The AfD Fights Back Against State Intimidation

A couple of weeks ago German state intelligence announced that it would be instituting a surveillance program directed at the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the only major party in Germany that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. State investigators believe that the party’s ideological positions may pose a danger to the constitution.

Now the AfD is launching a lawsuit against the state to stop the surveillance program. Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Bild:

AfD Intends to Stop Scrutiny by Intelligence Service[1]

January 26, 2019

AfD national party leaders Alexander Gauland and Jörg Meuthen intend to bring suit to defend the party against the initiation of surveillance by national intelligence.

AfD intends to rush an appeal to court against the instituting of surveillance of the AfD by national intelligence as a “test case.” As announced by Leif-Erik Holm — AfD legislative leader in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania — at the convention in Lübtheen, this decision was made by the party leadership.

This is what it is about: On January 15th, Security Chief Thomas Haldenwang announced a nationwide surveillance of the AfD by his agency. That made the party officially a “test case.”

At the time, Haldenwang said: “As the early warning system for democracy, Constitutional Protection is duty-bound to become active when there are de facto indications that the attitude of a party or elements of a party are inimical to the constitutional order.” The impetus for this evaluation was a 442-page report in which 180 speeches of 50 AfD politicians were examined for constitution-hostile statements.

Because this classified document was leaked to journalists, the party will lodge a criminal complaint. Furthermore, the party leadership decided to enter a disciplinary complaint against BfV chief Haldenwang.


1.   The “Verfassungsschutz” = literally “defense of the constitution” is the national intelligence agency. Also “BfV” or “Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz” = “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.”

4 thoughts on “The AfD Fights Back Against State Intimidation

  1. Antifa slime are “inimical to the constitutional order.” But they are the shock troops of the government whose exploits it can deny.

    Islam and its adherents and massive uncontrolled immigration are similarly “inimical to the constitutional order” but only people who object to the destruction of Germany earn the attention of the police.

  2. They have to fight ( don’t gave up ) this corrupt government including that monster Merkel, fight for Your country AFD …

  3. Funny how the patterns are all the same in Western countries: neutering of the press, political weaponizing of the security forces, leaders enacting mass immigration, political suppression of dissident, or even non-conformist, voices.

    The countries most immune to this are, paradoxically, the Eastern European countries, who suffered overt occupation, political terror, and huge shortages in food and materials from the socialist economy.

    It’s almost as if living under some stress is actually good for a nation.

  4. This has me believing, which I have from the start by the way, that they will never discover who beat the AfD politician almost to death afew weeks ago, unless they turn themselves in.

    Some German with a pair and money should offer a 1,000,000 Euros reward for information leading to the arrest of the perps whether Antifa or government employees goons, or maybe both.

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