Syrian “Refugees” Gang up on a Dutch Boy in Eindhoven

The following report discusses an attack (which occurred back in June, but the report is from much later) in the Dutch town of Eindhoven. The incident is a type that is all too familiar to people who follow the cultural enrichment news from Western Europe: a large group of allegedly Syrian “refugees” ganged up on and did serious damage to a young native Dutch boy in a park.

Part of the video features remarks by a member of the LPF party in Eindhoven. C, who translated the video for subtitles, includes this background on LPF:

LPF (Lijst Pim Fortuyn, Pim Fortuyn List) is the party of the late anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn. He was assassinated in the election campaign of ‘02 by an animal rights activist.

The murders of Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh still influence Dutch society and politics to this day. Many on the right say, “The bullet came from the left,” and talk about the left’s violent tendencies. Given the recent resurgence of Antifa, I think they’re not wrong.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Serious assault in the Henry Dunant park in Woensel [Eindhoven, the Netherlands].
00:03   A group of Syrians is alleged to have attacked a boy with fists, bicycle pumps and bikes,
00:08   because he had told them not to harass a girl.
00:18   It happened in this spot on June 1st. One victim, multiple attackers.
00:25   The victim was so badly hurt he had to be treated in hospital.
00:29   He is suffering the effects to this day.
00:32   And despite the fact that the names of the attackers
00:36   have been known for ten weeks, no arrests have been made.
00:41   They are very frustrated, the parents as well. They took their son to hospital for a brain scan.
00:49   The boy was hit on the head with a bicycle pump, and waiting this long
00:53   for something to happen is very frustrating.
00:56   He wants to get to the bottom of things, and filed questions with the mayor and aldermen.
01:02   Where did the attackers come from? Are they former inhabitants of the nearby refugee shelter?
01:06   Have their refugee claims been recognized? Police and city council should be on top of this.
01:11   You’d think, since Syrians are allegedly involved, that police would have contacted the mayor.
01:18   But the mayor is unaware of the situation. Somewhere, something went wrong.
01:22   That’s not right. Especially when Syrians are involved,
01:27   the city council should have been notified, since they are responsible.
01:32   You’d think this is gross negligence on the part of the police.
01:36   I don’t know exactly how the police and the mayor communicated,
01:39   but if the mayor is not aware, then that’s not right.
01:42   The police have not reacted yet. The assault in the park was not an isolated incident,
01:46   according to the LPF. Many shady things are alleged to happen there, especially in the evening.
01:52   Something will have to be done to guarantee security in Eindhoven,
01:56   so we will have to invest in the future.
02:00   During the day city guards and police are present.
02:04   I saw a police car drive through the park this morning.
02:08   But in the evening they’re rarely seen.
02:12   It’s an open place, you can come here when you want,
02:16   so I understand things can happen here that aren’t so great.
02:19   During the day, yes, but often in the evening,
02:23   it’s not so nice here. There’s an odd mood here then.
02:28   Especially after the sun sets, I avoid the place. I have to admit that.
02:33   When the perpetrators are known, there’s only one conclusion, according to the LPF:
02:40   As far as I’m concerned they should go back immediately. They can use the energy
02:44   that they waste here on fistfights to rebuild their country, in Syria.
02:48   Because we really don’t need this here.

8 thoughts on “Syrian “Refugees” Gang up on a Dutch Boy in Eindhoven

    • It is an old story and new: similar atrocious incidents are happening in the Coward Continent every day.

  1. The police and the authorities will do nothing. They do not care. The politicians have sold out the citizens.

    • The press, who should be on the side on the people and giving voice to them, does not care as well. It is every bit as complicit.

  2. In the United States it is generally illegal to be in a park where there is not camping after sunset. They may want to look into that.

    • The rules about overnight parking are changing. See this dystopian account:

      Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

      Here is one reader’s commentary:

      This is one of the more profoundly disturbing books I have read, and it’s a possible contemporary successor to Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed.

      Ms Bruder follows “workampers” in their itinerant, gypsy-esque lives around the US doing low-wage, unstable work out of necessity. This demographic is disproportionately older (55-75) and constituted by women. For various reasons, they’ve been forced to the extreme economic and social margins of American society. To witness their cheerfulness amidst a grueling, dystopian vulnerability (economic, physical, and mental) evokes a profoundly unsettling sense of perturbation from me.

      Our amusement parks, our produce, our favorite campsites, and *even our packages from Amazon* depend substantially on impoverished and, frankly, desperate seniors. They live in vans, old RVs, and even cars permanently camping while taking short-term, dirty, and dangerous minimum wage jobs. They do this at the expense of their physical health. They’re encouraged by being told that they’re not working hard enough if they’re NOT taking at least 2 tylenols at the end of their shift – free OTC pain meds being a “perk” of working in an Amazon warehouse. Jeff Bezos loves these workers and hopes eventually to employ all vankampers for at least one stint by the end of the decade. Why shouldn’t he? They’re a godsend. They bring the non-cynical can-do work ethic of yesteryear, they’re economically desperate, and Federal tax credits offset 25-40% of their wages!

      Welcome to the new America, where downwardly mobile ex-middle class grannies are working themselves into an early grave for free super-saver shipping.

      WalMart is now allowing vans and trucks of these reluctant nomads to use the further reaches of their parking lots for fairly long stretches. And some state parks are making room for the new reality of the mobile poor.

      Note: the book is classified under “Gerontology”.

  3. Over a decade ago Geert Wilders spoke of ‘Moroccan street terrorism’, what he meant to encapsulate with this description was the ubiquitous phenomenon of the domination, through violence and the threat of violence, of the public spaces in Western cities by young Muslim males.

    This (latest) Dutch park horrorshow was just another aspect of it. It is all calculated to show who are the masters of the public domain (and frighten women into staying out of the public domain) and is played out from Paris to Duisburg to Dearborn always the same way.

    I witnessed a microcosm – it is how the domination of public spaces begins – of this vast phenomenon in my, totally cultural-enricher free, upper middle class, neighbourhood ‘corner’ store in the 1990’s. It was acquired by an Arab-Muslim, who told everybody he was Spanish – his English was obviously Arabic-inflected. His several sons and friends used to loiter aggressively on the sidewalk outside the shop compelling locals to walk around them. I silently met the eye of one, late teenaged, son and thereafter myself and my wife were targeted for special attention: cigarettes being flicked in our direction by the friends; cheated (I gave you twenty – you gave me a ten!); passive-aggressive sweeping of the sidewalk as one walked near, etc. We stopped going there very quickly – the sweeping thing after we did so. To confirm my suspicions, when the store was acquired by a Chinese man I played the insisting that ‘The vendor was Spanish!’ with him. To prove me wrong the new owner showed me the contract of sale: a typical Arab-Muslim surname.

    I couldn’t help thinking what a lovely place, in terms of architecture, urban fabric, greenery, cleanliness, Eindhoven looks to be. Even though it is not an historic city, but a “new” company town: Philips electronics.

    What a tragedy for the Dutch. Mind you, they were warned almost 30 years ago by a candid and very concerned Afghan immigrant cum comedian, Mohammed Rasoel (spelling?) who loved the Netherlands and Dutch culture: “Downfall of the Netherlands, Land of the naive fools”. His book was taken off the shelves of bookstores as a result of MSM protest, he was fined for incitement (or whatever), his life was endangered and he left the Netherlands (presumably for some other Western country) permanently around 1991.

  4. This video clip is from a small, local station. It is important to note that mainstream media in the Netherlands is the exclusive domain of progressives. The Dutch main television channels are taxpayer-funded and airtime is divvied up between different groups, all operating under the umbrella of the “public broadcasting organisation” (NPO) , a monstrous (and incestuous) entity that is basically a mouthpiece of the political elite that ensures it’s existance and grants access to limitless funds. So it isn’t very suprising that Dutch public tv promotes the same agenda and parrots the same nonsense our europhile politicians do, like a mantra. Television viewers get extremely one sided opinions all the time. Whenever “Touchy subjects”, like (the effects of) mass immigration, islam, refugees, illegal aliens, etc., are addressed, those topics are presented as tricky, or “challenging” but nonetheless positive developments.
    Negative news about immigrants, especially muslims is a no-no. .
    You won’t see any Trump supporter, opposents of limitless mass migration or outspoken critics of islam on the popular late night shows. The host and directors would argue populists shouldn’t be given a platform where they can spout off their dangerous views, that poison the viewers with their xenophobia and hatred !” Etc.

    Also, be reminded that there is NO First Amendment in Europe. Under Dutch law it is possible to be criminally prosecuted and even go to jail for “offending groups”.
    You can’t just say anything you want. Even more bizarrely, most people think that is a GOOD thing. “You shouldn’t just be able to say ANYthing”

    As far as the incident in June goes :

    Woensel (suburb of Eindhoven) is known as a “white trash” low income area, which may well explain why they got an asylum seeker centre in their backyard, and the people living in the nice part of town didn’t. But it won’t be long until the uppety crowd too gets to experence all the joys of diversity firsthand.

    The gentleman talking is from the LPF, this party doesn’t play any role at all on a national level are, in fact, the laughing stock of the progressive left esablishment. They may have a few municipal city council members here and there.

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