.

    • “…was fascinated by decisiveness, determination and clearly stated goals of islam. He saw in islam relentless fierce perseverance…”

      That’s it.

      Most young men always have and always will have the desire for adventure, physical contact, weapons and admiration of strong male leaders; all the things young men used to have easy access to in our societies but are now left unfulfilled in our age of unemployment and feminised cultures. Video games seem to now be the main conduit for this natural need.

      We need mandatory military service in those countries which now lack it or have discontinued it. Young men need an outlet for their natural inclinations. Perhaps mandatory participation in football, American football and rugby would help.

      It is no wonder so many young women are attratcted to young moslem males; girls are naturally attracted to manliness and not to our own young men who are still trying to ‘find’ themselves at age 40.

  2. Oh hey, thanks for the good news. Another murdering religionist receives their just deserts. My condolences to the families whose members were murdered and otherwise suffered because of his despicable and abhorrent choices. Sadly too he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to follow such an evil path in life. But we can only hope that the gift of death reaches out to such people sooner rather then later as it did for Thijs.

  3. Red-haired Terrorist Thijs Belmonte killed on battlefield

    Did this poor little lifelong stepchild finally get hit with a Belmonte Club?

    His heavily pregnant wife later joined him in Syria.

    Was that supposed to lend a sense of gravidy to the situation?

    In the war zone, he answered to the name of Anwar.”

    Sadats dat, eh?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  4. He was lucky to have red hair. Muslims have a thing about red hair since the ‘prophet’ dyed his beard red. You have no idea how much power such a superstition has among such ignorant men.

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