Suicide by Islam

The following video is the final message from a Dutch woman named Willie Dille, who committed suicide shortly after recording this video. Ms. Dille was a city council member in The Hague for the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV).

Significantly, she names as the instigator of her gang-rape an ethnic Dutch politician, Arnoud van Doorn, evidently a convert to Islam. Mr. Doorn allegedly arranged the attacks and threats as a method of political intimidation.

Her death was reported as a suicide, and then a rumor went around that she had been murdered. However, as far as I know, she really did kill herself (which is more than understandable, given the dire circumstances in her life).

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (Note: Pauline Krikke is the mayor of The Hague):

Video transcript:

0:00   Hello, I am Willie Dille. I am a PVV politician.
0:08   I just want the world to know the truth.
0:12   15 May — 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped, abused by a group of Muslims
0:20   because they wanted me to keep my mouth shut in the Hague city council.
0:25   After they were finished they said, ‘Do you respect Muhammad?
0:28   Do you respect Allah? Do you respect Arnoud?’
0:31   And then I knew who was behind it.
0:34   Arnoud van Doorn, who is also in the city council, who was once fired by me as an employee.
0:40   He hates me intensely, he’s also a terrible man.
0:44   After it happened I didn’t tell anyone, I just held my debates the next day.
0:49   The only thing that changed from that moment on is that I have never felt free.
0:59   On 23 October I erupted because an anonymous complaint was received
1:04   through the mayor that I wasn’t living in the house in Ypenburg.
1:13   That was also via the Party of Unity, via Arnoud.
1:19   The mayor investigated it, even while she knew exactly what the situation was.
1:24   Since then I have been massively let down.
1:27   The threats are just increasing and nobody does anything.
1:31   Last week it got worse, and I was stopped in Ypenburg by two Moroccans in a car who said:
1:40   ‘We’re going to cut your throat slowly soon.
1:44   We’ll let you bleed to death. Because you continue to fight against Islam, it’s necessary.’
1:50   But people do not notice that.
1:53   Now, this afternoon it happened again, while I was busy with something else,
1:57   while I was walking with a child, again the same, yes, you know.
2:01   I’m just afraid that they will get my children, my guests.
2:06   I can’t live with that. But I want the fight against Islam to continue.
2:09   It is such an intrinsically bad thing.
2:12   They don’t think women are anything at all. They do not like us at all.
2:15   They want freedom of speech to be restricted.
2:18   Only after all that has happened will they be happy. I can’t do that.
2:22   I must continue to fight, but if I continue to fight as a politician my family is in danger.
2:29   So if I’m going to die then it’s only that way. I can’t handle it with my family.
2:34   So that’s why I decided to quit.
2:37   I want everyone to know that the police in the Netherlands
2:40   are totally failing and that Pauline Krikke has just failed.
2:43   Furthermore, I want to… again apologize to my family, but I just can’t take it any longer.

40 thoughts on “Suicide by Islam

  1. Did she report the kidnapping and rape to the police? If she did, did the police refuse to investigate or even write a report?

    This is horrible.

    • Reportedly she did not inform the police of these alleged crimes.
      Which muddies the waters unfortunately and as it’s already politicised, not least because of the accusation it was a reprehensible form of political intimidation, getting straight answers looks unlikely.
      “Dille did not file a formal complaint about the alleged violent crimes, though she was given the opportunity to do so, a police spokesperson told AD. Authorities said they reached out to her several times to investigate her accusations, and to offer her victim services, but no complaint and no evidence there was little investigators could do.”

      • Small correction, she was an ex-MP. Left Parliament in 2012, was active in the Hague’s city council after that.

        Police says she didn’t file charges, but she did talk to them about the alleged rape. There wasn’t enough to start a case, according to the DA.

        The man she claims was behind it, Arnoud van Doorn, is indeed a nasty piece of work. Did time for selling drugs to minors and possession of a firearm. Converted in the As Soennah mosque (the Hague), a salafist hotbed. Suddenly drove around in expensive cars. Has ties with Qatar and Kuwait, and the Saudi royal house. Mediator between mosques and donors worldwide, a kind of glorified money mule. Says he wants less transparency when it comes to funding: “we want to be more shady”. A short expose (in dutch):

      • I know all too well, how this “not totally official” position of the police is happening… It was in fashion in socialist Hungary, when the commies were still in power and someone wanted to report a “comrade” doing something inappropriate.

    • Actually it is. It started off by GeenStijl ridiculing her. That was just before her death, or very close following it. That article was written before GeenStijl could have heard she was dead. If this article was written before she ended her life, GeenStijl may very well be guilty of complicity.

      After news came out about her death, the usual happened. Left wing loonies cheer. They find they air they can breathe but not Willie so much cleaner. Imagine how clean the air will be without Wilders or Baudet polluting it?

      The mayor (Krikke) first denied everything, now demands a full investigation. Same for the police. There won’t be an investigation, more likely a cover-up. Arnoud van Doorn (a Dutch muslim (=NSBer)) is mentioned as perpetrator or mastermind behind her rape. Which I tend to find possible. That is too much of a skeleton to let out of the municipal cupboard.

  2. Fox news Europe, Greg Norman reported: among other gems, Police also told the AD newspaper that Dille never made a formal complaint to them about the alleged attack.

    We offered her help and said we need a formal complaint and concrete evidence to start an investigation. But she did not make a formal complaint and we did not get any concrete information to enable us to launch an inquiry,” spokesperson Hilde Vijverberg said, according to Dutch News.

    That is what I have just read, it may be about as good as I can get without speaking Dutch.

    I believe it possible that the police could have guided her through the formalities if they had wanted to.

    • It is strange that someone who’s anti-immigrant, then gets kidnapped and gang raped by immigrants wouldn’t be screaming this attack from the roof tops from the moment it happened.
      Perhaps there is a shock value at play here, but it seems strange to me that she didn’t seek help from her party and make a formal complaint. She was in the right place to do this so leaving it until her suicide video just doesn’t quite sound right to me.

      • She was in shock and never had the chance to move past it. Gang rape is far more destructive than most people can appreciate, but the post- g.r. suicide rate must be quite high. Especially when the environment around you is so hostile.

        Remember the girl/woman in Sweden who was (gang?) raped and afterwards begged for help but no one came to her aid because they told her she was filthy with blood and sperm?

        • Emphasis, I believe it possible that the police could have helped her through the formalities, if they had wanted to. The Hague is a large city and not without resources.

          • Naive, well, that is possible. I hope I was politely suggesting that the police did not wish to help. Less politely, I think it likely that high ranking political people in the Hague were no more willing to help this lady than were high ranking people in Rotherham to help the young girls of their city.

          • In which case I misunderstood your comment, I thought you genuily believe the officers are allowed to do their job properly 🙂

  3. Oh yes, one more thing: her suicide was on Weds, 8 Aug, 2018, according to the same article.

  4. Lots of rape victims knowing the low rate of convictions and the character assassination to which they will be subjected by the perps’ lawyers, feel that the whole process is so abusive ,the chance of justice so remote, that they would rather not go through the legal process.

    Secondly she was threatened and told her children would be next if she laid charges.
    That is the strongest reason of all for keeping silent.

  5. She should have gotten the same protection that Geert Wilders receives. She could have asked for asylum. But I can understand her despair. The Hordes of Hell are marching, as was Prophecies some 30 years ago.

  6. It is stories like this that make us realize just how hopeless things are in Europe and the Netherlands. The politicians and other Soros puppets, as well as Soros himself, who are responsible for bringing in the Muslim barbarians, should be tried for crimes against humanity, and hung in the public square.

    Now they want to finish the job and kill Tommy Robinson. The British Government isn’t even pretending anymore. They have more or less announced it. Time for Tommy to take his family out of that hell hole and seek political asylum in the US.

    If he doesn’t, it will be more than political suicide.

    • The U.K. and the U.S. have extradition treaties in place. He’d be hunted down here – besides, how would he get out to begin with?

      If he has to go, which I don’t think he does, he’d be better off in a country which understands political persecution and would honor his request for asylum.

  7. She feared the torture and rape of Muslim barbarians more than she feared death. She knew her government would not protect her because she had seen its lack of action in all things Muslim. A victim of political correctness.

  8. Strange, yet pathetic at the same time.

    Slitting van Doorn’s throat at a cabinet meeting (AFTER a formal complaint) would have been a MUCH better and public protest.

    Too bad–MUCH more has been asked of teenage men in war (yes, this is war) in years past. Wymen–not so much. Maybe it’s time.

    • It sounds like you’re saying that wymen should sacrifice themselves in war by submitting to rape?? How about they just enlist, like they’re doing now (though I don’t believe they belong in mixed squads. The military ought to be segregated by gender, just to keep things cohesive).

      • I think he meant that van Doorn’s should have been sent to his moon god at a public meeting by Mrs. Dille and that would have brought much needed attention to the case.

        • But that is a large part of the point of what she did. Women go mad, men get even. That’s a generalization, but it’s true that many women just shut down after being massively attacked and then shunned.

          Men and women do not process trauma in the same way. To expect a woman to ‘feel’ some masculine righteous rage is to misunderstand the differences between them.

          • It’s was too much perhaps to expect her to kill van Doorn ,but her husband or son if she has one and if either have the opportunity should.

          • That’s why ‘ol Sam Colt invented his little revolver thingy–so as to empower the weak.
            For van Doorn, a sharpened knitting needle six inches deep in the ear canal would suffice–and not be so bloody.
            This is WAR, boys and girls. Time to accept it and act accordingly.

    • Flintlock.

      I don’t think that much more has been asked of men/boys in war.

      I would (to misquote Euripides’ Medea) rather go ten times to war than be raped once. Facing death and killing others is tough, but not so tough as to be defiled sexually. I do not say this lightly. I know what it means to go to war.

      Research among torture victims show that sexual torture is the hardest to recover from; and that people who have been sexually tortured as children cannot be healed.

      This victim was an adult, but I get why she broke. It is not ‘pathetic’ to realize when your strength is spent and to act rationally on this realization. Basically, she took her own life in order to protect her children against the same degradation she had suffered. This also is a form of courage. She took the bullet for them…

      I once read a story about a Native American warrior who was captured by an enemy tribe and tortured to force information from him. After some days, he realized one evening that his endurance was spent, and that he would betray anyone and anything the next day if this agony continued. So to save his tribe from treason, he bit through his own wrists and died.

      Is this pathetic, or is it having the courage to take responsibility for your own limits?

      In addition, a politician’s suicide will make yet more people consider just how dangerous islam has become. So she is fighting on by her action.

      I would not consider this woman any less brave than the soldiers who – also – give their own lives to spare others…

      Finally, I disagree with your repugnant suggestion that she would have done better to behave like a jihadi and slit the perpetrator’s throat at a cabinet meeting. One of islam’s main roads to victory is to morally corrupt all around it, making its opponents become like itself and thus lose what they were fighting for. This always plays into the devil’s hands.

      This lady did better than that. As Tommy Robinson does better. He has become far more threatening to the planned islamic takeover by fighting on a purely spiritual level. He demonstrates the superiority of traditional Western (Christian) values for all to see. He strikes terror in the hearts of Muslims, not by violence, but by speaking the truth. The truth is what will ultimately defeat islam, which is dependent on lies and constant cover-up.

      Ps. What Medea originally said in the play was that she would rather go to the battlefield a number of times than give birth once. She was reminding men that they too often forget an uncomfortable fact: that women face death every time they give birth. In most parts of the world, it is still every fifth woman who dies in this way. It is a horrific death. Slow and painful: the body torn apart from the inside. Like in the movie “Alien”.

      This is the original reason why only men are drafted. Women put themselves in mortal danger for the human race to continue… They have done their bit.

      For this reason alone, dismissing women as lacking in courage is ridiculous. It is too easy to forget a danger that one never has to face.

  9. What ever the truth of this video and I am inclined to believe
    This poor tormented woman, my thoughts are with her family
    And friends.

    If the leftist idiots are celebrating this tragic event as a victory
    They truly have no souls.

    God bless her and keep her.

    • She looked dead already in the video – hopeless, despairing, empty-eyed. And not the kind of deadness one sees in a follower of the religion of peace, where the capacity for human empathy, for love and compassion, for simple fun, have been quenched (perhaps were never present). No, it is the look of someone who DID know how to love and show compassion and empathy, and a love for life, but these had been ripped brutally and mercilessly from her. She was clearly broken, psychologically and spiritually. As you say, may God have mercy – truly – on her tormented soul and heal her.

  10. This is beyond appalling. We are western states. The Islamic State, its laws – The Sharia, have been at war w/ all non Islamic States for 1300 yrs since its inception 1400+ yrs ago. If somebody is from The Islamic State monoculture of Bedouin Supremacism, or if they convert to Bedouin Supremacism, they belong to The Islamic State, as all Bedouin Supremacists must only obey The Sharia, not Western State democratic laws.

    Contemporary WWIII was officially declared upon all western states on 9/11, 2001, by Islamic States Bedouin Supremacists in accordance w/ The Sharia, by Jihadists of Blood/Sword. All Bedouin Supremacists are under obligation to practice at least one type of jihad in order to overthrow all Western States & nonIslamic States. It is ridiculous to keep allowing Bedouin Supremacism to be practiced under the guise of freedom of religion. This is further aided by people STILL referring to Islamic State Bedouin Supremacists as Moslems. This stops the open discussion – there’s no debate- all BedouinSupremacists belong to the Islamic States, & follow its Sharias, & must always be repatriated to other Islamic States where they can pray for all our deaths freely.

    Terrorism! [A word with which I disagree.] We’re not engaged w/ groups such as the former IRA. This is at least 6 types of archaic jihad. To misname this as terrorism means we are going to become Islamic States, as long as it’s done w/out the jihad of Sword, jihad of sex, jihad of finance etc, etc, will enable to this to occur.

    Get it together folks. Start acknowledging that all Islamic States Bedouin Supremacists are at war w/ us, & we have to start throwing them out. Those that are caught practising any of the jihad types go straight to a military court. It’s jihad of finance to allow them to get put through our domestic courts when it is a crime to be a member of the Islamic States.

    I complained to the Sydney police about the frequent sexual assaults I’ve suffered over the yrs at the hands of Bedouin Supremacists: the female officer trivialised the matter & told me it’s not as bad as I think & told me to go to the mental hospital, for treatment. I’ve also been a victim of jihad of the Turk caliphate in Adelaide, who stole my home & killed my 91 yr old mother by throwing her out in the street at 10 pm at night & changing the locks on my home. The police did nothing.

  11. “Only after all that has happened will they be happy.”

    Not true. These people are never happy. Unquenchable blood lust.

  12. I find it perfectly understandable why she was so reluctant to report this incident. Literally, thousands of children in the United Kingdom, over the last 2 decades were groomed, raped and many pimped out by mainly Pakistani Muslim men. Many of the parents, and many children themselves, reported to the police how they were being drugged and raped by these men but were basically told to clear off. God forbid the English police would protect young girls for fear of being called a racist, or worse, Islamaphobic. If they would not believe children 13 and up, why would they believe her?

    You are dealing with a country that still has a politician who cannot stay in the same place 2 nights running for legitimate fear of being murdered. Her main concern was not for herself but for her family. What is happening in many, many countries across Europe is abhorrent. Left-leaning or not, just how can the many of the indigenous people, (and politicians,) turn a blind eye to the downward spiral Europe now finds itself it due to their rabid appeasement to Islam.

  13. My Goodness! How long you dutch will afford living in muslim’s fear. Buy a gun! Know how to handle them. And protect your lives by [intemperate recommendation redacted] who attempt against you. It’s enough with correct politics.

  14. What we do know for a fact is that politicians who dare speak out in the Netherlands, will be persecuted, hounded and utterly deserted by state authorities.

    Pim Fortuin, a highly respected Professor and an independently oriented politician was an eloquent critic of Islam. The party he led received 17% of the seats in parliament and could have become a leading force. Fortuin was assassinated in the Dutch national elections in 2002.

    Fortuin’s killer, Volker van der Graaf declared “I did this for the Muslim people“. Nevertheless, the courts established that van der Graaf was an animal rights activist, providing a bizarre though highly implausible motive for the murder, and Dutch police found that van der Graaf was mentally ill. This did not interfere with discharging van der Graaf from prison, after 12 years only. Meanwhile the files of the murder case have been sealed by the police. Newspapers reporting on the matter were fined in court.

    Geert Wilders’ life has become a social hell. Forced to live in high security prison tracts, exchanging his place of rest every night for his own safety, he is ridiculed and ostracized. His security detail includes agents of Moroccan origins. Last year it became known the agents sold his information about his whereabouts to Moroccan criminal gangs. Wilder is not safe.

    Wilders’ own attorney for the defense, Bram Moskowicz, the brilliant legal expert who represented Wilders during the sham kangaroo trials for several years, has been persecuted by the legal establishment. Finally, Moskowicz was disbarred for flimsy reasons and driven into bankruptcy.

    Dutch police have been studiously inept at protecting against Muslim terror. End of 2017, a ‘Syrian-Palestinian’ (sic) went berserk with a baseball bat smashing about the Kosher Jewish restaurant HaCarmel shouting Allahu Akbar, while two policemen of Moroccan extraction passively looked on. Police apparently had been forewarned a couple of weeks earlier, but did nothing. Saleh A was eventually sentenced to 42 days in jail, but released immediately. He was diagnosed as mentally ill, the police still cannot provide a motive for his offense. In the meantime, the restaurant was vandalized two more times, this year.

    Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali was another politician critical of Islam. Within intervals, the government undertook to withdraw her citizenship then have it restored, then they withdrew her security detail, then it was restored, then they deliberated withdrawal again. Finally, she had enough and left for the US.

    Fortuin, Wilders and Hirsi Ali achieved a certain prominent profile. Yet even these calibers of international format have been forsaken by their government. But a mere local politician could not credibly expect to receive any meaningful protection.

  15. Friends, do you have any info reg. the means of the suicide? (Pills, cutting, gun, etc.?)
    We are discussing this with my wife … concluding that in a country with armed citizens, the right way to end it would by the LAST shot…

  16. To anyone pondering about how rape victims deal with the situation, there’s a documentary somewhere on youtube, I believe it’s by BBC and unfortunately I don’t remember the name, but the “main character” is a woman that’s been raped by a migrant on her way home from the pub. She didn’t remember many details because she was drunk, but she was sore, there were hemorrages on the inside of her throat and sperm found on her clothes, yet the police wasn’t too keen on doing anything. Luckily the perpetrator was eventually found and sentences. And his whole family was patrolling the court, hoping to get a glimpse of the victim and drag her (luckily, her lawyer was rather sentisive and had her stay away from the court). Other cases are mentioned and the victim speaks of some of the hopelessness when nobody believes her during much of the process. Now imagine how much worse it must be if it’s a brutal gangrape. And how much worse that must be if it’s done to scare you as a political opponent. There’s a long line of polititians and others that should’ve gotten the Mussolini treatment a long time ago for doing that to Europeans.

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