What Did Arnoud Van Doorn Do To Willie Dille?

Back in August we reported on the suicide of Willie Dille, a local politician in the Netherlands. Before she killed herself, Ms. Dille record a video in which she talked about why she felt she couldn’t go on anymore. The main reason was that she had been gang-raped by a group of Muslims. About the alleged molesters, she had this to say:

After they were finished they said, “Do you respect Muhammad? Do you respect Allah? Do you respect Arnoud?” And then I knew who was behind it. Arnoud van Doorn, who is also in the city council, who was once fired by me as an employee.

The two videos below provide additional information about Arnoud van Doorn. The case is very strange, and it is not at all clear what really happened. I invite you to watch both videos and draw your own conclusions.

The first shows an interview with Arnoud van Doorn, who is a Dutch convert to Islam. The man conducting the interview is Dennis Honing, who is also a convert to Islam. In his questions to Mr. van Doorn, Mr. Honing seems to be trying to induce his interlocutor to admit that yes, he indeed had something to do with an assault on Willie Dille that prompted her suicide.

Many thanks to C for both translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video features a rent boy who claims to have had intimate encounters with Arnoud van Doorn. Another man from the gay scene confirms that Mr. van Doorn was seen in the company of the youngster:

Make of all this what you will — I can’t tell what game is being played by whom in these videos.

Video transcript #1:

02:00   So, here we are. Two converts, in the right-wing lion’s den. —Exactly.
02:06   What I wanted to start with, to get straight to the point…
02:11   This year the name Arnoud van Doorn was associated with the madam van Dille story. —Yes.
02:16   The lady allegedly was suffering from a depression since March 17, she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a group of Muslims…
02:23   An odd qualification, no specific ethnic description, just “a group of Muslims”. —Yes, probably converts…
02:28   I found Muslims… it’s fine to read that in reports, but… she offed herself, to put it bluntly. —Yes, that’s correct.
02:40   She said “I was sexually assaulted by a group, and they were sent by Arnoud van Doorn”. —Yes
02:46   How did you feel when you read that?
02:49   Well, honestly, when the press made a big fuss about it, in the silly season, in the middle of summer,
02:55   I was on holiday, I’d been in Morocco for six weeks, somewhere in the Atlas…
03:00   high up in the mountains, with little internet access. So I missed most of it. I got a WhatsApp every now and then…
03:09   You have no signal there, so you go down the mountain for wifi…
03:14   Yes, I got a message now and then, asking what was going on. I had no idea, I thought it was a joke.
03:21   Not such a funny joke I thought, but it turned out to be real.
03:25   Bizarre news. Putting aside the question what’s true or not…
03:33   I, as man in the street, reads the news: “Woman claims sexual assault by Muslims, Arnoud van Doorn”…
03:38   it is… lying and cheating or dressing something up, we all do that. But whatever it is…
03:46   Well, what you could maybe say, if your hate is so deep that it leads to self-destruction, that you’re literally consumed by hate,
03:57   then you may act in unexpected ways. I could quote Islamic wisdom, but I’d better not…
04:05   I’ve experienced many things over the years. At the point where I thought “this is as crazy as it gets,” crazier things would happen.
04:14   But … you can’t make this up.
04:20   I read an article, and I thought, what is this? It’s so different from the conflicts on Twitter etc, what we do nowadays…
04:29   One calls the other Russophile, Europhile, but here we have a woman who says a group of Muslims sexually assaulted her…
04:36   and then she ends her life. If you read this in a novel, you’d think the author lost the plot, it’s too far-fetched.
04:47   But I read about a group of kids who supposedly harassed her, sexually assaulted her.
04:52   So I thought to myself, the first thing you think of is penetration, don’t think of that, think of a group of kids touching, groping, threatening.
04:59   I heard from a brother “I saw Arnoud van Doorn in Utrecht, in a restaurant, surrounded by Moroccan youth.”
05:07   Ok, heard it, that can happen.
05:11   You’ve gained a lot of popularity, you converted and left the PVV. For some you are the great enemy…
05:17   it’s almost as if, in the communist world, Hitler were to turn vegetarian…
05:22   Hitler was vegetarian. —Ok. I don’t know the man that well, don’t know what he ate…
05:30   But imagine, Hitler turns Buddhist. Apparently he was already vegetarian…
05:36   I had to think of something different. You exposed my lack of knowledge of Hitler, that’s Dutch education for you.
05:42   But imagine he’d turn Buddhist, that would create lots of waves. —Yes.
05:46   And that leads Moroccan youth, Muslim youth in general, who often don’t feel heard…
05:53   and feel pressured from critical entities, like PVV, like [blog] GeenStijl.
05:59   and then somebody from “them” who becomes one of us.
06:03   That gives an aura… almost like Muhammad Ali, for those people.
06:11   Because the PVV is of course the mother lode of Islam-criticism. — Sort of “Arnoud X”, so to say. Yes. yes.
06:17   You’re modest… —Well, you bring it up, I just finish what you’re saying. No problem.
06:26   I was here in [Muslim area] Bos en Lommer, I enter a supermarket, another Moroccan kid, he asks me if I’m a convert.
06:31   Yes I’m a convert. he says “Do you know Arnoud van Doorn?” I tell him I can’t deny that…
06:35   Yes, I know him personally, see him regularly, I’ll see him this week. And when I read the news [of the suicide], I thought “that must have been one from that [rape] group, of course.”
06:42   I read that and thought to myself, “Imagine, whether planned or by accident, there’s a group of fans, the same guys…
06:51   who fill the juvenile prisons if they’re not religious, and they are the largest ethnic group of travellers [to Syria].” I should say converts are a close second…
07:02   What is that, that group, is that maybe a private militia? —No!
07:08   That maybe goes too far. Maybe you tell them, that Dille woman… —“She’s so troublesome, she has to be dealt with,”
07:16   It could just happen to be that you say, “She elbowed me out of politics,” so they think, “Well, to do him a favor…” —“We’ll have a little chat with that lady.”
07:27   A short chat or a long chat, but in any case… a “good” chat. —That’s the hypothesis that occurred to me. Was that the case?
07:37   Well, what do you think? —I ask you if it’s possible?
07:40   Well, of course it’s not the case that as a convert you can just rally a group of Muslims and say “You know what…
07:47   that lady or gentleman annoys me so much. You know what, give them a good beating and they’ll learn.” I wish that were true. —And by accident?
07:56   By accident… I find that a bizarre… Look, there are of course several options.
08:05   I’ve watched the video a few times. I’ve worked as a youth counselor, I’ve worked in youth psychiatry as well.
08:12   I’m not a psychiatrist; I can’t make a formal diagnosis. But if you watch the lady, analyse the movie, like others have done,
08:19   you can’t deny that that lady is under influence of medication, or is in a certain psychological state… maybe a psychotic break, or a combination of both…
08:28   or somewhat drugged. Then you can’t take it seriously.
08:34   Which doesn’t exclude the possibility that it happened. — You have to consider that possibility.
08:41   Somebody who is psychotic… —Can be triggered by something, right? Uhm…
08:45   What I find remarkable is, it turns out that a year ago, she attempted suicide, a few weeks before the successful suicide, if I can use that word.
08:56   Was that live-streamed, was it recorded, the first attempt?
09:01   No, I know nothing about that. We had a briefing from the mayor, she discussed the timeline, the conversations she had with Madame Dille…
09:10   she indicated there were several attempts.
09:14   In case of a psychosis that’s odd, because that “oscillates”, you don’t have a year in between, then suddenly a period, and two weeks later you attempt suicide again.
09:24   That’s hard to believe. But it may be true she didn’t make it all up.
09:30   Maybe she was threatened, I don’t exclude that possibility. That happens often in politics, unfortunately, it happens to me too.
09:35   Maybe she was assaulted, maybe she was even raped, I don’t know.
09:40   And you could even go so far as to believe that people were involved who mentioned my name. I don’t know.
09:47   Your last sentence… before you used the word bizarre, now I think you’re being realistic. —But it is bizarre.
09:54   When I read this, I don’t have to think you were the mastermind. I keep all options open.
09:59   I used to hang out with guys who shake their own newborn babies to death. [Jihad-recruiter Rudolph Holierhoek a.k.a. Abu Sa’id, son of a judge. Sentenced to two years.]
10:06   I know. —So I have to keep all options open. But it could also have been by accident.
10:09   It could be you said “Well, guys, that lady… let me tell you an anecdote about my work”… —I don’t know if politicians are supposed to keep quiet about work, like doctors…
10:17   Anyhow… That was a person who often directed snide remarks at me at the water-cooler, who wanted passed me over, who had the deepest hate for us [Muslims] of all of them…
10:27   and that one of those guys thinks, “Well, let’s do something about that.” —I think you’re underestimating my professionalism. Look…
10:33   you have to be able to separate political debate from physical life, let me put it that way.
10:39   Look, in debates we can attack each other mercilessly, we can even do that in an interview like this. We can deeply disagree, but
10:47   outside of that context, you have to be able to have a normal interaction. You don’t have to visit each other and drink coffee,
10:54   but at least shake each other’s hand, keep the elevator door open.
10:59   Everyday things, “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” that’s part of it, when dealing with political opponents. At least, I think it should be like that.
11:06   So you’re supposed to keep the two separate. I do not know hate. I feel revulsion towards certain people, and certainly towards political opinions,
11:15   but in general, people who express a certain opinion, it’s not something intrinsic, you know?
11:21   So you were on that mountain… I ask you, Madame Dille, that whole situation, that was the most remarkable thing that happened to you this year…
11:29   I’d have preferred that you’d made a balloon flight around the world… —That’s on my bucket list, not around the world, but a balloon flight, yes.
11:36   So… I ask you… you’re saying, “I’m on a mountain, it’s all strange, extreme, bizarre, how is that possible.” It comes across as casual, as if it has nothing to do with you.
11:48   I understand this if you think deep inside, “I really had nothing to do with this. We get so much criticism already, I’m tired of this.”
11:55   On the other had you could also think, on that mountain “S***, let me reconstruct everything. Did I ever say, to some pimply youth,
12:03   this was the party, this was my life,” whatever. So that they became… not exactly your “long arm”, but an eager prosthetic limb.
12:12   Yes, haha, a nice metaphor.
12:15   You could be accused of… and I propose this hypothesis too, that you say “Get rid of that person”, so to say. That’s possible…
12:21   I could go home now, and maybe I have a massive marijuana plantation, maybe I torture my neighbor, everything is possible.
12:26   What’s the question is here, that prosthetic limb… Is that possible? Didn’t you think on that mountain: “Gee, those kids that look up to me, we all know there’s a ruthless part of pubescent Islamic Dutch society,
12:38   We see them rage at multicultural [meetings?], what they yell leaves little to the imagination.” Did you never think “Ooh, could it be that…”
12:46   Look, you can’t exclude anything. Of course, I had intense debates with people. But again, this is about people…
12:56   again, you have to make that distinction. Of course we had… look…
13:00   I’ll be very honest, I didn’t shed a tear. I find it regrettable what happened. It’s sad for the family, the children. It’s too bad for her husband, family, friends…
13:10   Personally, I found her a very unpleasant lady, I didn’t shed a tear.
13:16   A statement like that… if there were a 20-year-old guy at the table here who is angry at society and his role model, a converted PVV politician, a halal PVV member, says, “I didn’t shed a tear,” that must be a real witch.
13:29   Could that have set things in motion? —That’d be crocodile tears, if I were to do that.
13:33   I didn’t go to the remembrance, you know, where everybody is…
13:40   The whole council always denounced her, because she was a bigot and a hater.
13:44   But at the eulogy everybody says “fantastic colleague”, tears in the eyes, and a speech from the mayor… “an example for society”, and she was called a warm personality who made great contributions, and I thought…
13:54   that charade, I’ll pass. So I had a coffee with my colleagues, and when the charade was over we joined the council again and did our job. It was just a regular council meeting.
14:05   But I mean… I don’t want to participate in that hypocrisy.
14:12   I can imagine, funerals are often like that too. But at the same time it’s a form of respect, even if you fake it.
14:19   Look, 4 May [WWII Remembrance day], some people may think, the wind is rather cold. Or maybe “it’s so quiet”.
14:24   It’s a sign of respect to do it, it’s called paying your last respects…
14:28   Could it be that your being down-to-earth, and saying “Such a charade, it was really a bigoted woman and everybody knew it.”
14:34   Could that lead to a domino effect with a “challenged”, “less nuanced” man, woman who looks up to you?
14:41   Could kids be fan of yours? —Look, that can always happen, of course. But what people appreciate in me is my authenticity, of course. I won’t fake…
14:56   I’m not going to tone it down in debates or on social media because maybe somebody who is somewhat unstable might be triggered to do something.
15:11   You’d really be imposing censorship on yourself, silencing yourself…
15:17   You’d become a regular slick, media-trained politician…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Arnoud van Doorn calls you a vindictive riot poof. Do you have an axe to grind with him?
00:05   No, on the contrary, I think he’s a nice guy. —Where do you know him from? —I know him from
00:10   the PVV. We exchanged phone numbers, we went to gay bars together.
00:16   I slept at his place a few times; we shared a bed. He stayed at my place once.
00:20   Donny constantly followed Arnoud around, when he started out at the PVV.
00:24   They know each other well, I’ve witnessed that, yes.
00:28   He trusted me, as a good friend. That’s how I found out he was gay. Or at least bisexual.
00:36   Why did you go public with this? Because van Doorn said in the media
00:40   that homosexuality shouldn’t be promoted.
00:43   That it’s not something that should be accepted as normal. A strange thing
00:46   to say for somebody who is attracted to men.
00:49   He told me at the time he’d had sex with young guys.
00:52   and we went out to “En suite” in Utrecht once.
00:56   where he hooked up with young guys. That’s not so difficult in the gay scene, so…
01:03   Did you see it? —Yes, I saw him kiss with young guys.
01:07   I could join you and go to a gay club too, and not do anything. Yes, but I could see
01:11   he did something. —So what did he do?
01:14   Kiss with a young guy. Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
01:19   Have you ever had sex with him? —He propositioned me once,
01:23   but he was over 40 and I was a minor at the time.
01:27   He offered €100, but I thought, well, this is going too far.
01:30   Somehow he always had an entourage of kids around him, and people found that questionable.
01:35   Also my colleagues from the PVV, I don’t think you can find anybody
01:38   who’d deny it, except Arnoud van Doorn himself.
01:41   We called Arnoud van Doorn, SMSed, and waited at his door, but he refuses to comment. I’m going to
01:46   drop by a market where he’s handing out flyers, together with an old acquaintance of his.
01:51   You don’t recognize him? You don’t know him?
01:56   What are you doing, are you mocking people? —Mr van Doorn, you wanted sex from this guy for money.
02:03   What is your reaction? —Guys, don’t be ridiculous, please.
02:06   So it’s not true? —Of course not, get out of here. Why would this guy claim that, then,
02:09   that you offered him money? —No idea; I don’t know him.
02:12   You don’t recognize me? We’ve had [online] contact!
02:15   You’ve even had contact with this guy, it’s on Facebook!
02:18   Yes, he was part of a club, a volunteer for the PVV, I think I know him from that period.
02:22   Now you suddenly remember him? —I think he handed out flyers for us, besides that I don’t know him.
02:26   I think many riot poof-types are angry about our [Muslim party’s] position regarding gay rights.
02:32   So be it, there’s nothing I can do about that. —But you didn’t sleep in one bed with him?
02:35   Of course not, that’s too crazy for words. —Did he, did he offer you money?
02:39   He offered me €100 for sex, on two occasions.
02:42   So you keep denying? —Where did you get these people from? Where did you get these people from?

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  1. Rampant homosexuality and Islam are inextricably linked. When one considers their practice of treating women as valuable trade goods for sale or exchange in a chaste condition it is in a way unsurprising that boys and animals become the first fall back position of rampant males.

    Their second fall back position is the incessant rape of non-Muslim girls and women as is mandated and sanctioned by the Quran for obvious reasons – the brutal UK rape gangs and the ISIS enslavers illustrate this without any doubt whatsoever. Islam is fourteen century long plague on the face of humanity, a virulent human pathogen that leaves the Black Death looking like a brief bout of minor infection.

    • Yes, the smallpox of the mind. Requiring a worldwide campaign of eradication. The World Health Organization should be working on it, but…

    • Seneca III.

      Please be more specific: not homosexuality between adults, but pederasty. Love relations between adult men are condemned in Islam (as is, indeed, any kind of love), and such lovers are executed. What is accepted is man-boy pedophile practices. This, perhaps, is an important reason why van Doorn chose to convert to this faith. Cf. this passage from the above interview with the rent boy:

      “Have you ever had sex with him?”
      “He propositioned me once, but he was over 40 and I was a minor at the time. He offered €100, but I thought, well, this is going too far. Somehow he always had an entourage of kids around him, and people found that questionable.”

      “People” presumably meaning the non-Muslim homosexual community. So van Doorn would have to seek another social context where his perversion would be accepted.

      There is a world of difference between homosexual love between consenting adults and pederasty.

  2. We are all wasting time.

    Our children are being indoctrinated to vote against us today. Tomorrow will be too late!

    If we try to stop Islam we may not win but we will have reputations with men and with God. We may even meet our children in heaven. If we keep sitting on our hands, we will soon have nothing but anarchy, atheism, socialism and Sharia.

  3. Lying (to oneself, others) is endemic to homosexuality, regardless of its degree of social or legal acceptance. One reason why homosexuals should not be given leadership roles in politics – or the Church.

    • I’m puzzled by your assertation, Stephen. I’ve known quite a few gay people, and had some as friends, and not found them less honest than anyone else.

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