Update on the Terror Attack at McDonald’s in Cologne

As of last night, the German authorities were still maintaining that yesterday’s firebomb attack and hostage-taking in Cologne had “no connection to terrorism.” Today the story looks a little different.

(Also, just before I went to bed last night, I read that police had shot the terrorist and taken him into custody, apparently still alive.)

Here’s MissPiggy’s update:

The suitcases brought by the terrorist to the McDonald’s at the Cologne train station were filled with fire accelerants. Steel balls were included.

“Cologne terrorist wanted to do ‘immense damage’.”

We’re not getting this news in Germany; this report is from Austria.

If the identified culprit, a 55-year-old Syrian, had exploded his total inventory of gasoline and gas cartridges, with steel balls attached, there would have been a much more violent crime on Monday with “much greater damage” created, said Cologne Chief of Criminal Investigations Klaus-Stephan Becker on Tuesday.

MissPiggy:   Thank God for the sprinkler system in McDonald’s — kind of wrecked his plan.
VladTepes:   If that didn’t, the food would have, maybe.
MissPiggy:   McDonald’s is for sure Haram.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Terror Attack at McDonald’s in Cologne

  1. God help us if another Marxist-socialist politician becomes President and the MSM propagates more false narratives like this ugly one! To think citizens of Deutschland are deliberately kept in the dark on details of yet another terrorist attack as to not inflame volk sensibilities. Some unlucky teenage girl was set on fire by a Molotov cocktail. She knows the truth as does her family, friends, and loved ones. No matter how much the lying Press tries to put a lid on truth it boils out. Intelligent people know they’ve been lied to and misled after three years of “cultural enrichment” and 1.8 million migrants who act & think differently! At least President Trump tweets truths to Americans and is aware of fake news around & about him. Thank God for blogs like Gates of Vienna and webmasters Baron, Dymphna and other Patriots/Populists committed to telling the truth as it really is today! The American #Walkaway movement was started by a white, gay Democrat fed up with identity politics & false narratives!

    • I agree completely. Win or lose, at least in the US, we have the information available. At least we won’t lose with our hands tied behind our backs, and blindfolded. If we lose, we’ll lose standing up, thanks to the first amendment and real journalist like Baron and Dumpthna, rather than the blow-dried, highly-paid entertainers on network news.

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