An “America First” Judge Nominated to Supreme Court

Or so says Dr. Turley:

The Federalist essay recommending Kavanaugh as the strongest conservative candidate was written by one of his former clerks (who also clerked for Kennedy):

…Kavanaugh is by far the strongest choice for the job. His courageous and influential opinions on countless different issues—presidential power, regulatory overreach, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, and the list goes on—leave no doubt that he would be a forceful conservative justice for decades to come. Conservatives should not be misled by misinformation. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has the principles, the record, and the backbone that we need on the Supreme Court.

But what does that matter? You can expect the “IMPEACH TRUMP!” screaming on the left to begin soon if it hasn’t already. Just one reason for hating him: Kavanaugh’s predilection for calling illegal aliens by their correct designation. This is not an Open Borders jurist.

15 thoughts on “An “America First” Judge Nominated to Supreme Court

  1. Well, with Theresa May screwing up Brexit, we need something to be cheerful about.

    • I don’t understand how she came to this pretty pass. Would some Brit enlighten us? I thought Brexit was a done deal, though it did seem a very long slip between the cup and the lip…and now it seems she’s not going to get any tea near her mouth at all.

      • It seemed pretty obvious they were gonna try to undo Brexit by dragging their feet. So far, they have succeeded. Just like they promised Scotland devo-max, and done nothing.

      • What the establishment is doing is to arrange a Brexit with no change, that is keeping the existing framework intact but disengaging from hierarchical obligation to EU. So at Brexit day there would be no hard shock to the existing flow of EUness, leaving the UK to taper out EU laws as it pleases during the following transition. That all looks good and moderate on paper, but the reality according to those pushing for a clean Brexit (e.g. those that resigned) is that it will be virtually impossible to then negotiate away from EU in that transition period, the hands of negotiators will be tied by the now pre-existing transferred format, and they will neither be able to negotiate a global trade stance with other countries because those pre-existing commitments will interfere with that possibility. I take it from the resignees as real when they say what they are being asked to follow is a path of more of the same – you could speculate and possibly deduce this from the legal texts prepared, but those resignees are up close and have a much keener sense of the reality they are being prepared to be sent into.

        So it turns into a question of trust – do you allow being smoothed into a new position re. EU that in many ways is no change but technically allows change, or do you battle your way to a new position now re-establishing contact with EU at own discretion with a full negotiating hand.

        May and establishment have chosen one route that they wish to impose, the resignees cannot accept that compromise.

        I actually have the impression that debilitating government, whether by the previous new elections or the current stand off, all works towards exit in name only, because dangled before all each time is the possibility of fresh elections and remain. The idea of a resulting hard exit due to no agreement in government is possible, but I think not likely as the stakes and interests working on the deal are so powerful they will not allow that as a result, could get very unpleasant if there is a full showdown that extends to society itself.

  2. I still find it funny that so many people think impeachment means removal from office. Clinton was impeached by the House yet finished his term when the Senate failed to convict. But the hive mind that is the left never learns from history.

    • The House impeached, the Senate failed to uphold that conviction. Leftists continued to say that it was all about sex when it was about lying under oath. Perjury.

      A sitting president lying under oath.

      Clinton defiled the oath he made at his swearing-in. Arkansas took his treason seriously: they disbarred him for five years. He was also barred from ever appearing before the Supreme Court and paid a large fine.

      The man was/is a disgrace. Didn’t think it could get any worse and then along came his helpmeet. Now there was a meeting of equals.

      • The impeachment of Clinton and the battle for conviction by the Senate was certainly Constitutional, but was not good judgment with respect to the interests of the country.

        The lying under oath was brought about by the endless petty investigations of a special counsel (sound familiar) focusing on whether the President actually had “relations with that woman”. So, the attention of the country and the President are riveted on a consensual, though inappropriate sexual liaison, while in the same time frame:

        1) Jamie [Gorelick] in the Justice Department is constructing the wall designed to keep the CIA from informing the FBI there is a dedicated team of Muslim terrorists rehearsing for an aircraft hijacking;

        2) NATO is bombing a western, Christian country and people into submission, reversing their victories over Muslim militias attacking Serbian strongholds.

        Would we rather preen and strut our moral indignation, or allow the President some latitude in his job of running the country?

        • I agree. Of course it was pay back for Nixon. Which was also not in the best interests of the country. And the allegations against Nixon were just that–allegations.

  3. Thank you for posting yet another informative (and upbeat) video from Dr. Turley. These have been a God-send.

    • I enjoy him, too. A man who believes we are entering a post-secular, post-globalist age. He has a recent video on the populism arising in Bulgaria.

  4. The title is wrong. Kavanaugh does not solidify the conservative majority. It still needs to win a Senate battle in which Democrats will fight to the death and some Republicans may wet their pants and vote against.

    • “Nominated” does not mean he has been “approved by the Senate”. The title was a direct quote, taken from Dr Turley’s contention on the video. It flows from the fact that Kavanaugh believes in strong borders. In his written judgments K. has called illegal aliens just that; he doesn’t use “undocumented” to describe criminal transgressions.

      It will be a long, hard battle. Surprisingly, John McCain has come out in favor of Kavanaugh. Whether he is well enough to show up and vote is another question, but he may pull some of the others along with him.

  5. Kavanaugh is Trump’s best offer to the disloyal opposition. If they succeed in “Bork-ing” him Trump will then nominate someone one his short list who is even more conservative. When the opposition howls Trump will take his case to the folks, just in time for the November elections and portray the opposition as just what they are and the threat that they present to the security and wellbeing of the country.

    Those in the Senate who don’t want to be pilloried and burnt at the stake will vote for the conservative nominee and then make a few bales of hay with their voting constituency. In the end, Trump wins, that is until the left and the globalists figure a way to put him out of their misery. They could very well use Trump’s pride, hubris, and arrogance against him in a set up that would result in his demise. Eyes wide open mates.

  6. I’m hoping the senate blocks this appointment in October. It may well be advantageous for the republican party to have these red state democrat senators go into the November elections with this Albatross hanging around their necks. I suspect after that Trump will be able to nominate anybody he wants to any job in the US government.

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