A Cornucopia of European Cultural Enrichment

OSCE Warsaw is always our busy season here at Gates of Vienna, and subtitled videos have accumulated while I’ve been otherwise occupied. To help reduce the backlog, I’ve gathered seven of them to post below.

Vlad Tepes did all the subtitling.

1. Don’t Diss the Famous Arab Rapper!

Translation: MissPiggy

2. Africans Prepared for War Against Matteo Salvini

Translation: FouseSquawk

3. Thrown Off a Cliff by a Culture-Enricher

The perp in this story reminds me of Hussein Khavari, the “teenager” (who remained 17 for at least four consecutive years) who murdered Maria L. in Freiburg two years ago. Before he came to Germany, Mr. Khavari was convicted and sentenced to prison for throwing a young girl off a cliff in Greece. He did a short stretch in the big house, was released early, and moved on to enrich Germany.

Translation: MissPiggy

4: An Arab Clan Funeral in Berlin

Translation: MissPiggy

5: Polish Teenager Murdered in Germany by “Southerner”

Translation: MissPiggy

6. Bouncer Belts Merkel Guest

Translation: MissPiggy

7. Josef A. Goes Free

Josef A. and a fellow culture-enricher were arrested for murdering Daniel H. in Chemnitz. A few days ago he was released.

Translation: MissPiggy

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I will speak to you in the tone that I WANT! —It that right!? —Yeah, I’m talking, so take a picture you piss-ant!
00:04   I’m staying here, what’s wrong? I said piss-ant —Did you just insult me? —Yeah, you piss-ant with a camera and now! —OK.
00:08   Piss-ant with a camera, my name is Abdelkader Zorgani, and this is a piss-ant! This is a piss-ant!
00:12   And all of Germany should see that you are a piss-ant, that’s what you are! Here, here…
00:16   Buy something to eat, you bum! Buy yourself something to eat with that, you SOB! You SOB!

Video transcript #2:

00:00   We are a solution for Italy. Because before immigration, Italy was not like this.
00:06   The government had practically nothing
00:09   with immigration, [Italy] they have succeeded in competing with European nations.
00:12   [Unintelligible] want to change the solution into problems.
00:15   We say that we are ready to compete and go to war against Salvini and Di Maio.

Video transcript # 3:

00:00   The 30th of July, it was the last day of vacation in the Italian city of San Remo
00:05   for the 21-year-old Alena S. from Kassel, now seriously injured in hospital.
00:09   She is said to have been thrown from a cliff that was 70 meters high(230 ft.)
00:13   For her family it is an absolute nightmare. Reporter: “I just spoke to Alena’s mother
00:17   here in Marburg today, where they vacate her apartment — her dorm room, because
00:21   they just don’t know if Alena will ever be able come back here
00:25   or continue to studying at all. Her mother explained to me that although
00:29   She is not doing well. Alena is not in the coma anymore, she’s not responding.
00:39   The parents themselves are struggling to handle everyday life, at the moment,
00:43   only possible medication in order to function. Otherwise, they just have
00:49   great hope that the crime will be solved quickly and their daughter is soon well.
01:00   Although I was able to interview Alena’s mother, but she does not want it to be aired
01:08   because it’s all too overwhelming for her, which is easy to understand.”
01:14   This is where Alena lived the last few years while she was studying Law
01:20   in Marburg, Germany. For her summer break, she went to Italy — the place of
01:24   her misfortune. This is what is known so far: three weeks ago on the 31st of July
01:28   the student fell down a cliff located on the Ligurian Sea, at the Capo Nero coast.
01:32   Alena’s family believe she was abducted, raped and then pushed off the cliff.
01:36   Witnesses heard screams and claim to have seen a fight. The family also
01:40   said that the 21 year old would never go with strangers. The 32-year-old
01:44   North African suspect also fell off the cliff. He was in Italy illegally.
01:48   Although he was also injured during the fall, he is now in custody of the Italian police.
01:56   The family filed charges with police in Kassel, but their hand are bound.
02:03   Police officer: “The investigation is currently such that we do not have any information
02:09   such that we do not have any information from the Italian colleagues,
02:13   even though investigations are in full swing. We are limited by the fact
02:17   that we must wait for the results from Italy first.” And that may take several weeks.”
02:21   At the suspects Sept. 3rd hearing, Alena’s family hopes
02:24   that some light will finally shine in the darkness.

Video transcript #4 :

00:00   Crowds of people crowd 912 Apostle Cemetery in Berlin-Schoeneberg. Nidal R.
00:05   is laid to rest. A member of a Lebanese clan, certain members of which are active
00:09   in Berlin’s underworld. The 36-year-old was shot on Sunday at the Tempelhof Field,
00:15   the former airport in Berlin.
00:19   The police are still searching for three male suspects. They shot the Lebanese man
00:23   several times and then fled in a car. The getaway car was set on fire that
00:28   evening by persons unknown. Three bullets severely injured Nidal, who was brought to
00:35   a hospital, where riots broke out.
00:40   At the campus hospital Benjamin Franklin, approximately 150 people
00:44   gathered from family clans of Arab origin that wanted access to the patient.
00:51   The family members blocked the entrances and the police cordoned the area off.
00:57   Nidal R. died later that evening. He was a serial offender, who previously as
01:01   juvenile offender had had more than a hundred of crimes registered by the police.
01:05   He and his family had ongoing conflicts with other clans. Recently, Nidal
01:09   became an ally of Arafat Abouchaker, the ex-partner of rap singer Bushido.
01:14   In Berlin recently, there have been outbreaks of massive violence among Arab
01:18   clans and there seems to be no end in sight.
01:23   State Attorney Raupach: “No, I wouldn’t say a new Gulf War has broken out here,
01:27   but the number of violent conflicts has multiplied, and it is noticeable. And
01:31   the fear is, of course, that this kind of crime, regardless of how it is
01:35   classified, could cause more to happen. By now, hundreds of mourners
01:38   have arrived at the funeral along with hundreds
01:41   of police officers being deployed in the area — including special forces, Arab clan
01:45   specialists and civil forces.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   He was a polite young man and wouldn’t hurt a fly, it was said of him,
00:05   but now he’s dead. The tiler Krystian died on his way home from a disco,
00:09   not far from his apartment, according to Bild. A resident was alerted by screams,
00:13   ran to the window, from where he saw him lying. He then tried to stop Krystian’s
00:17   bleeding with towels. Although Bild reports multiple stab wounds to the neck
00:21   and back, the Police write in their barren press release of a “deadly stab wound”.
00:27   But where did all the blood come from? The background for the conflict is still unclear.
00:33   The victim received a deadly stab wound. The murder weapon has yet to be recovered.
00:39   The culprit fled in the direction of the train station, according to the Kiel police direction.
00:43   The police are said to be on the heels of the murderer, who is still at large.
00:47   Approximately 30 years old, 5 ft. 9 in. tall, with a dark three-day beard and
00:51   a southern appearance. NDR [North German Television] reported that
00:55   on Monday afternoon fifty people came to mourn Krystian’s death.
00:59   The young Polish man worked as a tiler to support his family at home. He sent
01:03   money to his mother and disabled 8-year-old brother, who is wheelchair-bound.
01:07   His mother will arrive from Poland on Monday.

Video transcript #6:

00:00   Bouncer: Piss off!
00:05   Merkel Guest: You make me, you make me bad! Huh? OK.
00:20   Spectator: (laughs)… He lays down right away.
00:36   Spectator: Does he belong to you brother? — No, no
00:40   How did it start?
00:44   The guy just started to undress himself and peed on the guys hand.
00:48   Yeah, I saw that part as we were just coming out.
00:55   —Holy s**t, man! What’s wrong with him?

Video transcript #7:

00:00   “Josef A. is free to go,” his attorney confirms.
00:05   Without any grounds for suspicion, his client has been in custody for over three weeks.
00:09   He denies any participation in the crime.
00:13   A witness who observed the crime at the scene and gave his statement
00:17   for the record to the police confirms this to the NDR [North German Television].
00:21   Currently a Syrian remains in custody for the alleged homicide of Daniel H.
00:25   An international arrest warrant has been issued for a third suspect.
00:30   After the homicide of the German-Cuban Daniel H. on August 26th there were
00:34   demonstrations and marches by far-right groups in Chemnitz.

5 thoughts on “A Cornucopia of European Cultural Enrichment

  1. The African resources against the Italian government are driven by the left[ist]s and the dead union associations of the workers. It is not the first time they organize protests piling up foreigners in last years.

    Historically in Italy the (communist-inspired) union of workers used to bring lots of people in mass strikes, up to the end of 90s and the beginning of the third millennium, most often for political reason against the government when it was not backed by the institutional establishment, with an old usual and rhetorical propaganda.

    In the last 10 years, the workers’ associations do not any more represent the workers they always pretended to represent, and have lost thousands of conscripts. It was hardly possible to see any workers in these strikes (and most of them were retired persons); so they saw their end near and tried to switch strategy, looking for other social classes to (mis)represent. But they are quite dead really, in Italy it does not seem to be existing any opponents to the current government, despite what it could seem reading the mainstream media,

    • The US Democratic party, in the dim past, had some claim to represent the working American, in conjunction with unions. However corrupt the unions were, they did represent a significant segment of people who had a stake in the American culture.

      Now, the only workers, so to speak, the union leadership represents are public employee unions and teacher unions, both of whom use political pressures to increase their benefits.

      My guess is the union leadership votes for Hillary, and the union membership, those still in non-public unions, votes for Trump. The union leadership would, of course, be more than happy to vote for Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, or any other establishment Republican, who do not differ significantly from the base Democratic philosophy.

  2. A ‘southern appearance’? Does the assailant look like Aunt Pittypat in Gone With the Wind?

    • “Southern” as in the Bubba & Cooter stereotype complete with beer belly and stained wifebeater shirts with coveralls… Or maybe wearing a white robe and Klan hood and waving the stars and bars? Possibly the perp was in a Confederate uniform, thus the “southern” appearance?

      I am curious; for those who live in Europe, does the description of “southern” appearance act as shorthand for African? Is this a way to implicate african invaders as criminal suspects while remaining politically correct? Or does “southern” describe darker-skinned individuals from the european countries that border the Mediterranean?

      • “Southern” would normally describe (or be perceived as) Southern Europeans, darker-skinned/tanned white people like Spaniards, Italians or Croatians, but in the recent years it’s been more and more used by mainstream media as a codeword for “Arab”.

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