Swedish Cities Hit by Arson Attacks

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this report on the wave of arson jihad that has been sweeping through culturally enriched neighborhoods in Swedish cities for the last couple of days. In addition to his suggested YouTube search, I recommend searching for images and videos using the word “bilbrand” (car fire), followed by a the name of a Swedish city. You’ll find some amazing photos that way.

Swedish cities hit by arson attacks

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

A wave of terror struck Sweden last night (August 13) as a series of co-ordinated arson attacks broke out simultaneously in towns and cities across the country. In what was described by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven as resembling “a military operation” gangs of black-clad and masked youths exploded flashbangs and torched cars in Falkenberg, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Lysekil, Kalmar, Malmø, Trollhättan and Uppsala. Shocked Swedes stared from their bedroom and living room windows in horror as gangs of youths, described by eyewitnesses as “immigrants” and speaking the slang associated with immigrant ghettos, assembled in parking lots across the country and then, as if at a given signal, went on the attack. Car windows were smashed and firebombs hurled into vehicles, turning the evening sky bright red as cars burst into flames, sending plumes of smoke across towns and cities in scenes reminiscent of the Stockholm ghetto riots of 2013. Police and fire brigade services responding to the attacks were pelted with stones and flashbangs, hindering attempts to extinguish the flames.

Many Swedes filmed the carnage in parking the lots outside homes and high rise apartments and have posted graphic videos of the nights attacks on YouTube.[1]

This attack marks a serious escalation of immigrant violence in Sweden in its scale, martial-style co-ordination and precision as well as choice of target. Attacks with automatic weapons and hand grenades against police stations are not uncommon in Sweden, and many police stations are under permanent armed guard, but this time the attack was aimed at ordinary Swedes and their property. It is hard to understand what its purpose may have been. The Swedish general election is less than one month away and the attack is bound to win votes for the nationalist and immigration-critical Sweden Democrats party, something that would seem to be against the interests of the immigrant gangs who control the ghettos that surround just about all Swedish towns and cities today. But provoking ordinary Swedes and further polarizing Swedish society might well have been their purpose. There may be powerful Muslim fundamentalist elements in the immigrant ghettos who want to bring conflict to a head and provoke a civil war in Sweden.


1.   www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sweden+car+burnings

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11 thoughts on “Swedish Cities Hit by Arson Attacks

  1. Florida, the Sunshine State gets its own royal residents! Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her American financier husband announce they are relocating to Florida with their three children
    The Swedish royal court announced this month that Madeleine, 36, and her husband Chris O’Neill, 44, are heading to the Sunshine State this fall
    The couple is moving with their three children: Princess Leonore, four, Prince Nicolas, three, and Princess Adrienne, four months
    In a press release, the Swedish royal court explained that the timing felt right for the family because the ‘children are still in pre-school age’



    • “Florida, the Sunshine State gets its own royal residents! Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her American financier husband announce they are relocating to Florida with their three children”

      That’s nice, I am so happy they had the means to esca….. move to sunnier climes.

      I’m sure they will be able to continue their fight against what is happening in Sweden.

    • Somehow this feels as if the Swedish royal family fears they’re gonna meet the same fate as Russia’s royal family back then and this relocation is an attempt to keep at least the youngest member of the family safe (I assume those children are the youngest).

  2. It’s like rolling in poison ivy, staring at the sun for several minutes, or eating Tide pods, and then complaining about the results.


  3. Isn’t this exactly what happened in 1683 when the elite fled the city of Vienna?
    So, you moved to FL? Will you make self-aggrandizing statements from there? Your country, that which has given you and your progeny untold opportunity lies in almost ruins.

    Will you defend it from FL?

  4. “a military operation”- Swedish PM

    “We are at war and I am a soldier” – London 7/7 bomber

    They tell us, but the politicians do not listen.

  5. The muslims appear to have sized up Sweden and the Swedish male, and have decided the country is ripe for the taking. But they may have tactically made an error in escalating the violence before an election, as that may give the Sweden Democrats the momentum to outscore the ruling party.

  6. Elections are the mark of western civilization. Regardless of who is elected, these Muslim and African barbarians will continue to escalate conflict. No Swedish political party has the courage to employ the military and send them packing. The first picture of a small black child in tears will cause the news to decry racism and islamophobia. I doubt any Swede has Orban’s courage to ignore media criticism.

  7. Sweden defeated itself decades ago. The neighboring states that aren’t past the tipping point may be able to save themselves from progressive politics, but there’s really no telling.

    The great news is – Americans have become aware of the same progressive politics that sunk Sweden. At this juncture in American history, broadcasting their Pyrrhic demise serves as another marker for those still in need of deprogramming.

  8. Will they be moving to the same neighborhood of the Mar-a-Lago residence formerly owned by the POST cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and now in the possession of President Trump? I’m sure they’ll visit there. Fascinating. Some of my Swedish peasant ancestors escaped almost a couple of centuries ago to escape the monarchy there. They became dirt farm workers and even POST cereal workers in the 1930s and 1940s. I’m thankful they left that place and came here.

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