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    • A bit more sortation like this, and California will be like Venezuela!

      Nightmarin’ indeed. No thanks!

  1. I live in Los Angeles. I live in a good area of town. Homeless encampments and homeless people are still around. Contacted the police several times, and talked to some officers on one occasion. It was like I was the problem. The laws enable this in every direction. There are early releases from prison of “non-violent” offenders, but that is not the case. There are no arrests for loitering or vagrancy. Tents can go up at night. Low level crimes (property crimes under $950) are not prosecuted. What is the downside of being homeless when you get benefits? Have been to Skid Row many times to minister. It is overwhelming, but we still bring the gospel and some lives are lifted up.

  2. Thing is they move to Arizona, Colorado, Texas but they keep their liberalism. They are going to ruin those states too.

      • And poor Colorado, where both Coasters have been moving in since early 80’s, turning our beautiful state purple.
        Most complain about housing costs; now moving south from Boulder/Denver to CSprings, meeting with the gangs out of Pueblo coming north.
        Sigh…are we having fun yet?

        • Paradoxically, the situation among the states is analogous to the situation in the EU. There is right of free passage between countries, under the agreement that the external borders are sufficiently controlled. Similarly, the states assume the federal government is adequately screening people admitted to the US.

          Once the agreement breaks down, and the external agency, EU or federal government, breaks the agreement, there is no longer justification for the benefits of a federation, and you need to have independent, autonomous regions. Unfortunate, but true.

    • It’s actually EXACTLY the same phenomenon as emigrants from Islamic-run societies: they leave, don’t leave the ideas behind, and try to implement them elsewhere.

      No wonder leftists and Islamists tend to coalesce!

  3. So what is the solution to the problem of people who just don’t want to improve their lives. Many don’t, but not all; I don’t want t demean all the poor. But I know from experience from being homeless myself, many just want to spend their “crazy checks” on drugs.

    Maybe just cut them off. But do they just starve or get into crime? Because the more you help them the worse it gets. And this country is already in dept.

    So what is the answer? Maybe giving the option of assisted suicide like to the terminally ill. I’m serious about that! America can’t continue to spend.

    • So what is the answer? Maybe giving the option of assisted suicide like to the terminally ill. I’m serious about that! America can’t continue to spend.

      You might find a few takers among the depressed, but it wouldn’t be long before that “option” became a demand from the ‘helping’ professions. If the states would consider re-opening their regional mental institutions, there would be a place for those whose meds aren’t working.

      There isn’t a simple solution to this problem, any more than there is to the problem of homelessness.

  4. Test post. I’ve attempted to post twice and nothing appears. Not even in “comment waiting for moderation.”

    • My comments didn’t appear either. It use to appear but say waiting to be moderated.

  5. Many are moving to Arizona causing our cost of living to rise in a state with few jobs and not enough water for a mass migration. I can tolerate conservative Californians but so-called liberal or Leftist Californians will bring in their leftist agenda and turn Arizona into a leftist cess pool like California and other blue states. I cannot stop people from moving here, but I’d like to have a bumper sticker for my pickup that says, “California conservatives welcome – Commiefornia leftist not welcomed -go home!”

  6. And poor Colorado, where both Coasters have been moving in since early 80’s, turning our beautiful state purple.
    Most complain about housing costs; now moving south from Boulder/Denver to CSprings, meeting with the gangs out of Pueblo coming north.
    Sigh…are we having fun yet?

  7. In my young years I dreamt of going to California. As seen over distance, from the grey, working class neighbourhood of a provincial, deeply Catholic, Central-European town in which I grew up, this seemed to be paradise on earth.
    A warm climate, wealthy living, stunning landscapes, sunny beaches, interesting “hip” people, meditation, Flower-Power, psychedelic rock music, beautiful girls etc. To the surprise of many Americans, to many Europeans of our and previous generations, this was the picture we used to have of America in general. This goes both for those who liked this, as well as for those who abhorred it.
    Although it was with the advent of adolescence I already realized that most of this California dream was fake, and partly even evil, and my visit to America showed me another, more realistic (and much more valuable!) Christian side of the America, it still hurts to see this place sink so deeply that it starts to resemble hell on Earth.
    The situation, however, is somehow similar in Europe, with the liberal, once prosperous and once democratic western states going down the drain one after another (with the once dream-like societies Sweden, France and the Netherlands ahead) due to mass migration, multi-culturalism (read: islamisation) and gender-issues (read: hyper-tolerance of perversions) etc.
    At the same time, the once poor and unfree, formerly communist states were protected from the collective psychological onslaught by cultural marxism that has been haunting the West since 1968. Ironically, this protection came, of course unintentionally, from the old, traditional marxism, which worked in a similar way as a vaccination, producing enough anti-serum.
    Until very recently, the intra-European migration current moved from East to West, before 1989 this was mainly politically motivated, and after that year the motivation was mainly economic.
    Now we see signs that the trend starts to reverse. Not only do the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Romanians, Lithuanians etc who once moved to the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden etc start to turn home in increasing numbers, they are even joined by natives of the mentioned Western countries.
    The amount of Germans and Dutch already owning a second home in Hungary, or Britons, French and Swedes who own a home in Poland or The Czech Republic, as a security in case things go wrong in their own country, is rapidly increasing.
    There is even a work flow to the East, because due to lower taxes and lower wages in the former Eastern-European countries, big companies invest more there, hence providing more new jobs. One might not earn as much as one would in a similar job in the West, but the cost of living is lower as well, life is safer (due to the absence of “cultural enrichers”), and in the West you may not be able to find a similar job in the first place.
    And in addition, I do not even mention the freedom to speak your mind in public about the main issues of today. In the former East (including Russia), this won’t have any serious consequences, and you even may find may people openly agreeing with your opinion.
    In the West, however, you may risk getting ostracized, losing your job, even end up in jail, or even worse, risk getting your head cut off, with the government refusing to protect you, because you are “only” a white native citizen after all, and you “caused the problem yourself” by daring to even mention the elephant in the room that everybody sees but hardly anybody dares to speak about.

  8. I’d like to see a new number plate issued for California with the motto “California the
    poopchute of America” on it.

    One could replace the word poopchute with either rectum or anus but poopchute is more accessible to the masses and user friendly.

  9. As a California native, I can say with some authority that modern California life is in a sense imprisonment. You are imprisoned by fear – crime is high; if it’s not nailed down, it will be taken. You are imprisoned by one-sided ideology. You are imprisoned by absurd real estate prices; few people “easily” afford a very commonly priced million dollar home. You are imprisoned by traffic; you will spend a substantial chunk of your life in your vehicle. You are imprisoned by cold, angry people. I can vouch for California being the road rage capital of America. And on and on…

  10. I’ve been reading a lot of these posts. This is starting to affect the middle class as well. Something is going wrong in this country since the 1970s, when I was young. I mean a lot of things and they’re starting to come together. For example:

    Homelessness and high rent
    drug epidemic (including the use of antidepressants, legally)
    mental illness
    divorce rates
    control of borders lost
    mass shootings

    Are we just going the way of the Roman empire?

    • It’s very likely that we’re going to repeat history. And the world will spin on, as a new ethos arises. Will it be a repeat of the Dark Ages? Likely, and for the same reason: the depredations of Islam will cause a retreat of civilization.

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