Qassam Rockets and Incendiary Kites

I received an email this morning from our Israeli correspondent MC, who lives in Sderot:

Hi Baron,

The noise started around 2:00am last night with a couple of explosions which could have been ours or theirs; there was no alarm. That came later, and in spades.

It is Shabbat, so the news desks are not working to full capacity, and we just don’t know.

We have had incoming missiles and Iron Dome intercepts all morning. It is seven o’clock, and we have had seven intercepts just in Sderot.

We have also had the outgoing artillery. It is very reminiscent of 2014: I expect Hamas is broke again and needs to kill a few joooz in order to get a top-up of blood money from the likes of Norway and Qatar.

Conditions in Gaza must be appalling. Their lifeblood is being spent by their feudal landlords chasing a (pseudo-religious) pipe dream.

The government here must now make up their minds. After weeks of provocations, they must do something. Their predecessors made a deal with the devil and we have all suffered as a consequence.

The Hamas leadership cowers under a hospital, defended by world opinion, yes, the opinion of American (liberal) socialists and fellow travellers, the Hillaries and Bernies and their ilk. They may not be lighting the blue touch paper, but when they scream “disproportionate response,” they enable war crimes. Whilst the Europeans send in the resources under the disguise of “humanitarian aid”. In the hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

In the warped world of leftist politics, Jews, especially Israeli Jews, are not human. If you prick them they do not bleed. Because they are Untermenschen they have no human rights, so the idea of self defense has no credibility.

So Hamas reverts to 8th-century crop burning and the world applauds their inventiveness. When Sherman marched to the sea, his aim was to destroy the economy of the Southern states, to cause starvation and lawlessness. This was a huge war crime, the nuances of which were hidden behind the self-righteousness of the ‘emancipation’. Did anybody stop to count how many of those ‘liberated’ slaves starved to death?

And all the time that Hamas throws its childish tantrums, Israel is supplying food, natural gas and electricity.

It really is time to throw the switches.

News stories about the latest Israeli response:

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

23 thoughts on “Qassam Rockets and Incendiary Kites

  1. MC, this very well may be the End of Days. This was posted on Rapture this morning:
    We know that the media is bought and paid for, I have known that for the past 50+ years from my experience debating US foreign policy in high school. The Ezekiel 38-39 hordes may already have been assembled. What you describe may be the opening salvo as the PA/Hamas/Hezbollah leadership has realized that Trump will not play as Obama did and is talking to Putin and may offer Putin a better deal than what he can get from Erdogan & Co. It is written that YAH will put a hook in Gog’s mouth and drag him down (kicking and screaming possibly) to the Dead Sea salt marshes and hills of Judea to put him out of YAH’s misery. Take heart MC, He Who watches Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps and is fully aware of what is taking place. Besides, how can you indict, let alone try someone in court, unless they have done something wrong? I sketched a cartoon for Dymphna showing Satan and Mahomet as the Bar with the Bailiff preparing to read the charges against them. The unrolled scroll went down to the floor and out the door of the courtroom, with the charges written in fine print so that the Bailiff needed his glasses to read the indictment. Don’t worry, the case against Satan and his ilk will be going to the Grand Jury very shortly. we both know the outcome so take heart bro.

    • It was always written as part of the instructions on British fireworks for Guy Fawkes “light blue touch paper and stand well back”

  2. The Israelis, five months ago offered a billion dollar full reconstruction plan for Gaza with every sort of aid and all that is demanded is that the Palestinian Authority (yes, those who give big checks to the families of those who murder Israeli children) should take charge of the area rather than Hamas. The ‘inhumanity’ of the Israelis is the most humane inhumanity in history.

  3. So the bombing was for flying fire kites, and for Palestinians causing trouble by getting shot at the “border” ?

    This is all I am able to make out from this so far, that is without reading a more diverse journalism on the subject.

    Incidentally, while Gaza is blockaded with two million people inside, including Israeli naval blockade (so please don’t finger Egypt as the naval blockade denies access directly to international waters ) Israel is OBLIGED towards, and RESPONSIBLE for, the wellbeing of that population. There is no other way to look at this unless you condone death camps.

    Do you ?

    I really do not think Palestinians consider much anything Israel does as being a favour, just a further humiliation and insult.

    • Which came first the missiles or the blockade?

      Maybe a bit of research needed here, at the moment you are finding excuses for WARCRIMES! and using fake news to justify your views.

      • What timeline do you want to use to judge with – decade, a century, a millenia or two ?

        After that we can start talking.

        My point was that the latest Israeli salvo was not a resonable retaliation to most current overt activity.

        If you read up even Israeli commentators are saying that Israel will use force to break the current impasse.

        No fake news as far as I am aware, though I am not on the ground there to verify I do my best to stick to known facts – obviously I am not going to portray a complete picture because I do not have them all.

        No one does.

          • I know, and I don’t agree with indiscriminate acts of violence or destruction either.

            I and friends were in Kuwait just prior to/during the Iraqi invasion, some of us were evacuated beforehand, some joined the “happy hostage” club. One family of close friends lived in AC ducting for a week before being captured. Even a while prior to that we could hear the bombardments at night on the Iran/Iraq border.Have had many other related contacts in the region. So am no stranger to how the middle east works at that level…I guess that counts for most inhabitants of the region… maybe only UAE and Oman have not seen conflict of some kind up close in recent times.

            Which is why I stepped back and studied the bigger picture, to look for a deeper sense of what was and is going on. That does not make me any authority, it does not mean that a person in any circumstance there can just take my view and say “Oh well then”.

            I just speak from the position from which I observe the whole now, cannot – or would not – do different, as that is my place in its reality.

    • We all know that the Palestinians are not just walking around the border when they get shot at…

      • …if it is a border. I lose track of who recognises the where and why of the delimitations, even whether Israel and Palestine ( whatever either are imagined to be) are technically at war, occupying, and so on.

        However if you place a border, you shoot this side of it, not the other. So Israel is saying any fence placed is just a line in the sand, that its dominion extends beyond and others should know this. This message obviously rubs with a lot of people, is expansive in nature, and because three quarters of the muslim world will contest any Israeli border (in spite of whatever leaders broker), leaves Israel with a lot of “dominionating” to do.

        Which is why my position is that Israel make concessions by withdrawing to older llines and seek full international recognition of a smaller state. Obviously not the deal of the century, and it would mean taking many knocks on the chin, but I think it is more honourable and would gain more respect than teaching neighbouring people that God is not on their side. Different principles.

        Either way, firstly I do not live there to make/suffer those choices, and secondly there is no way now that Israel will take that route.

        So it is just my voice of disagreement, my explanation of why I and many others disagree with the Israeli approach and do not support it, and in spite of all Israeli reasoning/excuses find it arrogant in nature and unbalanced in practice.

        Beyond that it is not for me to say, and yet I am speaking all the same – the reason for that being that the world is a much smaller place than it once was, where the ripples from any region now reach far and wide.

        • There is nothing more arrogant than Hamas, which routinely violates borders everywhere.

          Somehow, Israel is supposed to ignore continued depredations against her sovereignty?

          You say, the ripples from any region now reach far and wide and I agree. Saudi Arabia is finally recognizing the wisdom of making strategic alliances with Israel. That’s one “ripple”.

          • Hamas and many other regional peoples/forces/powers/nations do not recognise Israeli sovereignty or borders.


            And so the argument continues.

            The Saudi strategic alliance is firstly with the US and is pitted primarily against/in defence from the Shia world, and to maintain trade. That includes the high level arrangements sought with Egypt, which are not fully reflected at local level in Egypt. Israel enters the equation in that mixture, it has to as a nuclear state facing off Shia aligned force, however the long game is something else, and what is achievable or the result over the next few decades yet another.

            For example, you could say the results of invading Iraq were planned to be this way, or that they are a disaster based on failure of recognising the nature of the middle east . Same goes for many other interventions. Egypt is unstable, not just because of politics but also economics, same goes for Jordan now which is under vatious pressures. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran also. So to me the idea of Saudi, run by a future king who has managed to alienate a large part of own hierarchy, striking an allegiance with Israel as a solution to anything does not settle what is actually in motion, it is an option and one that might easily backfire in any number of ways, even if it were sincere.

            I don’t know where it is all headed, I know the overall aims of some, I know how practical realities ( e.g. populations, religion, loyalties etc. ) get in the way.

            Which is why I take the approach of solving one problem ( e.g. fair recognition of Israel/Palestine) at a time, instead of (endlessly?) looking for a global solution. Doesn’t make me right and you wrong, and I can agree to disagree.

        • So you find Israel’s reasoning/excuses arrogant and unbalanced…
          Perhaps you should take into account the fact that Israel’s enemies are eager participants in a self-declared supremacist “religion” that would gladly kill and enslave all non-participants, including yourself, despite your “philosophy of understanding”.
          But don’t worry, you will be quite safe while you are not in the vicinity of this religion’s epicentre.

          • So we are into body counts now… “you win”. My attention is more drawn towards the traitorous political class in my own countries (sic) who are happy to give away their own nations, forcefully submitting their own people to loss, or the elites who are content in profiting from arming the region, and joining in the warfest that is sending millions (of migrants) this way.

            With friends like those who needs enemies?

  4. The ‘border fence’ fence is 200 mters inside Israel, so your argument holds no weight.

    • Well firstly that is besides the point that if you erect a visible demarcation then that will always be first reference, not someone hoping he measured the right number of meters his side, or else. That is plain common sense, whether you call the line a boundary or not. ” I put a fence here don’t come near it” sounds paranoid or deceptive.

      As for the demarcation line position , well there is google maps marking it within the barrier on the northern border or older original drawn maps without great detail, or even

      which would suggest people are trying to shift the demarcation southwards ( it fits on most of the rest with the fence).

      Apparently the precise measures are guarded ?

      If you find a definitive source though, let know.

      • How about a definitive source right outside his front door?

        There is a grace to be had in discerning when it’s time to let go.

        • So you suggest he return to where he came from?

          That will suit others who wish to do the same.

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