Brigitte Bardot is a WAYCIST!

The retired movie star Brigitte Bardot has made a name for herself in France — and been prosecuted several times — for her animal-rights activism and her vigorous opposition to Islam. The following video refers to an event in which both of her principal concerns intersect: the annual slaughter of animals by Muslims during Eid al-Adha.

The young “French” culture-enricher in this video directs some angry remarks at Ms. Bardot because of her tweet about Eid, and asserts that she and people like her cause WAYCISM.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good day to everyone. I hope you’re well. Today we’ll talk about something that upset me a lot.
00:04   Just before starting I would like to say: a good Eid festival to all Muslims. And I’m starting:
00:08   So we’re going to talk about the tweet by Madame Brigitte Bardot, who tweeted about Eid 2018.
00:12   So I’m going to read the tweet to you, than I’ll give you my opinion and I’m already inviting you
00:16   to give your opinion in the comments section. The link to the tweet is in the description.
00:20   “Tomorrow, Tuesday August 21st there will be the cruel Muslim ritual festival Eid al Kebir,
00:24   where [all over] the world millions of sheep and goats will have their throats slit,
00:27   without stunning, in the name of Allah. Alas, everywhere in France
00:33   an unacceptable exemption is authorizing this bloody and primitive sacrifice
00:37   (so: ‘primitive’, OK) during a ritual which will exterminate, by cutting the throat,
00:41   a huge number of two hundred and fifty thousand sheep in inhumane suffering
00:45   in the 21st century in a secular country. This day will be for me a day of mourning, of pain,
00:49   of revulsion and tears. Like every year, our foundation will be present at the illegal sites
00:53   to save as many sheep as possible (more than 400 in 2017).”
00:58   So she said that it was ‘inhuman’ and she said that it was ‘primitive’. OK.
01:02   So we’ll be discussing it right away. First of all, before giving my opinion
01:06   I would like to tell you that in fact today huge companies, giant companies
01:10   are industrializing [sic] meat from everywhere that was killed by gun.
01:14   Pork, goat, mutton, chicken, lamb, any meat! Everything is mixed.
01:19   In the slaughterhouses we don’t even know in what conditions, people who work there,
01:23   in the slaughterhouses, are my witnesses. Just look it up on the internet: they mix the animals
01:28   with their bones, the fat, everything, everything; it’s extremely disgusting! If you eat
01:31   salami [unintelligible] I could tell you that it’s really extremely disgusting. If you are eating
01:35   while watching this video, watch what you’re eating. Careful what you’re eating, guys,
01:40   I promise you it’s in disgusting conditions: we’re made to eat s**t. So to that lady
01:43   who says we slit the throat of those animals in an inhuman way: I’ll tell you something. I treat
01:47   this window like a window. I treat an animal like an animal. I don’t mistreat it: I handle it.
01:53   So, you need to listen well, you need to interpret correctly, because the little whiners —
01:56   I’ve had enough of them. Voilà. We’ll treat it as an animal. When an animal has its throat cut
02:00   we, in Islam, voilà, I’ll give you what we, in Islam, how we do it. Me, before,
02:04   I have been an eyewitness, I slaughtered a sheep with my father. When we said Allahu Akhbar
02:08   he was CONSENTING. He did like that. He gave his throat. It was as if
02:12   he was CONSENTING. OK? So voilà, so we killed it, voilà, we cut its throat, we didn’t kill it.
02:17   Voilà. So all in all voilà it was in good conditions, in the cleanliness, the meat is good.
02:21   Voilà. So people who say that it’s simply unacceptable and so on,
02:25   I find that it’s really NOT LOGICAL AT ALL. Because in fact
02:29   she’s simply against what she describes. Because, voilà, unless she’s vegatalian [sic], but
02:32   I don’t give a s**t, you respect the choices of others. The pigs that have their throats cut,
02:35   the pigs that are killed by gun [imaginary example of infidel practices]. For example,
02:38   nobody talks about [the fact] that we’re eating industrially [produced meat].
02:41   So why is she opening her mouth? I’m sure she’s from the right wing or from a thing like that.
02:45   I think that she’s from the right wing in France or something like that. So voilà. Answering you,
02:48   Madame Brigitte, think a little about what you’re saying. Because one doesn’t treat something
02:51   ‘inhumanely’, one treats it like it is. I treat a child like a child.
02:54   I treat a window like a window. I treat an animal like an animal.
02:58   So voilà. You have to be thinking. Not spreading hatred. Those are messages
03:02   which want to give, which want to offer racism to people. This is what creates racism.
03:06   This is what creates racism: people like her. So I ask you to reflect before criticizing religions.
03:10   I respect all religions. All my followers who aren’t Muslims, we are together, guys.
03:13   We are together. So voilà: Christians, Catholics,
03:16   Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Monotheists. Whatever you want. We are together.
03:19   We are together, me and my followers. And the small whiners who want to say something, tell
03:23   them that, we’ll see, we’ll discuss it. Just talk with no insults. So we’ll see which people will
03:27   offer an opinion, and who may be able to change my mind. And voilà. We’ll see all that. Give your
03:31   arguments, me, it’s with all my heart, just with respect, with no insults. Guys, I count on you.
03:36   Voilà it’s the end of this video, I hope you liked it, give your opinion in the comments section.
03:39   I count on you. The link for the tweet will be in the description; comment and share
03:43   and follow if you’re new. And voilà. No insults, guys, or I’ll ban you,
03:48   because those subjects are sensitive subjects and we don’t make jokes about that.

15 thoughts on “Brigitte Bardot is a WAYCIST!

  1. Is it a problem with my browser or have the GOV videos been mixed up lately? I clicked on this Brigett Bardot one and I get a video on people leaving California.

    • It’s a problem with certain browsers. I don’t remember which ones are prone to it, but not all of them are. To make it more annoying, it doesn’t happen all the time.

  2. Typical testimony of an intellectually challenged muslim. Yes of course, chicken are killed by gun( 12 gauge), pigs by submachine gun, and salami is made of chicken,goat and porc and lamb. And he is right when the production of sausages is concerned: you simply do not want to know! But a lesson on hygiene from muslims? Wash your left hand first. On the other hand, this is one reason for the poverty of those countries: they do not plan ahead in order to have preserved food in winter, they rather raided and killed neighbor tribes to survive. And of course he has jewish friends and catholics too, honestly. Last but not least the invitation to discuss.Sorry but I am already booked out that day. No joke.

    • His logic:
      A sheep is an animal and it’s permissible to kill an animal cruelly. Therefore, it’s permissible to kill an animal cruelly.

      The sheep knew it was going to be killed, and presented its throat voluntarily because it knew it’s killer was a Muslim. Therefore, it’s permissible to kill an animal cruelly.

      Non-Halal meats are mixed up with each other, and are not produced by Muslims who testify that the meat is halal. Therefore, it’s permissible to kill an animal cruelly.

      Speaking against anything Muslims do encourages racism and bad thinking. This Muslim has Christian, Catholic, and atheist friends. Therefore, it’s permissible to kill an animal cruelly.

      They don’t really kill the animals. They simply slit their throats and allah is the one who kills them Therefore, blah, blah, blah.

  3. It’s just PRACTICE.
    ………ALL that throat-cutting.

    They are getting ready………………… do it……………………… YOU.

    Don’t believe me? Really? Just read their book.

  4. And so, the culture clash begins, where an arrogant, complacent west believes it can dictate the terms and conditions that Islamics must comply with to be permitted to live in Europe. When Muslims reach critical mass; the position will be reversed.

  5. In any case I am against animal rights. I think human rights is enough a perverted and satanic religion. Animal rights just seems even dumber to me. The idol worshippers should not have been allowed to enter, all their fests are equally wrong, it is not just the slaughtering of some sheeps which is horrendous. It is dreadful to let them gather together to spread their lies on God. It is not just their clothing and costumes to be worrying: it is their existence in the same country which is impossible in the long time of centuries to endure. Muslim are not all bad, it is their philosophy to be against Christ and this is enough in a society of Truth, not to let them organize to gain political power. But in an atheist world they will be easily get stronger without nobody stopping them.

  6. Notice that the retard ends his rambling dissertation with a threat. It is, as always, the way of the Umma. One sometimes wonders what should be done about this collection of evolutionary throwbacks – perhaps a little knuckle rapping with extreme prejudice might do the trick but one doubts it. A Martel or Sobieski solution is probably the best resolution. Man up, Europe, and the rest of the Caucasian Ecumene, it has been done before and can be done again.

    • I actually don’t see a physical threat in his diatribe, just a threat to ban trolls and those who use personal insults. It’s actually the best part of the long polemic…actually, not that long; it just seems like it.

  7. Islamic argument: if you disagree with Islamic practices your a racist, [even] if you present your argument in a logical calm non-threating manner. This hands-off to say anything negative about Islam? You can come out negative about capitalist practices, communist practices, without being called a racist.

    Islam is not a race; it is not an individual. It is a group of ideas. Ideas can be discussed, debated, proven wrong or right. If practices of mass butchering animals in yards, bathtubs, on rooftops is unclean, unregulated. People who eat this meat can become sick, then it is the job of the government to protect people from their own stupid behavior. Everyone urinates and defecates, but it should not be performed in the street and left there for others to clean up.

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