“The Only Goal of the EU is a Communist State”

For the past week we’ve been posting about the Communist origins of the European Union, and in particular the Italian Communist Altiero Spinelli, whose Ventotene Manifesto became the single most inspirational document for the architects of what eventually became the EU.

The video below concerns a recent EU document called the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” which drew heavily on the Ventotene Manifesto. It was recorded by the same Polish commentator who produced the previous two videos.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Roman Declaration and the White Paper of the EU [in Polish called the White Book of the EU]
00:05   On March 25 2017 in Rome the leaders of 27 member states, [the members]
00:16   of the European Council, of the European Parliament
00:20   and the European Commission signed a declaration. It’s a three-page document containing a series
00:28   of empty platitudes, repeated since forever and ad nauseam,
00:32   not even deserving real attention,
00:36   because they have no consequences whatsoever.
00:40   I would however like to fill in the blank in the series —
00:44   which I started with a video more than a year and a half ago
00:48   dedicated to Altiero Spinelli and the project of the new Europe —
00:52   and to mention another, much more important
00:56   document, which preceded the Roman Declaration:
01:00   The White Paper [White Book] of the European Union.
01:04   Well, on March 1 2017, three weeks
01:08   before the signing of the above-mentioned declaration, the European Commission
01:12   published a so called White Paper on the Future of Europe,
01:16   in which it presented the perspectives of the development of the EU until 2015.
01:24   In the introduction to the White Paper describing the history
01:28   of the EU, the only, I repeat: THE ONLY
01:32   document mentioned is the Ventotene Manifesto.
01:36   Written in 1941 by Altiero Spinelli,
01:40   with help of Ernesto Rossi.
01:44   There is no further mention either of the Schuman Plan
01:48   or of the so-called Founding Fathers,
01:52   nor of other treaties that formed the European Community
01:57   and so on. The reference to history
02:01   is brief and goes as follows:
02:05   “It all began with the vision of Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi,
02:09   political prisoners detained by
02:13   the [Italian] fascist regime on Ventotene Island during World War Two. Their manifesto
02:21   “Free and United Europe” presented a vision of a place
02:25   where allies and opponents would meet,
02:29   never to return to the old
02:33   absurdities of Europe.
02:37   According to this text, Altiero Spinelli was a political prisoner
02:41   of a fascist regime, but what is not mentioned
02:45   is that he was also a Trotskyite kicked out of the Communist Party.
02:49   Neither is it mentioned
02:53   that the Manifesto “Free and United Europe” is
02:57   a program for a socialist terrorist revolution,
03:01   whose aim is the abolition of sovereign nation states.
03:05   It’s also worth pondering
03:09   about what kind of allies and
03:13   opponents would meet in the European Union.
03:17   Wasn’t the main conflict of the 20th century
03:21   in Europe the conflict between communism and capitalism?
03:25   Between Marxism and [classical] liberalism?
03:29   It’s also worth reflecting
03:33   on which “old European absurdities”
03:37   Marxist and liberals — united by the vision of Spinelli — don’t want to return to.
03:45   Would it — by any chance — be the SOVEREIGN NATION STATES
03:49   with their own cultures, values, economies, and identities?
03:57   Have any MSM,
04:01   any influential commentators, journalists, analysts,
04:06   scientists, noticed
04:10   the White Paper? Has anyone
04:14   presented to you people the content and the meaning
04:18   of the Declaration signed in Rome?
04:22   I think that after last year’s meeting in
04:26   Ventotene of the leaders of Germany, France and Italy,
04:30   and after the White Paper of the European Union, there are no more doubts concerning the fact
04:38   that the ONLY goal of the EU
04:42   is a communist state.
04:46   And in that situation it’s not surprising
04:50   that the only thing that they can do with this fact
04:54   is to keep dead silent about it.
04:58   Please share with friends and strangers
05:02   links to my videos about the communist EU.
05:06   People should themselves
05:10   share the information about the reality,
05:14   true information about the reality.
05:18   Thank you very much.
05:26   [Music: The Internationale]

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