German Police Get Their Daily Dose of Cultural Enrichment

The “youths” featured in this video outnumber and get the best of the police who attempt to arrest them. You’ll notice that the police officers show great restraint — even though they are larger and stronger, they never utilize all of their strength against the young culture-enrichers. A baton blow upside the head wielded with full force would do wonders to change the dynamics of the situation, but that never happens.

If this had happened in the USA, of course, the young miscreants would have faced the possibility of being shot — we have different rules of engagement here. But Europe treats offenders more gently; that’s why it’s a nicer place to live, right?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [unknown language]
00:06   Don’t touch! —No, don’t worry.
00:09   What kind of identification? —Your passport. —I don’t have identification. —Then, you are who?
00:13   Who? I am the Ax Man. Mr. Sanaa.
00:18   Who are you? You can’t film me.
00:21   Leave my phone, hey, give me my phone —Don’t film me.
00:24   My telephone! —You don’t film me! Did you understand me? —Myyyy tele-phoooone! My telephone…
00:31   [unknown language]
00:37   [unknown language]
00:43   Nigger, they’re coming. Hey, hey, hey!
00:46   Pull him down, man!
00:54   [unknown language]
00:59   You speak of children, old man, and I filmed it
01:03   in front of children, in front of children.
01:06   [unknown language]
01:12   [unknown language]
01:20   What identification? What identification?
01:25   That’s my father.
01:30   He started it, I filmed everything!
01:34   Everything! I filmed everything here.
01:38   I will stay here, that’s my father.
01:42   The cops started everything! I filmed it all.
01:52   Yeah, so what!? You told us, not in front of the children. And then you do this in front of them!
01:56   I filmed it all! A wild man? He didn’t even touch you — they started!
02:15   Man… take your father and go.

4 thoughts on “German Police Get Their Daily Dose of Cultural Enrichment

  1. These mouthy migrants have a got an attitude, and if the Police don’t stand up to them, they will rapidly lose control of the streets. One of the Arabs grabbed one of the Police around the neck, that’s assault and he should have been arrested.

  2. They have an attitude of entitlement, just like our immigrants here in America do. I think our cops are tougher though.

  3. No offence, Baron, but while the German police here, and other European ones in videos shown on “Gates”, may be too gentle, aren’t some US cops over-enthusiastic?

  4. When I was an MP in Germany in the 60s and we got into fights like this, we used the nightsticks. The German cops had rubber truncheons that would wrap around the bad guy’s head.

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