Surrender, High Treason and Language Fatigue

Surrender, High Treason and Language Fatigue

by Seneca III

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has declared Germany “is a nation of immigrants and will remain so”, asserting: “There are no half or whole Germans, no biological or ‘new’ Germans”…

“Racism and discrimination violate human dignity and damage our democracy,” he continued, claiming: “Immigration has taken place because we have repeatedly asked people to come — a situation which will continue to be true in the future.”…

“There are no Germans who are ‘on probation’ and having to earn their rights in society again and again because their [citizenship] could be revoked on the basis of alleged misconduct,” the president said, insisting that there are “no half or whole, no biological or ‘new’ Germans; there are no first— or second-class citizens, no right or wrong neighbours.”

From: Breitbart London — German President Declares There Are ‘No Native Germans, We Are a Nation of Immigrants’ by Virginia Hale, 25th August 2018

Perusing the global media on a daily basis, one becomes so weary of the endless iterations of the deconstructionist oxymora ‘Racism!’, ‘Hate Crime!’, ‘Human Dignity!’, ‘Discrimination!’, ‘White Privilege!’, ‘Cultural Appropriation!’, ‘Alleged Misconduct!’ ‘Xenophobia!’, ‘Islamophobia’ and the rest of the juvenile effluent spewing from the mouths of the butterfly horde of the emotionally incontinent and intellectually destitute.

That these disinformation peddlers should populate every nook and cranny of Europe’s Political Estate, its Enforcement Arms, Academia and what once was known as the Mainstream Media but is now nothing more than a set of comic books for the vicarious entertainment of the perceptually retarded should profoundly alarm all rational native citizens. Collectively, this assault on and insult to our intelligence is nothing less than the implantation of poisonous mind-worms, the spawn of a malignant ideological plague that eventually will leave the Black Death looking like a minor outbreak of infection.

In the UK the overriding problem is none of those spurious assertions; it is the current imbalance between population density, available space, sustainable resources and a commonality of purpose created by Europeans for their use according to their needs, not as a source of bottomless largesse for the human detritus of every failed, unrelentingly primitive society on planet Earth.

It comes down to understanding the reason why, five hundred years ago, Europe began to race ahead of the rest of the world in the creation of viable self-sustaining nation states, engineering, art and technology. The reason is that the intellectual development of Europe was far more advanced than that of the rest of the global population outside of Oriental Asia, and if we are to make it intact through these times of enforced reverse evolution we must recognize that reality.

Geography, history and chance conjoined to evolve the advanced humans of Europe; the lack of melanin in our skin is an evolutionary adaption to climate. It is not a creator of privilege, but simply a reaction to diminished levels of ultraviolet radiation. It is pointless castigating Europeans for being white; in all situations what goes on between the ears of Homo sapiens sapiens is the defining factor, not the hue of the dermal envelope that contains them.

Thus, irrespective of faux claims of ‘enrichment’ and other fairy tales, all non-European incomers must be refused further entry without redress or appeal because the survival of long-heritage native populations can only be ensured by the reduction and eventual complete ejection of the byproducts of cultures that have failed to develop in parallel with us.

Furthermore, the overall population of these chill, windswept islands in the North Atlantic needs drastically reducing, perhaps by as much as half, not increasing, and the most humane way to achieve this is by closing the ‘In’ door and opening the ‘Out’ door with very strong incentives for all non-indigenous parasites and predators, legal or illegal or otherwise, to depart post haste.

The unavoidable alternative is that the worst aspects of our animal nature will surface as a survival imperative kicks in and we metaphorically start consuming each other as do rats that have been free range breeding in a closed environment with only a finite supply of food and water.

If you think that the preceding is over the top, go visit Paris. On the streets, look around as you wade near ankle deep through human excrement and try to avoid the attentions of the feral proto-humans that predate upon all and sundry, then move on and go watch the public grope-and rape-fests at traditional German cultural events in order to fully comprehend your racist enlightenment.

Go to London and walk around in the East End and south London far from the safe, gated communities of the Politicals, the gilded Banksters and the affluent chattering Middle Classes on the cheap wine, weird cheese and rubber-chicken circuit and watch the same breed of feral proto-humans butchering each other and anyone else with gay abandon in the interests of expanding their lucrative drug empires as the poisonous Muslim dwarf currently polluting the office of Mayor blames everyone and everything else rather than the cultural inclinations of the imported perpetrators.

Go to the northern Occupied Territories and see if you can find any white girl-children who have not at the very least been approached on the streets by 7th century inbreds with a view to being ‘groomed’ for sexual slavery… if you dare commit such a hate crime by entering into the now protected Sharia enclaves of the Religion of Death, Slavery and Atrocity and pose seminal questions, that is.

Whatever — we are past the point of no return, and this is our future, mine and yours and the whole of Europe’s, unless we stop this suicidal nonsense, focus and take our countries back and rebuild them irrespective of the temporary cost in blood and bullion.

“Don’t you notice, too, how our ancestors took away all odium from the master’s position and all that seemed insulting or degrading in the lot of the slave by calling the master ‘father of the household’ and speaking of the slaves as ‘members of the household’… And in the household they allowed the slaves to hold official positions and to exercise some jurisdiction in it; in fact they regarded the household as a miniature republic.”

Lucius Anneaus Seneca — ‘Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium’, Letter XLVII, circa AD 60

— Seneca III, on first day of the annual carnage known as the Notting Hill Carnival, this 25th of August 2018.

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38 thoughts on “Surrender, High Treason and Language Fatigue

  1. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has declared, “Immigration has taken place because we have repeatedly asked people to come.”

    Yes, this hospitality to outlanders is of long standing, ever since the days of Arminius (aka, Herman the German), when swarthy, uppity Etruscans were welcomed into the Teutonic forests in 9 A.D.:

    Here is a poem memorializing that multicultural encounter:
    The line „Mögen sie nur kommen!“ is loosely translated as ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

    • The Etruscans were noted builders. Might one suggest that they were valued for that?

  2. The denial, delusions and deceit of these leftist politicians is absolutely astounding! My God man! What is it going to take for them to understand that they have imported civil war into Germany and western Europe??!! Now it is just a matter of a short period of time where one incident will throw the whole country into a bloody warzone.

    Well I guess they will understand when the torches and pitchfork crowd who are in no mood for understanding, dialogue and appeasement come for them for a traitors fate.

    • Isn’t going to happen. Especially in Germany is it not going to happen. Look at how tenuous is the AfD party. That is the best indicator for the future.

      Here’s a recent news article on Germany:

      While leftists in the U.S. call Trump “Hitler”, German politicians warn of a Trump outcome in Germany. It would be funny if it weren’t so opportunist and alarmist.

      • I wouldn’t be to sure of that Dymph. You don’t know the Germans the way I do. In general they are nice easygoing people. But they still carry the Teutonic genes of their ancestors. Once those genes start to act up all their pent up fury will be unleashed like “the hounds of war” and things could turn very ugly very quickly as happened many times before in German history.
        At this point in time all they need now is just one charismatic figure to rally around and the show is on.
        At the moment I don’t see such a figure yet but “cometh the hour, cometh the man”.

        • That charisma died with Hitler. Besides, the hour has come and no one showed up; if he suddenly appeared now, he’d be silenced real quick.

          The takeover’s a done deed by now.

          • First; nothing is ever truly dead in Germany.

            Second; you are contradicting yourselves, yesterday you stated “I refuse to say there is no hope for Europe. However, some countries appear to be in worse shape than others, just as some American states seem worse off.”

    • The Promotion of Falsehoods – that is the theme of these politicians.

      The late Peter Sutherland of UN dictated bossily:
      “migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way.”

      The UN’s propaganda film proclaimed three falsehoods as if they were settled fact:

      Migration is Inevitable
      Migration is Necessary
      Migration is Desirable

      The Swedish television propaganda film, “The New Country”, showing a succession of black, brown, and yellow faces, dictated menacingly:

      “There is no way back.
      Sweden will never be what it once was.
      ….but the old Swedes have [to] integrate as well.”

      The Irish government’s propaganda film “Ireland 2040 – Our Plan” shows white Irish faces divided half and half with brown and black faces while the voiceover says:

      “We are a country that is diverse, growing, and changing.”

      All these politicians are singing from the Brazen Falsehood Songsheet.

      Message to all pastors, including secular:

      “Wake the flock up.”

  3. After being a daily reader of Gates of Vienna and other truth blogs, I agree with Lady Dymphna 100%. There is no hope for Europe I’m sad to say. Every day it just keeps getting worse.

    • I refuse to say there is no hope for Europe. However, some countries appear to be in worse shape than others, just as some American states seem worse off.

    • …”There is no hope for Europe”..
      Would you be more precise SVP ?
      There is no one Europe..
      Europe fortunately is deeply divided along the lines East-West…
      Living along border with newly awaken ,neighboring Beast i have to say most of the analyzes presented here, lacking knowledge and inside info what’s really going one in Europe..particularly in Germany…sources all of this mess..Perhaps due to the facts that most of the “think tank” people caring this site live out of Europe..
      “Illegal immigration ” is just “smoke screen”….and will be taken care in the right time with precise proficiency like in the past.. It is a social and political move by Germany which is designed and used to obtain totally different objectives and goals..

  4. As I understand there are NO GERMANS – no, none! Germans are an extinct nation – they are no more!

    Then the dude said:”Immigration has taken place because WE !!? have repeatedly asked people to come”. WHO IS WE? WE cannot refer to Germans because there is NO GERMAN anywhere any more according to this lunatic.
    So “immigrants” repeatedly asked “poor refugees” to come, to rape women, to attack people who have always lived in Germany, to murder, to mug, to steal, to wreak havoc on Germany…..
    This Stonesomething is the president of Germany. Who elected him? Immigrants? Is he together with “WE” the owner of Germany?
    Just wondering

    • Ah yes, those remarks of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier….

      No old or new Germans? Clearly there are many millions of perfectly German people who at present merely happen to be living in the middle east or north Africa Or wherever who have not yet chosan to go or thought of going to TO Germany.

      How odd to imagine that the entire population in Germany really does not matter at all, not even if they can speak German.

    • You made a good point here! The use of WE is deceitful and treacherous. And even leftists would say: not we but big capital is behind it all, importing the ” industrial reserve army”(K.Marx). This proves wrong because those people flooding in are of no use in a technologically advanced country, not even in a less advanced country from where they flee by millions.

  5. And there is more….

    If a thousand years of being German, and builders of things, does not matter, it follows logically that a thousand years of being takers of things made or built by others does not matter either.

    Could this be the consolation prize for progressives, who have only been in the theft business so to speak for a bit over a century?

    • ..”theft business a bit over century:…
      Much longer….500 years continuously …and become Life style most of the Western Europe Nations..Russians as well..Existence whole of the West depend on it…

        • That was my answer and question posed to Seneca regarding his statement. Waiting for an answer
          If you wish I may present my opinion regarding my above opinion.

        • Do you know German structure of power ? This a key…
          Merkel is nothing else just a simple pazzi…Serving and appointed to be a conduit between Power circle and masses..

      • Theft activity by nations or cultures has probably existed however long there have been nations or cultures, much more than your suggested 500 years.

        Theft by progressive idealogy would not have happened before there were progressive ideologies.

        I might suggest that societies enjoyed the virtue signalling of these ideas long before beginning to notice the accumulating consequences of these ideas.

        • There are European Nations, who from Conquest, Colonization, Enslavement, etc., made a tool own sustainability and existence.

          I agree that in the past and time non-ideological History existed similar precedences. But we are talking now about National entities in Europe. [The] National map of Europe started to take geopolitical shape somewhere in the XVI century. That’s where all it started, and accumulated to highest pick as a Second World War.

          Europe again is in the period of the ” new rearrangement”.

          • There is no past “non-ideological history”. Any account of history, including that of the losing side, is founded on an ideology. Man is a social animal, but one with a brain so that means we make up social stories – ideologies – to explain our behavior.

            Yes, Europe is foundering under the weight of poor decisions, but that’s what humans do: lurch from periods of great unrest brought on by people blinded by their own ideology. We have the same problems, cast in a different color, in the U.S. And South America has its share of disasters, as does Australia and the rest of Oceania, and the Indian Continent, plus China. And don’t forget Russia’s predilections for securing itself by conquering its near-abroad.

            In other words, there is no safe harbor.

          • re: Dymphna
            Sorry, but i don’t buy your rhetoric and narration ..
            Sorry for having politically uncorrected to your side view, and my own opinions.
            No harm to your side intended …i/m just surprised how frankly talk can trigger such a hostility…

        • I do not understand Goral so I will skip on to a generality that interests me.

          I may say that the old conquests in or by most Europeans were of one society upon the territory of another.

          The new pattern may now be of conquests by one’s neighbors from within one’s own nation and town, neighbors who one might never have recognized as enemies. Disgruntled and unhappy people who smile and say hi every day. Who knew they wanted what little we have?

          Politics and burglary may be MUCH more alike than we like to think.

  6. Hell is coming to Europe. I reckon around any time between now and 2030AD. What amazes me is the lack of reaction among the populace in UK and the rest of EU. What will it take for them to finally shout “Enough!” of this Communist “Utopian” madness? London itself is now a “No Go” zone for many that work there and already people are fleeing Khan’s hell-hole. One major incident or two may well light the blue touch paper. In short if we are to survive, then we must rise up en masse. I am not hopeful for the future at all. I am glad I am in the autumn of my years and a pension.

  7. Echoes of Trudeaus “a Canadian is a Canadian, is a Canadian”, when referencing Omar Khadr. They must be reading from the same play book.

  8. A good rant! I agree with every word but one, “predate”. Sorry to be pedantic but the correct word is “prey” and the correct phrase is “prey upon” not “predate upon”.

    • You are correct, dunroamin, all though the OED carries the word in an hyphenated form ‘pre-date’.
      True, ‘Predator’ and ‘predation’ are nouns that do not have a verb form in common English usage so one re-learns a little something every day
      Falling into bad habits is a habit of mine but those habits can often result in the introduction of neologisms, English being the dynamic language that it is.
      Thanks for rattling my cage.

      • Prey is both a noun and a verb.

        Consider the following sentences for example:

        The hawk preys upon smaller birds.

        A child asks the hawk “Hawk why do you prey upon smaller birds ,it seems unjust?”

        Smaller birds are the rightful prey of the hawk.

        In the first two sample sentences preys and prey are different tenses of the verb to prey.

        In the third sentence prey is a noun.

  9. Why even bother with the German language in that part of Europe? Using the same logic it has no more validity than Swahili, Arabic or Russian. It’s just historic happenstance that it is spoken there and true multi-cultural societies require more than one language.

  10. Hmmmm, not so fast. Sdneca III is perhaps on the vanguard of changes to the English language. He is using a verb form of “predation” and the rest may follow soon.

    EVERYTHING that is regarded as right in ANY language was once regarded as wrong.

  11. Is China going to be the last nation in the Dar al-Harb?
    Or maybe us and the Russians and Chinese?

    Gloomy times ahead.

  12. “Weird cheese”, SIII? I guess you must mean the (preferably) unpasteurised French stuff that has some real flavour!

    “The annual carnage known as the Notting Hill Carnival”? I’ve not attended for some years, but never felt unsafe when I did. Anecdote aside, the crime rate per capita at the Carnival is lower than the average for a similar number of Londoners going about their usual activities.

    A few days ago, I passed through Tottenham Court Road tube station, and saw an unusual busker: a pretty black girl of about twenty, possibly a music student, playing Irish reels on an electric violin; I had no spare change for her, but got a lovely smile anyway. Maybe she was guilty of “cultural appropriation”, but I didn’t feel threatened at all.

    • Well, OK. I’ll just have to accept that whilst as of 9.15pm yesterday, Sunday, there had been 126 arrests at the Carnival for offences including theft, criminal damage, sexual offences, common assault, assault on police, possession of offensive weapons, and possession of drugs, these happenings were just normal for that vibrant, multicultural metropolis and nothing whatsoever to do with the joyous event.

      However, I will acknowledge that these numbers are down a bit on last year, probably due to the torrential rain, the 6-7000 police officers deployed at tax payer’s expense and the many knife detecting arches which collectively must have deterred a percentile of the usual celebrants from either attending or bringing their toys to the party. Also, no reports of steaming this year which must be a bit of a let -down for the aficionados of enrichment. Today is expected to have much better weather one understands, so we will just wait and see if the fun crowd can better yesterday’s total.

    • Well, Mark H, despite your well-meaning claim to the contrary the reality is that as of 11.59pm on Monday night there were 395 arrests over the course of the weekend. On top of Sunday’s effort 142 people were arrested for drug offences, 69 for carrying weapons, 18 for assaulting a police officer, 12 for assault and nine for sexual offences and thirty police officers were injured in the line of duty.

      If as you suggest the crime rate per capita at the Carnival is lower than the average for a similar number of Londoners going about their usual activities then we really are deep in the multiculi poo poo, despite the best attentions of Afro-Celtic electric violinists.

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