Exams at the Berlin Police Academy Are Rigged to Favor Migrants

For an American having long experience with the “affirmative action” scam, this news report from Germany is a dog-bites-man story. Yes, of course there is a quota, and the system is rigged to push migrant recruits through. And the academy official being interviewed is either clueless or dishonest.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Of course it’s well known that the Berlin police are in need
0:03   of personnel, and that’s why they’re trying to employ anyone at this time,
0:06   and so they turn a blind eye.
0:09   Lee Roy graduated from his training with the Berlin police academy four years ago.
0:12   Today he is concerned about the future of his profession,
0:15   because he is convinced that standards for new trainees
0:18   during the recruitment tests have been drastically lowered.
0:25   This is very easily explained. They want to raise the migrant quota
0:28   working for the Berlin Police; this is deliberately political.
0:31   And so there is pressure from the top to the bottom.
0:34   And so they had to think about: how do we get more migrants
0:37   into the agency when they can’t master
0:40   the current tests? So they were given a memo with the answers on it,
0:43   so they could pass the tests in any case.
0:50   Lee Roy says the testing questions are available on the internet.
0:53   And should they not pass the exams,
0:56   the initial exam can be repeated over and over.
0:59   These are the accusations against the Berlin Police Academy that
1:02   Thomas Neuendorf has to address a lot.
1:08   First and foremost I want to say that this is really getting on my nerves,
1:11   these anonymous people, concealing themselves,
1:14   without revealing their names, putting out accusations into the world.
1:17   It is very, very hard to rebut these allegations,
1:20   and to see whether
1:23   there is even some truth to these claims,
1:26   and that’s why I find this very sad, and the only thing I can offer
1:29   is that these anonymous people should contact the Academy leadership,
1:32   and to explain these problems
1:35   that in their opinion exist,
1:38   and that way we can find solutions.
1:41   But that is exactly the one thing seasoned police officers don’t dare to do,
1:44   Lee Roy explains. They are afraid of possible negative consequences on the job.
1:50   When you openly criticize, you can kiss your career goodbye.
1:53   You can leave your post; the career ladder ends for them.
1:56   Criticism is not desired, and it is not wanted.
1:59   You have to direct lies to the top so things look beautiful.
2:03   And then Lee Roy shows us how people cheat on those exams.
2:12   It’s known that one of the ways they cheat is that
2:15   some of the applicants take pictures and publish the test questions,
2:18   that there are people who have been deliberately brought in
2:21   who would take these pictures
2:24   and publish them via WhatsApp.
2:27   But is that even possible at exams for trainees
2:30   in the presence of professional supervisors?
2:33   We do ask everyone to leave all aids and tools at the door,
2:36   but we don’t do body searches,
2:39   so of course I can’t exclude that someone or other
2:42   brings in a cell phone or another type of tool.
2:45   And how true is the accusation that the Berlin Police
2:48   wants to increase the migrant component
2:51   at all costs?
2:54   There is no quota. Not for migrants,
2:57   nor for genders. We employ solely
3:00   based on capability and skill.
3:03   It is a fact that many incidents can be defused
3:06   through the understanding of the culture involved,
3:09   also by knowing the language,
3:12   so the fact that we do need help in that regard,
3:15   is of course the main reason we desire
3:18   to employ migrants. Other than that there is no quota;
3:21   the only thing that counts is skill and competence.
3:24   Lee Roy sees things differently. He says that
3:27   the criteria for these entrance exams are being softened more and more.
3:30   They pull those trainees through because they need the quota.
3:33   We need those people in the streets.
3:36   For ten years we didn’t employ anyone,
3:39   and now they realize we’re soon going to have a huge upswing in pensions,
3:42   and so they take what they can get. You’ll see the consequences
3:45   of this in four or five years on the streets, of what’s happening right now.
3:50   A seasoned police officer rebels against his own leadership.
3:53   Who is right?
3:56   And the question remains: will his criticism be heard,
3:59   and will there be an internal investigation?

7 thoughts on “Exams at the Berlin Police Academy Are Rigged to Favor Migrants

  1. Not quite on topic, but I’m reminded of Grammar (senior) School, when our English teacher (a lovely man) gave us a questionnaire, forgetting that he’d put the answers on the blackboard (can I call it that?) Guess who stuck up his hand to tell him, and was unpopular with most of the class; but he’d soon have realised when everyone got 100%.

    This same master once informed us that an amphibious aircraft was one that could land on water, and yours truly had to point out that it was one that could operate from land or water (eg a Catalina), rather than only water (eg a Sunderland). He took it well, unlike the history teacher who told us jets weren’t used in WW2…

  2. The flaw in their line of thinking is that the “new germans” actually are interested in working.

    On the bright side, those who do decide to go into law enforcement will have an easier time dealing drugs and/or killing infidels in an official capacity. One could ask Justine Damond in Minneapolis how well that worked out for her but she wouldn’t say much because she is dead.

    • In most of their countries of origin, police work is more a job of extortion rather than protection, thus their basic vocation. I’ll never forget the police lieutenant in a town of eastern Morocco I could see from my window: he was a 700$ p.m. man in the seventies, but had an S- class Mercedes that his boys, servants or kids,I ignore, were polishing all day long with camel skin leather cloth they took from a ten-inch-high brand new stack marked with the logo of the german- hence state- railway company. I for one had never seen a thing like this before, nor had any of my schoolmates lawyer-, doctor or ceo fathers a
      luxury car. That was a good and pertinent lesson on mentalities for me.

  3. Why should they need to be given or get the answers in advance? Why on earth should there be any dumbing down? All cultures are equal, aren’t they? How dare anyone suggest that some ethnic groups are, on average, smarter than others?

    • Agree 100% Joe-But they are suggesting it and loudly in the UK where the indigenous peoples are being shunted back all the time into the traiterous actions of successive governments. London is now broadly referred to as Londonstan-you can guess why. Leaving the EU might give us the chance to stop further African/Middle East, Pakistan immigration, and deport the illegals.

  4. Once the elite get on the roller coaster of mass immigration, they’re driven by events. A greater number of immigrants with totally different values and practices requires a stepped-up police presence. But, group identity in a strange environment causes these people to group together politically, giving a huge weight to community “leaders” leveraging their followers for political effect. So, you have a great amount of pressure to hire immigrants, and hope that the tests showing them to be completely unqualified will not be predictive in this case.

    When it blows up in their face, like with Muhammad Noor, the Minneapolis cop from Somalia who shot an unarmed woman from a police car, the politicians try to find the person lower on the totem pole who can be thrown to the wolves. In the case of Noor, it was the police chief, who received a well-deserved firing by the mayor, who also richly deserved to be fired.

    Incidentally, someone wondered if the new Minnesota attorney general, a fervent Muslim, would eventually intervene in the Noor trial to get him off with lesser or no charges. Stay tuned on this.

  5. ” …….. the new Minnesota attorney general, a fervent Muslim ……..”

    Surely I can’t be reading this right. This mushsst be a mishprint. A *muslim* can’t be an *attorney general* in a western democratic nation with everything – the value system, the legal system and so on – that that implies. Muslims do not recognise man-made laws. They might *say* they do but ………… .

    Please, somebody wake me from this bad dream. I want to come back to the real world. I want the nightmare to be over.

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