Welcome to the Islamic People’s Republic of Amsterdam

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on the latest political news from The Netherlands: the appointment of a commie chick as the mayor of Amsterdam.

Welcome to the islamic people’s republic of Amsterdam

by H. Numan

Amsterdam lost its mayor Eberhard van der Laan; he died last year. Eberhard was temporarily replaced by Jozias van Aartsen. This gentleman was the mayor of The Hague. Under his capable administration that city acquired its first banlieues. He continued the good work in Amsterdam. Until a new mayor was appointed, which is now. Habemus papam, we got one! It will be Femke Halsema. She was leader of Green Left, and that party won the elections.

Now, that looks clear enough, and democratic on first sight. But in Holland most things are somewhat different on second sight, especially in politics. Not everything is what it seems. We have municipal elections, and you vote for persons, not for parties. So far, so good. Here comes the snake in the grass: you can’t vote for a mayor. Or even which alderman actually represents you in the city council.

That is decided beyond firmly closed doors by the parties. Yes, it’s possible for a popular politician to be elected with preferential votes, but that’s not the norm. Everybody in The Netherlands knows “had-je-me-maar”. Roughly translated as ‘you wished you got me’. His real name was Cornelis de Gelder, and he was a tramp with a severe alcohol problem. He ran in 1921 for office, more or less as a joke. He was elected nevertheless. Back then the people were just as fed up with back-room politics as we are today. (He never took his seat in the council, as he was sentenced for drunkenness to a rehabilitation clinic prior to his election.)

So it does happen, just not often. The normal procedure is that the most the likely parties get together and negotiate a deal. As long as it pleases the lords regent, that is. In Rotterdam the party Leefbaar won by a landslide and was boycotted out of office. That’s how the council is formed. Electing a mayor is a very different story. Mayors in The Netherlands aren’t elected, but appointed by the king. The king himself doesn’t decide who becomes mayor; he merely appoints the preferred candidate. Not even the national parties do that. Though they, of course, are in the know. It’s the local parties who decide. Again, behind firmly closed doors. Who, what and how that is decided is none of your business! In fact, when a journalist got hold of information about the new mayor of ’s Hertogenbosch, the city filed criminal charges with the Rijksrecherche (our FBI).

Amsterdam has always been a bit different. It was the last city to join the revolt against Spain, for example. It always had strong communist and socialist parties. Since WW2 the mayor has always been a socialist. That’s a bit difficult now that party is in severe decline. The new kid on the block is GreenLeft (former communist party), which won the municipal elections.

The results: GreenLeft 10 seats, D66: 8 seats, PvdA: 5 seats, Socialist Party: 3 seats, Conservatives (VVD): 6 seats, Forum for Democracy (FvD): 3 seats, Denk (a branch of the Turkish AK party): 3 seats, the other parties combined (including the CDA): 7 seats.

GreenLeft calls the shots. They immediately boycotted a council with FvD and the VVD in it. They wanted, and got, a near-communist council. Of course they invited everybody who cared to apply for the position of mayor. In real life, Rutger Groot-Wassink, the leader of GL Amsterdam, is the kingmaker. He decided the next mayor must be a socialist or better, and a woman. No one else needed to apply. With hope of succeeding, that is. Who is Groot-Wassink? If you search online, you won’t find much. He prefers to operate in the shadow behind the scenes. He represents the extreme left wing of GL. If you’re looking for a possible/likely link between Antifa, anarchism, vegan terrorism and jihad, look no further. I can’t accuse the man of anything, but he’s a very likely candidate to begin your research with.

Now about Femke Halsema. If there was an Oscar for hypocrites, she would easily win it. She resigned from politics exactly one day after she was entitled a full parliamentary pension. Dutch parliamentarians who serve twelve years or longer get a full pension. She retired mid-term the very next day.

Femke has a hobby. She likes old cars. A bit unusual for women, but there you go. Her favorite is not a Trabant, as you might expect, but a good old Mercedes 200 Diesel. The real thing, without filters. She much prefers that old rust barrel over the party-provided environmentally correct Toyota Prius. That’s a tad hypocritical, to say the least. Because caring for the environment is the cornerstone in ‘green’ politics. But, as GL stated, “that is a non-political issue”. A bit of old hat now, she sold the old rust barrel some years ago. Point is, that GreenLeft absolutely loves to pester anyone with an old car — except for the nomenklatura.

Femke is the proud mother of two lovely children. A boy and a girl. They were send to a ‘black school’, of course. A ‘black school’ is the name for schools with a majority of colored children on it. Nowadays, muslim children. Those schools are usually in the poorer areas of cities and produce very bad results. Her children were harassed by aforementioned followers of the religion of peace. So what do you do? You move ’em out, pronto. That’s exactly what Femke did . Again, I don’t begrudge her the freedom to do so, but it’s somewhat hypocritical. Her arguments were impeccable. Just a pity she and her party don’t allow others the same freedom.

Amsterdam got finally a new working metro line, the north-south line. Our new lord mayoress will graciously open it. The celebration party costs just half a million euros . As long as it isn’t your money, who cares?

And lastly, when she cashed in and retired, she solemnly promised not to return to politics, no matter what. No senator’s seat for her, nor a mayor’s chain. Until she was offered the one chain that rules them all.

This lady is going to govern the biggest city in The Netherlands for at least six to ten years. In The Netherlands the mayor is pictured as ‘prima inter pares’. He or she is no more than the leader of the council. In real life, the mayor is head of the “triangle”. He’s the head of civilian authority, together with the chief of police and the district attorney. He controls the civilian administration in his town.

So in real life, Amsterdam just converted into a people’s republic. An islamic people’s republic, mind you. The only thing lacking is a muslim mayor, but Arnhem and Rotterdam make up for it.

By the way — since that election in March, a lot has changed for the worse. The PVV is effectively muzzled. The referendum law was abolished this week in the senate. Things are not looking good.

— H. Numan

17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Islamic People’s Republic of Amsterdam

  1. Well, that’s a return visit to what was once one of my favourite cities scratched off my bucket list.

    • I have visited Amsterdam numerous times over the last 3 and half decades, the change in atmosphere is now palpable.
      The last time I was there, just like Brussels and Athens, I observed aggressive Muslim males on the streets.
      This is a new development, there were Muslim males in these cities before but they generally kept a low profile, however numbers are now reaching a point, where the triumphalism inherent in Islam is becoming increasingly apparent – in short Muslim males now feel confident enough to swagger and ‘own’ streets.

      Just about every major Western European city has clusters, Amsterdam is around 12%, according to this list, which doesn’t sound like a great amount until one considers higher birthrates and mass immigration, means within a few generations they will have the roughly same number of children as the Dutch, similar scenarios play out in various major European cities.
      As Mark Steyn has remarked it’s not a question of if there’s Islamic rule in Amsterdam but what form it will take.

      Fjordman called it ‘beheading nations’.

      It doesn’t take much imagination to see Europe fracturing into religious city-states or the first European intifada originating in enclaves and no-go zones across Europe.

      • Thanks for reminding me of that Fjordman essay. Like so many of his, it is full of well-sourced warnings.

        Another good source – for Americans, at any rate, is Refugee Resettlement Watch. She says:

        …State Department resettlement contractors want 75,000 in the coming year. It looks like this year will barely break the 20,000 mark setting a record for the least number of refugees entering the US since the Refugee Act of 1980 was signed in to law by Jimmy Carter.

        Great news, right? But as Ann reminds us:

        …lowering the numbers is not enough. Once Donald Trump leaves office they will go full steam ahead to make up for ‘lost time.’ The law itself must be reformed and the first thing that must go is the resettlement contractors listed below!

        Here are the big nine ‘non-profit’ organizations that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US.

        I post these as often as I can because new readers need to know that these quasi-government groups (funded with taxpayer dollars) are also politically pushing for more immigration of all sorts (legal and illegal) in Washington—they are not simply refugee advocates and babysitters.

        The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! From most recent accounting, here.

        Church World Service (CWS) (71%)
        Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) (secular)(93%)
        Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) (99.5%)
        Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) (57%)
        International Rescue Committee (IRC) (secular) (66.5%)
        US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) (secular) (98%)
        Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) (97%)
        United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) (97%)
        World Relief Corporation (WR) (72.8%)

        See: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/

        A one-woman dynamo.

        • Ann is 110% correct – lowering the numbers is not enough – they must be reversed.

          I would start with all the Somali “refugees” in Minnesota who like to take vacations to the homeland on the US taxpayer’s dime.

          You could just wait for them to leave, then cancel their passports once they had entered Somalia. It would be as if they sent themselves back!

      • BTW, Thomas Bertonneau used to write for/edit Brussels Journal. I think it was after Paul Belien left for greener pastures.

        • Hello Dymphna, that’s an interesting site, thanks, I have opened a few pages to peruse later.

          The huge amounts of money involved, literally $billions over the last ten years, in order to resettle ‘refugees’ has corrupted many of these charities, if not all, it would appear.
          Many now operate, like the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, as advocates for mass Muslim immigration and the subsequent Islamisation or in pc jargon, the “progressive enculturation of Islam in Europe”.
          Pope Francis did denounce the “murderous indifference” of the persecution of Christians in the Middle-East but as Francis has also said: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence”, while promoting the mass immigration of Muslims, from many of the same countries in which Christians are being persecuted and ‘cleansed’, by actively obfuscating the identity of the perpetrators, he himself, contributes to this ‘indifference’, (and indeed, the alienation of many Catholics from their church leaders).
          The Fjordman essay is an excellent one and since it was written, over ten years ago, the Muslim population of the UK has more or less doubled.
          It is one of several aspects that are rarely to never explored in the MSM- that there is no historical precedent for what is happening, as Anthony Browne, said of demographic projections that predicted Brits becoming a minority in Britain at the end of this century (since revised to 2066, 2037 for schools):
          “It would be the first time in history that a major indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority, rather than through war, famine or disease.”

          And I would dispute the ‘voluntary’ aspect, it suggests we were asked and consented in some form.

  2. No, things are not looking good. My wife and I intend to emigrate from The Netherlands in a few years. We hope it will be in time.

  3. Today many educated Muslims want to leave Islam but are afraid that they will be killed by their fellow religionists. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. See http://sanatanaparishad.blogspot.in/

    • When one hears figures that for example say, 40% of Muslims in a Western country want to live under the Sharia, it is the 60% who are rarely given a voice.
      All the focus (and efforts to accommodate and appease) is on the Islamists.
      The ‘no harmless platitude’ of a religion of peace, among a host of other pc lies and absurdities, (such as calling people like Hirsi Ali of Majid Nawaz, ‘Islamophobes’), leaves secular and reform-minded Muslims nowhere to go, this process is encapsulated in the Daoud Affair – “how Western intellectuals turn themselves into the enemies of an entire class of liberal writers from Muslim backgrounds.”

      Muslims who wish to leave Islam, not only have to contend with death for apostasy but Western leftists, helping to paint a big target on their backs.
      It is truly a diabolical situation.

  4. Belgium, once a firm Catholic nation, now lives among the wolves. What were its priests and bishops not doing for…say…the last 70 years?!

  5. If Femke Halsmisdaad is ‘elected’ mayor of Amsterdam, it’s even worse than I thought.

    This is the result of feminism: discourage women from having children, and the ensuing demographic shift TOGETHER with the voting behaviour of the biggest part of the dwindling white, indoctrinated youths …

    … will ensure that ‘Away with us’ candidates are elected.

    This is a black day for The Netherlands. It’s almost as bad as Khan in London.

  6. Speaking of Mayors. People should check out the Somalian born Muslim Mayor of Sheffield, England. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mayor-sheffield-magid-magid-says-donald-trump-banned-mexico-solidarity-day/

    One of the pictures he seems most proud of is him squatting on top of a table in the mayoral office wearing a sombrero (in solidarity with Latinos), and doc martens with an anti-Trump tee shirt. He has officially banned Trump from visiting Hull. (not that he’d want to visit Hull, but nonetheless, just who is this guy to ban anybody from visiting the city?) We really have come to a point where “anything goes” as long as it is not from a white person.

    Still, The Independent, a very popular newspaper in England, seemed very pleased about this appointment and printed the following in relation to the new mayor:
    There’s a new lord mayor in town. Well, in Sheffield, anyway.
    If you switched off reading that first sentence, it might be because you’re expecting him to be ANOTHER OLD WHITE GUY. You know, like pretty much every other lord mayor.

    At least George Takei of Star Trek fame seemed delighted with Magid as he referred to him as a hero in a tweet for banning Trump.

    If you read any of the top newspaper articles about this buffoon you will see that all the comments are extremely positive. Afraid to say that the future does not look bright for Europe in any way.

  7. And the Dutch continue to put up with this crazy political system-why? I’ll bet Ms.Femke has an extensive designer wardrobe, lovely jewelry, and the best make up (not) her money can buy. For this, the Dutch suffered and died in WW2? For Christ’s sakes, people, stand up and start a Revolution for sanity and the native Dutch. If you cannot do that, then leave, as you are in the same position as the Jews were. Being a white person, in the Netherlands, I would be trying to get transport papers to any East European Country. Children, if they are white and Christian, are not safe in that country. I don’t care if you are 90, come up with a business idea and see if you can move somewhere else.

  8. Move to any of the V4 countries. They are welcoming European immigrants. Hungary has the most difficult language to learn, for an adult, but the best cuisine.

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