More on the Vehicular Jihad in L.A.

The following video is a news report about the double-barreled Mohamed who tried (and failed) to run over some Orthodox Jews on the sidewalk in front of a synagogue in Los Angeles (see the post from earlier today).

The surveillance camera footage clarifies the discrepancies between the two earlier articles’ accounts of what happened to the perp’s car: you can see it run into another car, which then hits a sign. As far as I can tell, it was the other car, and not the jihadi’s, that hit the sign.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

3 thoughts on “More on the Vehicular Jihad in L.A.

  1. The whole emphasis on “hate” crimes serves to undermine real public safety. Almost by definition, a “hate” crime is committed against a member of an identity group. If a person is the victim of a violent, murderous attack, the first thing the police will look at is whether the victim is a member of an identifiable group.

    It seems to me the emphasis should be on, was there an attempt to commit murder? Making a u-turn to run someone over should provide the lion’s share of evidence the intent was to commit murder, rather than being an accident. You can use religious differences and allegations against Jews as evidence of intent to commit murder.

    As far as enhancing penalties, if deliberate attempted murder doesn’t send you away for a long time, the whole justice system needs a revision. Most likely, the likelihood of being apprehended for a crime in migrant-infested Los Angeles is vanishingly small anyway, so adding a “hate” crime aspect may simply be a way to get the attention of the police. In fact, the victim noted it was difficult to even get the police to investigate the incident. Another day, another assault.

    Another item to note: the majority of the Jewish population supports the Democrats and by extension, open borders. However, the Orthodox Jews do not share in this love-fest and are more likely to have voted for Trump.

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