Grandpa Says: Keep That Money Flowing!

These “German” culture-enrichers think it’s a real laugh riot to have multiple wives who keep whelping out the wee bairns to bring in lots of welfare benefits. There’s nothing like free infidel money to make these youthful grandpas slap their knees in mirth.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Why do you have so many children? —You get child benefits for that. Yes, sir.
00:10   Is this your wife? —Yes. —OK. How is she listed in your cell phone?
00:14   Under which name? —Warning! —Warning?
00:21   Are you serious? —Yes. —Really now? —Yes.
00:24   How old are you Milano? —Nine. —When do we you get your first wife? —At 15.
00:36   Did you teach him that? —Yes, of course. —Really? —Yes.
00:39   You taught him he should have a wife at 15? —I was already married at 14.
00:42   You were married at 14!? —I had my oldest son here at 15. I am 24 now and he’s nine.
00:47   You became a father at 15!? That means if he become a father in six years, that makes
00:52   you a grandpa at 30? —That’s right, grandpa! —That means you’ll
00:55   be swimming in child benefits. —That’s right! Keep it flowing.

9 thoughts on “Grandpa Says: Keep That Money Flowing!

  1. Goes to prove that speaking German doesn’t necessarily mean thinking in German. These parasites don’t have German thoughts. They have the Mohammedan thoughts of the first Mohammedan, Mohammad. “That’s right – Keep it flowing” because screwing over the infidel is always halal. They giggle because deep down, they know it is wrong. Their’s are the giggles of first time criminals who discover that committing crime is fun and easy.

  2. No words for stupidity of Germans to pay from tax money hard working people of Germany ( 2 jobs) and feeding this parasites for life , it’s jyst outrageous , and this tones of kids they pumping like rabbits, absolutely disgusting what is happening in Germany thus days , I guess good tunes are over Germans, keep working like slaves and feed this animals, they can kill a You later ..

  3. Infidels make it easy for Muslims to commit crimes against themselves and grant Muslims their riches and possessions. Infidels feel an itch to turn themselves into dhimmis.

  4. How many generations will it take before all Muslims in Germany become fat and soft off the land of free handouts and forget about their jihad?

    • The state will go bankrupt, their handouts will cease and they will become thin and violent.

  5. The Kaiser hated Jews and allied with the Muslims
    Hitler hated Jews and allied with the Muslims.
    Mutti Merkel ist Kinderlos, hates Israel and welcomes Muslims.

    This goes back a long way. Germany is nutso stupid and has been for a very long time.

  6. Is it any wonder that they think Allah is the greatest? Look at all the free money that he has made the Dhimmis give the true believers. Who are the idiots here? Who is laughing at whom? Even I am laughing. Well done! Allan and Akbar.

  7. Milton Friedman said you can either have a welfare state or an open-borders state, but you can’t have both. I don’t think even Friedman anticipated the massive gaming by Muslims of the welfare systems of the West.

    Like it or hate it, the welfare systems won’t last long under this sort of pressure. They are an example of the tragedy of the commons, by which public resources owned by nobody in particular are massively overused until they are ruined. It’s obvious that leftists and immigrants view the welfare system as a free resource, like air, to be used as needed. And the overuse is not simply a moral flaw: it is built into the availability of a public resource with no owner.

    One thing that kept the welfare system from destroying itself was values and mores held in common. Even among black ghetto welfare dependents, systematic polygamy was not viewed as being particularly desirable: the center of the home was the mother anyway. But Muslims, obviously, view polygamy, on public benefits, to be not only acceptable and desirable, but mandatory.

    The final cherry on this lovely meal is that Islamic sharia contains a specifically Islamic form of welfare and social security. The means that Muslims will pull out of the welfare systems they are doing so much to deplete, as soon as they gain the political power to do so. Pro forma, they say it covers Muslims and non-Muslims. Realistically, they look to Bangladesh as a model, so indeed, everyone gets nothing, if you know what I mean.

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