Why Do German Girls Lust After Culture-Enrichers?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this essay from Journalisten Watch:

Why do indigenous girls find “refugee” men so attractive?

by A.R. Göhring

Mia, Mireille, Susanna, Iulia,… all these girls became victims of their murderous “colorful” boyfriends or ex-partners. These murdered women and girls are merely the tip of the iceberg — just think of the Silvester catastrophe of 2015, where in the Baden town of Weil, two adolescent German girls were lured into an apartment by a gang of asylum seekers and then brutally raped. At least they survived.

These days every resident of a medium or large size German city can amazingly often observe that native girls are in relationships with mostly Sunni mohammedans. What is it that makes so many girls and women gravitate towards these liaisons?

At least experience shows us that women find uneducated, unemployed have-nots mostly unattractive, despite of where they are from. Also the reputation that has been bestowed upon all “refugees” of the male gender by the thieving, groping, masturbating, raping, beating and murdering immigrants is still seen as mostly off-putting.

One would think so, anyway. Or not? In the multicolored multicultural student city of Jena, a bunch of asylum groups have been terrorizing the inner city and the city park for about two years.

What is striking about this is that these young Arab and Afghan men are constantly in the company of indigenous schoolgirls, with whom they presumably go to school with (a toast to the educational training of unaccompanied “minor refugees”).

I found that remarkable. What is it that drives these girls? This is the question I asked hundreds of Facebook friends who with their hive intelligence have shone a light onto this phenomena.

Reason Number 1: Raw, Unobstructed Masculinity Versus German Gender-Boys

“Because their nature makes them seek out instinctively what has been so frantically educated away from our boys in schools, kindergarten, etc. Masculinity, strength, dominance, and so on.”

“Very simple: Because German boys have been made into pussies and wimps by their mothers and female teachers.”

“YOU wanted feminism, YOU chanted along: Men are pigs!… And now you have to deal with the consequence of castrating German men!”

“They f*** good.” [The fact that Middle Eastern men who for the most part have never even seen uncovered women, are potent, is really not a good argument.]

“Because they are pushy and young girls are intimidated easily. Has nothing to do with being attractive. Parents and overpaid so-called pedagogues should be responsible in taking countermeasures against this. But they themselves are so brainwashed and incompetent.”

“Because they are so different from their wimpy fathers!”

“Pale, narrow shouldered, white-skinned mousy boys. Pimply faced, thin beards, horn-rimmed glasses, and hoodies. Shirts the color of puke. By contrast the strapping, ember-eyed machos.”

“Because the young girls are easily influenced. All Aladin has to do is make pretty eyes at her and whisper words like ‘You are the most beautiful girl’ into her ears. Young and dumb.”

“The Arabs can flatter and lie charmingly. The beatings only come later… only the girls don’t know and don’t believe that!”

“The unencumbered 1:1 machismo, unbroken, unabated and uninterrupted. Coupled with the belief/hope: and I am going to be the one who tames that.”

“Maybe the word ‘team’ is also an answer to the question. While between 1974 to the 1990s men still engaged in individualist sports, today all we have left are boys/millionaires, and Nivea models. What in God’s name has derailed so badly in the last 20 to 30 years that we have given it all away to these backwoods machos?”

“Because they got lots of money!” (Well yes, the young asylum seekers on one hand are almost always recipients, but on the other hand they receive more money than German people on HartzIV. And add to that other sources of income such as drug dealing etc., then one can show a girl a really good time.)

“Western men are vilified as “toxic”

Reason Number 2: Multicultural Indoctrination

“Narcissism and indoctrination. Showing off how awesome one is.”

“And when parents, teachers and other trusted people keep insisting and persuade you that you’d be racist and evil and a Nazi if you don’t spread your legs for one of those to give him a chance.”

“In west German cities I for a fact see a felt 90:10 constellation of ‘Oriental/African men — German women’.”

“This is the old story of the ‘Noble Savage’… the girls have been raised to be racists since 1968.”

“But I’m also thinking that this is teddy bear-throwing syndrome taught to them. The welcome culture that has been taught to young people is a considerable factor in why girls are so reckless.”

Reason Number 3: Biology and Exoticism

“New genetic material in the pool. And a “strength” which has largely gone lost with locals.”

“Very simple, because the exotic foreign always has tempted people and when you combine it with the helper syndrome… which also includes older women, then the action really starts.”

There are also Facebook people who think very differently about the attractiveness of the foreign illegals:

“My parents have protected their children and enlightened them.”

“I would never let one of those get closer to me than five meters, but it’s probably the temptation of the exotic that draws women to them and maybe also the desire for an adventure and for machoism.”

“And they are mostly as thin as a stick figure, they wear ultra tight skinny jeans, have a slightly faggoty gait, add to that blindingly white pseudo-sneakers and two kilos of hair gel on their hairdos so that it looks like they stapled a sea bird that died in an oil ship accident, on their noggin. Noooooooo thank you!” (This comment is awesome right? And in the light of the wide spread physical weaknesses of so many asylum men it is indeed astonishing how seldom women defend themselves successfully.)

“Hell would freeze over before I would even look at something like THAT!”

“I’ve always found them unattractive because my mother has made it clear to me from an early age on that women are worth less than dirt in Islam. Those are her words. And to me these men have always been off-limits, until this day. My mom worked in London after the war, and she came in contact with Muslims and found out real fast how they roll. But then again, probably even without her warnings I would have become immune anyway because for me, men without education, with medieval attitudes, without any ambition and the will to achieve, are uninteresting. What should I even do with one of those?”

“It’s a mystery to me, I find nothing attractive on these greasy rags who still have their mommy help them pull up their pants even at age 20.”

57 thoughts on “Why Do German Girls Lust After Culture-Enrichers?

  1. Interesting; I have often pondered the same thing when it comes to western women and their mating choices.

    I believe that in cultures with traditional family structures, such foolish choices along with premarital sex are discouraged because it reduces one’s chances of finding a good marriage partner, and also brings shame upon the family as a reflection of poor upbringing and low morals. However, most of the west has moved away from this model, and young people have rarely been celibate, but such behavior was far more discreet in previous generations than it is today.

    While few things remain taboo in this day and age, one thing that has remained taboo is to declare oneself racist. The idea that one has a preference for their own kind, and finds that their unique genetic heritage worth preserving and passing on is highly taboo. I believe that part of the girls’ behavior is based upon virtue signaling; to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not racist, and to get the attention and adoration from society that young women crave above all else. If society put more of a premium upon being with a partner that had a good job or education, or was even of the same race, then these girls would likely be looking for the most aryan specimen to be seen with.

    In the same way that queers have retaken the word “queer” and wear it as a badge of honor, or sluts have gone after “slut shaming”, and pedophiles have begun to make their perversion mainstream, racism (in the sense of pride in one’s race) also needs to be taken back unapologetically from those who make it a dirty word. Open pride in one’s race and a desire to pass on one’s genetic heritage should not be a shameful thing.

    • I’m not a racist but I am a culturist. Culture is the foundation upon which society rests.

      The depravities you mention are a product of the breakdown of Western cultures in the face of nihilism. This has been coming on for more than a century and the pushback is only just beginning. Though he is getting on in years George Soros will live long enough to see his “Open Society” close ’round him like a Venus fly-trap.

        • Are you saying that each European country is a function of race? They certainly have different cultures so that must be it.

          • The cultures of individual European countries are facets of Western culture.

      • Count me in as culturist as well.

        Indeed, I find that most “racists” are really culturists, when you dig down to it.

        *My* culture includes my Indian neighbour, who is actually most Western than many white people, these days. I wish it didn’t include the (white) SJW down the street :-).

    • It happens in the US too. Another strange thing is that you don’t see white men going around with dark skinned women s much as you see white women with black/Hispanic men.

      I guess this proves the raw sexuality thing of primitive cultures, stated in the article.

      • In the UK, it’s not unusual to see white (and occasionally south Asian) guys with black women (indeed I’ve dated a couple myself). One explanation I’ve seen is that the culture among young Afro-Caribbean males devalues education, so the women look outside their peer group to find partners with similar outlooks, and the potential to support them.

        • I know such a couple here in Canada. They’re both very much of Western culture.

          Hearing the (black) wife going off about black gang members is a treat that I occasionally get. She sounds like a proper “racist” when she does.

          This is a case where the only thing different *is* the colour, and that’s not a thing I care about when it’s actually the only thing different. Sadly, it often *correlates* to other things, hence racism. While those correlations are often the basis of an initial guess absent other information, I think that it’s important to adjust that at the first sign of someone not being a fit for what they appear to be. That’s probably as fair as one can be, in reality.

  2. I have met some german men.They are cold like ice and they have no energy.
    Of course the raw, dark and powerful energy that this men exude seems fascinating at the beginning.They are monkeys so they seemed exotic.
    But again the german man are not good in bad and they are weak in spirit as well.

    • After all the misery Germany has caused the world, I’m rather pleased to find they’ve finally been neutered. Thank God they no longer have a military, or the female German defense ministers would put their new brown pets in uniform.

      • Why are comments such as these even published, but others calling them out not? Has this website now gone fully anti-German?

        • I’m sorry that pointing out inconvenient observations of Germanic history has chapped your hide, but nearly 100M ghosts just agreed with me.

      • I’m not pleased, because they’re not going to be neutered. What could happen is a mixture of German efficiency and Muslim anti-semitism (followed by anti-Christianism). I’d like Germany to remain German – the rest of us are safer that way, thanks very much. Just imagine if they start mass converting to Islam, just like the Nazis found a rapid following. Nazism has major social opprobrium that keeps it at bay, but Islam doesn’t, and in many ways, it’s the “next worst thing”. Definitely scary.

        So I’m all in favour of Germany remaining German, out of self-interest, if for no other reason.

        I’m having a very blunt/honest day, I know.

        • Well, that’s exploring a whole new possiblity I never considered. It makes me rethink what’s baked into my head. Could happen so quickly, like that Donald Sutherland one, where people turn into ghouls en masse.

  3. So many anecdotes I could provide… these all are from a couple decades ago…

    An Iraqi school friend out on the town, with something of a Bin Salman look and obviously the odd one out in the group… everyone would play up that he was royalty to impress whoever else was guest at the table… all for the mockery of it and without any worse objective etc. as the aim was to underline the stupidity of some…and privately laugh at it… most were easily taken in .

    Or a french mother and her very young child in an pram in the train station at Madrid, looked like not washed for a week, nowhere to go, talked with her….her arab husband had patitioned the apartment , one side for her, then just threw her and the child out.

    Or fishing and talking to a moroccan (I think) , married to a luxembourgish (I think, maybe was Swedish) wife, and just talking viewing that relationship in the conversation was clear enough, ended up talking of palestine and the possible settlement in the air at the time….”and if not ?” … his reply ” then we play the game of war.”

    But when you are young you are open and naive, you don’t much know, are maybe self absorbed or self-conscious , sometimes short of attention, often trying to impress friends. .. goes for both sexes but especially female, who also have an overly raised self importance in modern politique as compared with the traditional more reserved role, put impersonal city life into the mixture, reduced family role etc.

    Men can be fooled also , with me many years ago was a palestinian couple on a flight to athens, very friendly… though was not completely comfortable after they asked me to take a large boxed radio cassette player through customs ” to avoid duty ” which they said I would not be stopped for… and knowing that I had a connecting flight to Oz they insisted I still call by at their place in between in the (only) couple of hours wait… but I refused to carry the radio once off the plane and bid them goodbye… athens security were only interested if I had carried the radio…took no details……and to top it all off a few weeks later there was news warning of attempts to bomb with radio….seemed same picture as the box I refused.

    Eyeroll… the overactive imagination I have.


      • Has always been like that for me, just thrown from one circumstance to another, some amazing, some very difficult. Not so much out of choice either… now am much more settled etc. but even then circumstance still finds me . First twenty five years was living in/travelling to @ thirty countries….I seriously lose track of the number, I think I counted thirty five once including stopovers lol or just twenty will do as far as anyone is concerned . When you are young and travelling you take a different world of detail in , the world looks very different to me than to most people I think, I tend to get either full trust from people or completely disliked, have a way of seeing through people and it isn’t always appreciated… I often forget other people don’t always see the world the same way.

        Anyway, a little wrongfun that costs others nothing ( framing a friend as royalty) I don’t feel too bad about, generally I would not be participating, just present… this Iraqi friend, he will laugh loudly at being called a ” ******* arab ” by us – friends are friends and he has his way of returning the compliment … which is just one reason the whole world being described via the ” racist lense ” of progressives looks completely stupid to me and many others….as friends we recognise each others “cultural weaknesses”, and insult each other over them, and come out the closer laughing …. but he is not muslim mind, dislikes islam … could not do that with a muslim so much.

    • Right….. White Middle class men have a gentility about them. This is what women seem to want in the workplace. But not what women secretly desire in bed.

      In ancient Rome, upper class matrons were attracted to gladiators and other muscled working men. Including the slaves in there own household; which could have meant loss of position and beating by their husband.
      [History Channel documentary]

      • Then the History Channel is deluded about what women “secretly desire”. Or perhaps such women come to this depraved delusional thinking because they have no gravitas, no children, no extended family in which they participate. I can think of only one woman I know personally who ever acted out like that, and she was on drugs.

        As for women being beaten, I worked with hundreds of them, counseled about three thousand. Without fail, each of them was trying to negotiate a safe relationship. Not all white, middle class “have a gentility about them” and the same goes for upper-class men. Though women are more likely to be physical more often than men, when men hit it does more serious damage.

        • “Without fail, each of them was trying to negotiate a safe relationship.”

          I don’t doubt that, but then from a cynical side few would want to negotiate an unsafe relationship, i.e. the rest would be separating and no longer want counselling to deal with that relationship. I don’t mean to be hard on you or wrest importance as I know you are sincere.

          “Though women are more likely to be physical more often than men, when men hit it does more serious damage.”

          Tell me about it. I replied to a female physical attack in kind, once. She was straight off to the neighbours, then the police, then dropped the case… and then continued with the physical attacks ! I am quite a calm character, so my chosen purposeful lack of reaction from then on frustrated her more. Edge of a wrought iron frying pan swung against the head anyone (I ducked it glanced) ? Then against the children, once – end of relationship.

          Other men have similar stories. Personally I have no qualm in throwing a hard punch at a woman who starts an argument, insists on continuing it, then becomes physically aggressive, when you have done nothing to deserve any of that. No qualm at all, though it would not be my first choice obviously. The trouble is women misbehaving “does not happen”, you try to talk about that to contain it…. nothing…. there is no social or official protocol, nothing to handle the female , in fact family and gender law is so heavily balanced in favour of the female for being physically weaker the male ends up almost always being persecuted no matter what. Family courts, social services etc. all female in my experience… in own family case the number of female present in all offices @ 25, number of males @ 5, only the physical (police) are predominantly male.

          I just have little or no sympathy left for the way women will manipulate circumstance, psychologically as well.

          Divorces are initiated predominantly by women, awards predominantly in their favour.

          I don’t say all women are like this, not at all, but when they are they are simply terrible , and the prejudice in the system is ingrained and abusive – my perception is that it encourages women to challenge men, offers them a superior position from which to act from…. and if anyone knows how to wind up men it is women

          So you imagine for a male nowadays, it isn’t just the case of eventually paying support, it is having to face the possible outright emotional leverage the mother has wrt children. More young men have witnessed the cost of this first hand than ever before. Personally I have seen on various occasions how it is used in psychological battle by the mother, with complete disregard for those children, but speaking in their name all the same…and no I don’t have solution – once the background of traditional family support is ruined, as per the last half century, it no longer is perpetuated or even known afterwards as an example.

          Clearly there are also men who are violent by their own right, women who claim fairly etc., but my point is that the trend is very much away from reasoned closer community and family support and towards the often perverse administrative handling of family, and that most often at choice of the female.

          Guess it must be men’s fault, no?

  4. Arabs, Turks and other southern Muslims are very good at courting women. They put up such a show of ardent love and tenderness that no Western (or rather Northern?) man can compete with them. Of course, an inexperienced Western woman easily falls prey to this acting, only to regret it later. An experienced woman who is looking not for love and romance, but for exotic sex, can sometimes play this game with an Arab to her satisfaction. But even an experienced and cynical woman would run a serious risk, as her partner might not value her life or well-being too much.

    • Why would you not be able to compete with a Middle Eastern male on a display of attention? You don’t have to lathe on all the false flattery and compliments; a bit of sincere attention and a few sincere compliments, and you’ll be more than competitive with any woman worth having.

      I’ll elaborate later on the thread, but the culture is so feminized, males don’t even display normal male assertiveness, which does not require the ability to fight like a gladiator, or the dominance to control a woman.

      • Yes, Ronald, you are right, we, modern men of post-Christian societies, often make a poor show. But even our manly ancestors were not such good seducers as Arabs, Turks and some other peoples of the Muslim South. It is not so much about male assertiveness, as about their special sensuality.

  5. Firstly, I think that many of the points explaining German girls’ preference for Muslim males over non-Muslim males, were well-taken: the deception of the press and elite with regard to the religion of peace and its proponents; the desire of some women to virtue signal; perhaps also the (unconscious?) recognition on their parts that Muslims are an empowered and entitled group within German society (which is related to the relative wealth that the newcomers have, and wealth has always been attractive). And of course, simple ignorance regarding what Islam and its adherents are truly about. Other reasons that seemed to me sensible were given as well.

    Anyway, what I really wonder about, is what do the non-Muslim men think about all this? I can’t imagine that they’re terribly enthusiastic about being ignored in favor of these foreign … “gentlemen”. And the young Muslim women (few as they are) – do they just take it for granted that their wishes are of no consequence and that eventually they are probably going to be the (lucky!) ones marrying their Middle-Eastern counterparts who will generally ditch (hopefully, non-violently) the unclean and second class non-Muslim girls. There is, of course, no question of the Muslim girls seeking out the company of non-Muslim males – not if they wish to keep breathing, at least.

    As for the foolish German girls who associate with the Muslim males … well, they will learn (painfully indeed) or they will not. I do wonder whether those who survive the experience (are beaten, or otherwise mistreated) learn from it. Or do they repeat the same pattern indefinitely. I have come to the point where I think it a good rule of thumb to never underestimate the stupidity of humanity (and yes, I include myself in that).

    • Why is it all about the girls’ preference? My guess is they are pursued a lot harder and more persistently by the enrichers (who are not afraid to appeal to their womanhood) than by their own co-patriots. This is a clash between Teutonic males and Semitic males, and right now it does not seem to be much of a fight.

      • Of course German girls are pursued by Muslim men. Their “holy” book tells them to do that. And they read it all the time, it’s all they do. Also let’s not forget, Muslims in general like the girls young, above all other abnormal preferences they have.

        In Germany, normal men do not look at 0 to 18 year old girls as a viable potential lover. So with that in mind, your ststement that girls are pursued a lot harder by enriches than by German men, is easily answered as to why.

        I think the article makes it very clear that both sides are “willing” participants in this sexual jihad. But young German girls simply do not possess and enjoy the cognitive development of their American girl counterparts that are born and raised into conservative, religious households, under the privilege of a Constitution, free of feudalist oppression.

        Germans are poor in spirit and love for God and life. They have not much they believe in anymore. It’s true for large segments of the European population.

        • So Germany (and much of Western Europe?) is an existential void – spiritually, morally, in terms of their empty worldviews – and into that void Islam helpfully moves? I guess then one could postulate that the girls are therefore simply looking for meaning and significance and are willing to accept a corrupt and deeply flawed ideology (Islam) as a proxy for what they truly wish (objective meaning, objective morality, etc). I’m simply speculating here. I believe Douglas Murray (and undoubtedly, others) has made a similar point, and suggested that Western Europe is exhausted and bankrupt in terms of its overall societal values.

  6. German girls do not find them attractive.
    They have been taught that “Germans are Nazzis”, they are guilty for absolutely everything, that they are somehow “inherently bad” and nonsense of that sort.
    They are brainwashed, and probably feel guilty when they are not attracted to culture-enrichers – they see it as a sign of racism.
    Accepting such a man as a partner is probably seen as “defying Nazzism”.
    And it’s not just German girls.

    Both this and Germany’s leaders role in the migrant invasion are the result of laying the entire blame for WWII on the Germans, and then not recognizing the fact that the vast majority of German soldiers were perfectly normal people thrown into that war.
    It’s the failure to instill compassion for all the victims, and ordinary Germans were victims, that may cost us Europe eventually.

    • I remember hearing in a movie the statement “the first country the Nazis invaded was Germany”.

    • All the Nazis and non-Nazi German soldiers and political leaders of World War II are either dead or drooling in an old folks home. So, it’s time to stop debating the question of guilt (unless you do so for historical reasons) and just get on with pursuing your life and values.. You can’t be guilty for something you didn’t do.

  7. “I’ve always found them unattractive because my mother has made it clear to me from an early age on that women are worth less than dirt in Islam. Those are her words. And to me these men have always been off-limits, until this day. My mom worked in London after the war, and she came in contact with Muslims and found out real fast how they roll. But then again, probably even without her warnings I would have become immune anyway because for me, men without education, with medieval attitudes, without any ambition and the will to achieve, are uninteresting. What should I even do with one of those?”

    This girl has a wise mother and a good analytical brain; she will go far. It comes down to evolutionary biology. Children with engaged, caring and informed parents will make informed and prudent choices about mates. My daughter, from age 12, would not ever have been fooled by any smooth talking Muslim man, no matter how superficially charming he may have presented himself as. Because I took the trouble to protect her by educating her on the subject. And she is smart. Consequently, her first serious relationship has been with an intelligent, educated, well-mannered lad (from a good Western family of immigrants from South America and Eastern Europe) who treats her respectfully.

  8. The Islamic jihadi’s go after underage girls who do not have the mental capacity to make discerning decisions about men or anything else, I might add. These girls are children who are still being trained (supposedly) by their parents to become intelligent adults.

    So the jihadi’s prey on these young girls just as a wild beast preys upon its food source.

    • Correct. I met a good looking Pakistani about 30 who had sex with 5 fourteen year old girls in care, about 4 months ago.

  9. http://www.fdesouche.com/1027853-arrestation-en-espagne-dun-routier-marocain-soupconne-davoir-tue-une-jeune-femme-allemande-pro-migrants


    Sophia Loesche, 28 year old student and candidate for the SPD, the German socialists, has been murdered. That’s what German police is by now quite certain of. The perp was a Moroccan truck driver, now arrested in Spain. Sophia hitchhiked from Leipzig to Nuernberg and accepted a ride from the punk, who no doubt oozed the famous raw sexuality so characteristic of ME types.

    Watch out for the news: one of these days the smely decomposing body of Miss Loesche, who as a SPD politician wanted Bamburg to become ‘bunter’ (more colorful) will be found.

    No matter how tragic it is, I find it increasingly hard to symphatize.

    • They found Sophia Loesche’s body in Spain. It seems the 41 year old Moroccan truck driver had so much fun with her, he took her all the way to al-Andalus.

      Sophia wanted Bamberg to become ‘bunter’.

      Link: http://www.pi-news.net/2018/06/fall-sophia-loesche-frauenleiche-in-spanien-gefunden/

      I just wonder – in her final moments of agony – God knows what he did to her – would she have finally realized what a complete and utter fool she had been? She, who NO DOUBT thought badly of President Trump for locker room talk a decade ago?


  10. I have seen it here in the U.S. in the college crowd. Hip young women who are so ready to call a man out on the most micro of micro-aggression but then become a ‘dog’ for some arrogant and ignorant Muslim young man.

  11. Don’t a lot of women go through a “bad boy” phase in adolescence? Haven’t a thousand books been written about this? What do these books say?

  12. Back in the day you had to beware of her father. He was the one to watch after her to give her over to a good husband. Gone are the days, and the reasons why it used to be done that way are apparent more and more.

    There is such thing as pickup artistry. Girls can be led astray by courtmanship, showmanship, and gifts. Do German fathers teach this magic to their sons? Do they watch after their precious little girls?

    To understand this means to accept that girls are different from boys, and that is currently not politically correct. But it is more than PC in Islam, I can assure you…

  13. I see the same situation in my health club, where assertive black males interact a lot with white (and black) women. I should add these black males are generally polite, considerate and clean. But they do act very black, and generally speak in a language barely comprehensible.

    But, the most beautiful white women are often with a white guy that they are obviously in a relationship with. The guy is not loud or controlling, but simply pays attention to her. They generally discuss what they’re doing, although most of the time, the guy knows more about working out, and sets the pace.

    My feeling is that most of the white (and lightly colored of unknown origin) women would be happy to be approached for conversation, but generally, it’s only the black guys who are extroverted enough to do so.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, relatively speaking, the proportion of black, Middle Eastern type and Latino type guys far outnumber the whites in the workout area. Does that tell you something?

    You can hear a lot about the feminization of society. I’m out of most of the institutions affected, but prime examples are education, community organizations, and work environments. Feminization involves downplaying or punishing traditional male actions, such as non-lethal and relatively benign physical confrontations on the playground to establish dominance or even to resist bullying. The physical environment of schools reflects the relatively sedate proclivities of the female, rather than the more active proclivities of the male. Females are now doing better in schools than males and have a higher college enrollment rate.

    To get back to the question of the attractiveness of non-working Middle Eastern and African males, I think the reply is, they have little or no competition. I would wager almost any native German boy who approaches a woman politely, expressing an interest in a further relationship or a date, would have a more than even chance of getting a very positive response.

    On the other hand, being raised in a feminize society, a woman is not taught to assert herself by saying “no”. You don’t have to teach a girl that all foreigners are no-good scumbags, although it’s a passable first assumption. You teach them they have a right to choose their own associates, including limiting their associates to white Germans, and they have a right to simply brush off anyone they feel uncomfortable with. In the health club example I mentioned, any woman can brush off unwanted attention by simply giving a one-word reply, and saying “excuse me”. Would the male think she was racist? Probably, and so what?

    To get on my usual horse, I don’t have any doubt there is a genetic deterioration of the German population due to the welfare state and advanced medical technology. Among the most sensitive traits to genetic mutations are intelligence, procreation drive, and territorial protectiveness (I’m stretching a bit on the last). The German males, apart from the feminized upbringing they have, are lower in innate drives than their parents and grandparents. The problem is complex and certainly no government ought to be involved in selecting who is fit to procreate. For Pete’s sake, though, stop giving money to non-productive, unmarried women who have children and no means to support them other than welfare.

  14. The European boy has a lot to lose.
    He is bought up that he must not dabble with underage or young girls.
    The consequences are court cases, accused of rape or statutory rape, and there are so many laws that can put him in court.
    Even many years later.

    Then there are woman that seem to want “bread tickets”
    Even if you split with them, they can take half, and then plus maintenance.

    Children have either experienced marriage/partnership break ups, and or seen relatives and friends families. Some may seem to have worked out, but there is still an effect.

    The boy/young man is taught that he has a lot to lose, education, jobs, reputation, credibility, future income.

    So men go their own way.

    Another issue is immigration, why bother to work, pay taxes, and then also to have the upheaval, if there is a break up. All of those things are stressful.
    When there was high stress, like the Depression and then war, the birth rate naturally fell.
    Afterwards, as things seem become positive, then the baby boom occurred.

    Government with progressive academia guidance in its systemic controlling institutions, is acting like “I am the man from the government”, but has a demanding iron fist, within its beguiling beckoning velvet glove.

    Just what has the new immigrant man to lose?
    He will continue to get government housing, health, benefit, and so he will keep demanding.
    That is all he will live for, the jizya, and dream of what there is for his immediate self gratification and have “emergencies” and the future of “what is right hand can possess”.
    So just what does it cost an immigrant man or what does he risk?

    • women want to be wanted, but the western man is discouraged from having anything to do with a woman.

      Add to that a fact known from pickup artistry, that you must not approach a woman as a good husband, but that you must be ‘a player’ to have success with young drunk stupid women – and that every single mother discourages her boy from being a player, so in the end ‘good German boys’ have nothing but bad experience with women and girls…

      What do culture enrichers have to lose, if they only want quick sex with a German ‘prostitute’? They will only gain fame and honour in their peer circles.

      • I think the key word is “approach a woman”. You don’t have to approach a woman as a sex junkie, but you emphatically do have to approach her. It is not enough to merely sit there and think good thoughts about supporting a woman. You have to go and present yourself.

        Women are wired to be stand-offish, on the sensible evolutionary principle that the woman is the one who has to bear the pain and expense of child-bearing, if not child-raising, so it’s up to the woman to select a proper mate. Men are wired to be more assertive; in a functional society, women would be protected from a violent approach and would be free to accept or reject a proposal. But, women hate having to take the initiative.

        German men are feminized due to female control over education, laws, and bureaucratic enforcement. The feminization means that males are not only characterized as rapists and aggressors,2 but in the formative years, any display of hard-wired male aggressiveness or identity is immediately squelched by a powerful school-marm figure.

        So, when the German women find a shortage of men willing to take the initiative in approaching them, they are more inclined to accept pathological but aggressive Middle Eastern men.

        • I agree with you. The problem I see is that traditional european way was to have a ball or graduation ceremonies with waltz or polka. That way men could approach women in a ‘controlled’ manner – each one knowing their roles in the dance.

          Well, not much of that in modern techno music, which is no longer about interaction, but about selfish solo dance and drugs.

          And I could go on and on… Hollywood movies for example, designed to influence young imressionable minds, where women take the traditional male roles. Its everywhere, Lara Crofts beating heavy weight champions, or queens ruling the Game of Thrones.

          The Showbusiness agenda is loud and clear!

    • I think you are along the right line there. Non western men simply do not carry all the baggage of western protocol, nor the more refined and (often over-)complex example of relationship in western society nor the sense weight of expectation/pressure as manifested/experienced eventually via law.

      In most arab countries for example the roles of both sexes are quite well defined, and though anyone is free to argue that women have the worse deal, in reality “it works” in the sense that most issues are resolved before they begin, and the rest is appreciation where it is found. Sure, it is not any western ideal, but it many ways it is more realistic also.

      So young arab males they are often more self confident, even the more weedy looking they still have a clear socially mandated (in their home environment) example to refer back to, one which guarantees them prominence and position, one which edges the allowances in their direction.
      This simplifies their attitude, means they can be more forward and open, which in itself is maybe more attractive to some western girls. A person recognises when another carries the power, and western men (thinking younger northern europeans) don’t so much, or at the least do not so openly display it as a natural reality.

      On the other hand I don’t know of that many successful arab/western relationships, even those I do know that lasted seemed as much of convenience as anything else…but who am I to judge.

      You mention western rape law as a restraint (well it is meant to be I suppose, the idea being to raise consent to an age where a person has some better vision of the choices available in life… not talking pervs here, just how natural relationships form or are disallowed) , but that imposed standard does mark future relationship in the sense that the female is seen as protected by law as opposed to family or closer society, it in a sense ( rightly or wrongly) empowers her position from the get go.

      Here is my example of how this can unexpectedly play out:

      At uni we have a shared house, relatively open to friends etc., a young woman with a room there goes off to a party and later a friend gets a call that she needs picking up, so I am taxi.

      When I get there she is acting odd, probably a bit drugged, and she tries getting off with me, me I am not interested but she makes a bit of a fool of herself. There are others present at all times. Eventually I drive her home. Nothing different except from then on she has a different way towards me, more distant, offish. Over the next month I notice the mood amongst friends towards me has changed… without noticing it – I guess some people are having their own problems, others are busy etc. All added to feeling the place was not for me, and eventually I left… my future.

      Later in a different country I meet up with a friend from there, and talking openly free from that environment, she tells me that this housemate had gone around quietly telling people I had raped her.

      People did not believe her, people did not not believe her.

      Go figure.

      • I don’t quite agree with you that Islam gives the male swain a general self-confidence. I think what actually happens is that they consider kafirs to be less than human, and so the possibility of getting rejected by a western girl doesn’t disturb them in the least. They are actors, playing the role that Muslim males have found works best in getting western women.

        I have said previously that in my opinion, western males don’t have to “match” the lies and seductions of the Middle Eastern, unemployed males, but simply have to drop their hats in the ring, so to speak.

        As far as your experience with the young lady, one can either assume that it is exceptional, or that women have a significant chance of making up a story or jazzing up a story to paint themselves as victims. In a legal system, you have type I errors (high risk of finding an innocent man guilty) or type II errors (high risk of finding a guilty man innocent).

        Sometimes you have to balance the risks. Emotion tends to guide these kinds of laws, which means legislation is often extremely dependent on recent cases involving a type II example. This is where a woman claims to have raped or assaulted, but not given sufficient attention by the police of school authorities.

        • Yes, it depends. I know a portion of arabs do have the view that western women are worth 0 but what they can get for themselves out of them, no holds barred. I won’t guess a percentage, just say a third for the sake of it. Another third might be much more orientated towards their own people. The final third will be something like those in the picture above, a younger mixed bunch, some with little respect, some ok, some that will go off the deep end at some point. It is bad practice to generalise at all really, but necessary sometimes to gain a broader view.

          The only thing I am relatively sure of is that migrant/western relationships tend not to pan out well in practice.

          I agree that western males do not have to put on a big show at all – it is very odd sometimes to see such a partition of the sexes in society… the uk is very like that also. In southern countries not so much so, in Spain for example boys chasing girls is a whole world in itself, and it is very cheering and familiar to have as a background to social life.

          I don’t really know how the law on rape should be, apart from having a reasonable age of consent. Very difficult topic. Goes from if in any way a woman says no or is deceived at all the male is a criminal , through to simply obliging marriage after any event… depends on culture and much else. That is one good side to proper marriage and celibacy beforehand – in that tradition it is quite clear when consent is given, and any other beforehand would be frowned upon or condemned … but society as a whole is not likely to return to that way I think.

          My point re. was more along the lines of the deeply programmed fear/taboo that (in a sense necessarily) surrounds this all. She did not openly accuse me and let me defend myself, instead she started a game of whispers, the unspeakable that must be kept quiet to protect her, an invisible drama, an endless accusation. How to redress that I don’t know – in a small relatively closed society everyone would know eventually as it would be brought to a head in some way, and in this case her publicly shamed to all… disuasion enough. In the modern world justice and society are so isolated, the dramas of a whole nation neverending, that local meaning and resolution of an event like this becomes lost in the mass transience of everyday life.

          Same goes for the rapes that do actually take place, and on top of that they are not allowed to be (or are only selectively) showpieced in case they “misrepresentedly” tarnish the mood of progress of the day….or to stop the opposing camp using them as ” biased propaganda “.

          I suppose it would help if in the west we had our own moral values clearly defined, instead of what seems to be more and more a case of endless experimental improvisation.

  15. From 2 independent Polish sources in England, I heard that “90%” of Polish women they know are in relationships with Muslims…

    Why? One can only guess, but seems that Muslims are far more comfortable with approaching women,and multiple women… additionally, whereas previously in the old “racist” era, someone could have told them to stick to their own, these days the pressure is to “non-discriminate” . But apparently on Tinder, where both matches have to swipe right first, before any contact, white males stand a far better chance… so perhaps there is hope.

  16. According to Albert Speer’s war diaries, Hitler sometimes lamented that Germans were largely Christian, and that they didn’t follow a more warlike culture, like the Japanese one, or like Islam. Well, could it be that thanks to Merkel and her cultural enrichment project, 100 years later his dream comes true??

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