“The European Revolution Has to Be Socialist”

A few days ago we posted about the Communist origins of the European Union, and in particular the Italian Communist Altiero Spinelli, who became one of the “fathers” of the EU.

The current leaders of the European Union acknowledge their debt to Altiero Spinelli and his Ventotene Manifesto. The ideology and methodology of the manifesto are blatantly Communist — not to mention totalitarian.

The video below about the Ventotene Manifesto was recorded by the same Polish commentator as the longer one we posted earlier, but this one was translated in-house. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Music: Beethoven’s 6th Symphony —a.k.a. “Ode to Joy”, the anthem of the EU
00:08   On August 23 2016 the heads of the three
00:12   largest European states,, Germany, France and Italy,
00:16   appeared at a press conference organized on the deck of
00:20   the aircraft carrier Garibaldi, moored at
00:24   the tiny island of Ventotene. During short speeches
00:28   they delivered for the sake of gathered journalists a couple of round
00:32   platitudes about European unity, and finally they laid
00:36   three bouquets of yellow-blue flowers
00:40   on the grave of Altiero Spinelli, who is buried on the island.
00:44   If the leaders of the three largest European countries —
00:48   during an obvious crisis in the Union: the crisis of the euro,
00:52   the bankruptcy of Greece, the invasion of Islamic immigrants,
00:56   and of terrorism, of growing Euro-skepticism
01:00   and Brexit, while they have to deal with thousands of important issues —
01:04   decide to spend a lot of money, time and energy
01:08   in order to visit a meaningless island and
01:12   make such a gesture, it means that they wanted to demonstrate allegiance
01:16   not to treaties, but to a project presented
01:20   in the “Ventotene Manifesto”.
01:24   To the project of the abolition of sovereign states and the creation of a single
01:28   European communist country.
01:32   And if this event had passed unnoticed and didn’t cause a turn
01:36   in the interpretations of the European politics , it’s probably because —
01:40   except for those who saw my video about Spinelli —
01:44   even now neither politicians nor journalists
01:48   are aware of the contents of this document.
01:52   Therefore, once again, dedicating this clip to them,
01:56   I’m presenting seven most important sentences from that
02:00   “New Communist Manifesto”. This time without
02:05   any doubts, presented as the program of European Integration
02:09   by the very leaders of the EU.
02:13   “1.The first task,
02:17   without the solving of which any progress will be only an illusion,
02:21   is the final abolition of the borders
02:25   dividing Europe into sovereign countries.”
02:29   “2. Adequacy and realization of every single
02:33   point of the program has to be examined
02:37   from the point of view of its accordance with indisputable condition
02:41   of European unity.” — And this means
02:45   from the point of view of the indisputable condition
02:49   of abolishing of borders dividing Europe
02:53   in sovereign countries.
02:57   “3. There must be an end put to the economic self-sufficiency
03:01   which is a backbone to totalitarian regimes.”
03:05   “4. It’s about the creation
03:09   of a federal state that stands on its own
03:13   and is endowed with a European Army instead of
03:17   national armies.”
03:21   During the Ventotene meeting, the French president once again
03:25   reminded his audience of the necessity for the creation of a European Army.
03:29   What would the purpose of such a European Army be?
03:33   What would it be intended to defend Europe from?
03:37   From Russia, to whom France wanted to sell Mistrals [ships] and with whom
03:41   Germans built Nord Stream [gas pipeline]? The answer is in the next sentence:
03:49   “5. The need for the sufficient agents and means
03:53   to introduce in the individual states of the federation
03:57   decrees issued in the furtherance of keeping the general order.”
04:01   And ‘the decrees issued
04:05   in furtherance of keeping the general order’ means, in normal language: martial law,
04:13   known in Poland as: “a state of war”.
04:18   “6. The new country and with it
04:22   a new, real democracy will be created thanks to
04:26   the dictatorship of the revolutionary party.”
04:30   And finally — in case someone might have doubts —
04:38   “7. The European revolution has to be socialist.”
04:46   This is the plan for uniting Europe.
04:50   And the will to complete it was manifested by the leaders
04:54   of the largest European countries. This is a plan
04:58   repeating that presented in Lenin’s 1901
05:02   schema for the Bolshevik Revolution fought by
05:06   a party of professional revolutionaries against the will of their societies.
05:10   Assertions that the acts of European
05:14   politicians are removed from reality, and that
05:18   they don’t listen and don’t understand the voices of their societies
05:22   don’t make any sense. European
05:26   politicians are pursuing a conscious policy that is
05:30   Thought-through and consequent. You could say: “painfully consequent”.
05:38   It is even more consequent, because European
05:42   politicians not only don’t know how to, but also cannot act in a different way.
05:46   Because if — in Europe since the signing of the treaty
05:50   of Maastricht — there is a revolution that MUST be socialist,
05:54   then that means that that socialist Europe
05:58   MUST be heading for an economic catastrophe and misery.
06:02   European societies, accustomed to prosperity,
06:06   MUST, faced with that misery, revolt against
06:11   politicians who for half a century provided them with that prosperity.
06:15   But the only tool that can stamp out that revolt is terror.
06:19   Karl Marx knew it;
06:23   Vladimir Lenin knew it;
06:27   and the communist Altiero Spinelli knew it. The leaders
06:31   of socialist Europe know it as well. Therefore, faced with a crisis,
06:35   they return to his program. Because the choice is
06:39   simple: either they manage to create enough
06:43   agents and means in order to introduce, within the individual
06:47   countries of the Union, decrees issued in furtherance of
06:51   keeping the general order, or the mob of disappointed parasites
06:55   will wipe the parasitic elites from the face of the Earth.
06:59   Thank you very much.
07:11   [Music: The Internationale]

14 thoughts on ““The European Revolution Has to Be Socialist”

  1. Let’s be realistic…
    I do understand this guy…looking at him, I can see he do remember what mean to eat communism on bread. I also remember. I know the smell of Marx, Engels and Lenin ideology.
    But how many of you have the slightest idea what communism really is ?
    Then, how can the young generations in the west educated by communist idiots (who doesn’t know what mean to stay in the winter, at minus 10 degrees, whole night in line for 1 kg salami or 1,5 kg meat, or 500 gr. butter) ?
    To all supporters from west of marxist ideology, I wish 3 months in communist Romania as it was before 1990, to understand what mean hunger.
    To all supporters from west of marxist ideology, I wish 3 months in communist Romania as it was before 1990, to understand what mean to think the sky is blue, when communist party said is yellow.

      • I have many friends from that time and place, who have described it to me.

        Each ones loves capitalism, the American Right generally, and hates communist anything. Trump is quite popular with that crowd, too.

        Anyone who has seen recent Soviet-era immigrants’ first encounters with a Israeli supermarkets will also fully understand. And Israeli supermarkets circa 1990, albeit fully stocked with edible food, were pretty basic in overall variety by Western standards.

    • A friend from Romania told me that volunteerism did not exist with communism.

      When she came to Canada she was very impressed to see that people here volunteer their time and money to help people.

      She said this did not exist under communism and that generally communism creates more selfish people because they expect the government to do everything and the people don’t have enough time, money or food for themselves so they have nothing left to give to others.

      She now volunteers with a cancer centre and says that volunteerism is one of the greatest things that the West has achieved.

      • I do remember reading an account of Russia under Communism, where it said the only non-government provider of social services waere the churches and religious organizations.

  2. Let me also thank Ava Lon, the very intelligent contributor, for the magnificent and poignant translation.

    The European countries owe a debt of gratitude for the election of Trump, who probably set back the timetable for military integration of Europe. I’m sure the plan was to use NATO as the European military force, as it was used in the Yugoslavian Wars of 1992. Hillary was for certain in on the planning, and her Clinton Foundation was receiving copious contributions as future insurance.

    GoV readers are quite familiar with the fact that the EU is the vehicle for the Stalinization of Europe. It’s actually boring reading about their plans for totalitarian social structures and lack of borders. Nothing ever changes and they certainly don’t change. They don’t grapple with real issues: genetics, race, technology, robotics, so everything they do is founded in Marxist generalities. It’s like Stalin with Lysenko; the science is bogus, but it suits his personality, so the real scientists are put in concentration camps.

    I think the totalitarian empire is self-limiting, although that doesn’t serve as any consolation to its victims. The arrogant dictators will undoubtedly pick a fight with Russia as a political ploy for more control, but it will blow up in their faces. They will also lose control of the fringes of their empire, just as the Ottoman Empire lost control of its far-off provinces in Barbary, Morocco, Syria, and the like.

    Perhaps we should be grateful the Russians annexed Crimea while Obama, rather than Trump, was President. Trump strongly intimated he would have stopped the annexation. This would be a radical backpedaling on his promises to not get involved in disputes not concerning the US. How the Ukraine or Crimea affect the security interests of the US is not explained.

  3. The politician in Britain that was most successful in putting this plan to eliminate the independence/self-sufficiency of the individual nations within the EU bloc into practice was Margaret Thatcher, who played an important role in ruining British industry. Britain has coal reserves to last a thousand years, but Thatcher (along with the Labour Party leaders before her) closed the pits and forced Britain into having to rely on the importation of power/energy. Instead of focusing on the science to eliminate the emissions of coal, to satisfy the environmentalists (and the world rulers), Thatcher shut the pits and threw thousands on the dole.

  4. Thanks Ava Lon and Vlad for introduction here New Polish Political School..
    Our ,Polish ,Hungarian,Romanian Historical experiences shape our National Identities,Mentality ..
    So significantly different from Western World..
    There is very important book of Karon on History of Anti-Culture ..
    In the book, hi analyses World of Paganism against World of Value and Virtues..
    Some hints:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBizRt8IU6I
    Also i would like to draw your attention to names like : Dr.Jan Przybyl,Stanislaw Michalkiewicz PHD
    Grzegorz Braun PHD

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