A Victory in Horsham

Gavin Boby, a.k.a. the Mosquebuster, has one another battle.

Dear Freedom Lovers,

I stopped another mosque last night!

In Horsham, this time:

The Council have no right to interfere with people filming their proceedings, but they did so anyway.

And we still won. It was a strong decision, almost unanimous, with only 1 Councillor voting for the mosque. This application deserved its fate.

That’s a tally of 38 wins out of 53 fights. Or a 72% win-rate. Please see the list here.

I have another 6 fights on the go, so there’s all to play for.

We’ll win!

Gavin Boby

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4 thoughts on “A Victory in Horsham

  1. Congratulations, and keep swinging, Mr. Boby! And, please, take all possible security measures. If you happen to wear glasses, I suggest a clip-on rear-view mirror of the type used by cyclists.
    Keep your name off the ever-lengthening list of the millions of innoscent people slawtered for the blud-guzzling relidgion of the dammed.

  2. I hate to pour cold water on proceedings but the muslim applicants might just ignore the decision of the Committee and proceed anyway. They are already using the premises as a mosque and I do not envisage Horsham Council having the resources or the political will to invoke enforcement action or indeed to demolish what is already there. I hope I am wrong.

  3. Thanks Gavin. Well done. I know you’re busy, but have you ever thought of leading a campaign for compensation for the victims of Muslim paedophile rape gangs from the authorities for their wilful failure to protect?

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