End of Days?

Yesterday the House of Commons voted on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and overwhelmingly rejected it. What will happen next is not yet clear.

Our English correspondent Seneca III has some thoughts on the subject.

End of Days?

by Seneca III

And so, they are doing it, and are taking the first steps to herd We the People of the UK down the road to perdition. There is no surprise here, because this parliament is the most wretched collection of mendacious self-servers, unconvicted criminals, freeloaders, sexual deviants and morally destitute poseurs assembled in the Palace of Westminster since 1653, and it is no longer material which way or how they vote, abstain, waffle, equivocate, and delay.

For over two years, month after month, day after day they have stood and pontificated, wallowing righteously in a sea of vacuous platitudes and imagined threats whilst dragging the House and the nation into a Slough of Despond deeper than Bunyan himself could have imagined. Most of them cannot even deliver a coherent speech without the use of written texts, and even then the result of their verbal incontinence is painful to the eye and ear of those who have steeled themselves to watch and listen.

History will record them as unfit for any purpose other than their own enrichment and the survival of themselves and their comrades in the Globalist International; they are totally without virtue and ridden with vice — my old dog has more integrity and loyalty than they, even though he also is an inveterate bum sniffer and leg lifter who urinates on everything contrary to his own world view.

Indeed, few of this sordid clan could lie straight on the Rack, never mind present as anything resembling pillars of rectitude. Betrayal is their watchword, and the adulation of their acolytes and (EU) paymasters their bread of life. Moreover, as May & Co signed us up to the UN Migration Pact, then this whole Brexit debacle, however it turns out, will be of no long-term consequence, as global Muslim psychopaths together with feral sub-Saharan primitives will soon flood in to try to finish us off once and for all.

It is now glaringly obvious that We the People are of no consequence to those we have elected to represent us, simply irritants to be ignored after each election day. Thus those who govern are no longer of consequence to us, either, so let us be done with the lot of them and start again no matter how difficult and painful that may be. It will be because there is no solution left to us via the ballot box, and the final resolution will have to be found in the fog and perhaps violent turmoil of their passing.

RIP British parliamentary democracy. In a fit of collective greed and madness it suicided in January 2019. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust it will be, because that is all it became fit for in the end, and a re-set is what we must now initiate.

In closing, I offer us all a gentle allegory from: The Sunlight on the Garden by Louis MacNeice, first and last stanzas. Make what you will of it, for the future must now belong to you. But first you must seize it.

The sunlight on the garden
Hardens and grows cold,
We cannot cage the minute
Within its nets of gold;
When all is told
We cannot beg for pardon…

… And not expecting pardon,
Hardened in heart anew,
But glad to have sat under
Thunder and rain with you,
And grateful too
For sunlight on the garden.

— Seneca III, Middle England, Year Zero.

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15 thoughts on “End of Days?

  1. One of the most magnificent and tragic essays on the current situation that I have read to date. Bravo, Seneca.

  2. In the words of John Paul Jones “Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!”
    Yes be pessimistic Seneca III but there is always hope even in the darkest hour. I see a lot of hope actually …..

    The enemy is exposed in its nakedness and deceit and my guess is the fools in Parliament have awoken a huge monster from the depths. It is better we deal with these traitors now in the present than allow them to delay the inevitable. I have more faith in the people.

    The public anger is like something I have not seen in many years. The elite are living in fantasy. I saw some of this coming anger in Westminster last week. There was physical combat and the Police did not know what to do.

    The anger was terrifying. Imagine that on a national scale? All the “luvvie” rhetoric and virtue signalling will not save these snakes from what is coming down the road for them……

    Yesterday I was condescendingly told “We don’t take to the streets in Britain! We are better than that!” Two seconds later the speaker had her daft blue beret with EU stars around the edge stolen. I could not help laughing until it hurt my ribs!

    Now that is karma! She went to the nearest Police but I think they found it funny too. And it was very funny. She had sported it like some proud trophy. Oh the look of the crestfallen.

    I think an omen indeed.

    • Bishop Guy: I would like to believe in your exhortation. I just wonder, and I mean this sincerely, isn’t it too late? Aren’t you already “replaced” no matter if the propaganda machine stops now or not and Parliament once again becomes a true body for representation of “we the people”? I thought talk of partition and mass deportations among pundits describing potential solutions for Europe were very far afield. I just don’t know any more what to think or what a “solution” might be, What I do know is that supporting the new comers and their large families with welfare generation after generation has empowered this underclass to use their memberships in various groups, ethnicity, religion etc, to wield power over the indigenous people, who still mostly comprise the tax-paying public. The communist economic and cultural Marxist revolutions that have been set in motion will consume the UK, because there is nothing to stop this new underclass from extorting its way to power and then forcing the “natives” to submit. The so-called political class is as Secca says full of opportunists etc. They will continue to think in the short term how to get votes and increase their private fortunes and power. Willing to sell out the patrimony of which they were elected to be guardians of. I have begun to imagine what a great empire will look like once it is transformed like this, and I thought for some reason of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. The buildings may survive, but the culture and people will disappear, and the empire will be just an ordinary place where people live as if frozen in time.

      • Sadly, I agree with you.
        the British people seem unable to stop this.
        So as not to throw too much shade on the UK, the American people are locked in a “play to the death” scenario. It is overwhelmingly true that the American people want no more illegal immigrants into the country. Very powerful forces think otherwise.
        I think it is the same in the UK.

  3. So accurate and comprehensive analysis in just 618 words you have shed a light on the current problems and who causes them. I read the article twice and saved it. How every step and decision are taken against the interests of the native people but benefiting their enemies local and abroad.

    If Macron thinks that he can surrender France and its people to their enemies, he is mistaken. He’s still adolescent and needs to learn the harsh lessons of real life.

    If he believes he can oppress people for ever by strengthening their enemies he sorely is wrong. Macron, read Loius the 16th. Beware of the Ides of Sept.

    We are helpless. RIP

  4. A very good summation by Seneca of the current state of the UK parliament. For the benefit of non-uk residents the link below is an explanation of the pitfall embedded within the Withdrawal Agreement that was voted down on January 15th. What is incredible is that over 200 MP’s voted in favor of this agreement document.


  5. What terrific writing! Too bad I can’t share it on Facebook, where I’ve been given my 7th 30-day ban in the past 1.5 years, for no specified reason. And I can’t share it on Twitter, where I was permabanned a few months back as a hater for posting an anti-burka meme that did not even name a religion. But FWIW, I did post End of Days on Freezoxee.com.

  6. .and virtually every other Western nation has the exact same self serving political class that is so much more enlightened and smarter than the people they ‘serve.’ The rest of us are subjects not citizens.

    Watch Bolsinaro in Brazil very carefully. He is the enemy of all the corrupt elites in government and without, in Latin America as well as Europe, the Commonwealth nations and the US. He was elected by Evangelical Christians who are sick of the rot in their Catholic Church, an organization that is just as arrogant and corrupt as all the Western political classes. As a Catholic who has experienced the corruption personally, I can say this with utter honesty. I pray daily that we get a Pope who will fight the corruption.

  7. While there is no description vile enough for self-serving politicians, my thoughts go to the US Constitution, which specifically constructed the balance-of-powers aspect out of knowledge of the natural corruption of leaders. The balance of powers was designed to check, not to remedy, the greediness and venality of politicians.

    It’s pretty obvious that the best brexit is the hard brexit, with no agreement whatsoever with the EU. It’s equivalent to withdrawing from an addiction cold turkey or just jumping into cold water and getting it over all at once. Britain is better off being entirely clear of the whole mess of rule-writing bureaucracies and pompous, obstructionist, corrupt so-called courts of human justice.

    Part of the hard exit would be that Britain does not recognize the intra-EU rules as binding. That means that England would feel itself free to make bilateral trade deals with other countries and not be concerned with whether the other country was within the EU regulation or not. Leaving the jurisdiction of the court of human justice is no big deal, as it serves mainly to protect Muslims and delay necessary state security operations, like deportation of illegal aliens and criminals.

    If somebody, anybody showed a backbone, the EU would back down from any sanctions almost immediately. England is one of the largest economies in Europe, and any sanctions by the EU bureaucrats would hurt the EU far more than it would hurt England.

    The big problem is that England would experience some irritating, but non-fatal disruption for six to 10 months after the hard Brexit, by which time the now-independent businesses in England will have adjusted to the new conditions of freedom. In the period of chaos, however, some politicians may lost their positions. It’s part of a normal transition process, but this prospect drives them into an absolute panic.

  8. Truly remarkable, how almost every Western Power is now held hostage by elites who bow-down to all that is foreign at the expense of their own, native-born countrymen.

  9. (Blackadder and Baldrick are working on the latter’s application to run for Parliament.)

    Blackadder: And your criminl record?
    Baldrick (proudly): None whatsoever!
    Blackadder: Oh, come on, Baldrick! We’re talking about Parliament here! I’ll just put down “fraud” and “sodomy”.

  10. Before the Referendum, PM Cameron stated that the decision would be made by the British people. Not the government and not the politicians. And the result would be IN or OUT. The traitor May has spent two and a half years trying to keep us in. The legal position, as I understand it, is that on March 29th, Britain will leave the EU. We did not need a “deal” anyway, we simply resigned (or should have done). Should any measures be taken to stop this process, then mayhem WILL result.

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