Need to Get Consent From Her For Sex? There’s an App For That — In Sweden

At first glance this story would seem to be a spoof or an April Fools’ joke, but it’s not — Sweden really will implement this new law next week.

Many thanks to K. From Germany for translating this article Fria Tider.

Sex Law to Apply From Next Week on: Consent App Launched

June 24, 2018

From next Sunday on, the new consent law will apply, and then all intercourse will be forbidden in Sweden — voluntary or forced — which is not preceded by express agreement of consent. The app ‘Libra’ is being launched now, which will make it easier for women to issue their express consent.

According to Aftonbladet, the app makes use of bank-ID technology[1] to secure consent before intercourse, which can lower the risk of getting convicted for rape after having had voluntary sex. This risk predominantly threatens men who engage in sexual activities from next week onwards, when the controversial Swedish consent law begins to apply.

The app is being launched by the female lawyer Baharak Vaziri, who states on her website that she works as a plaintiff’s attorney[2] and defence attorney.

On the app’s homepage, the company behind it writes that the new legislation can imply great difficulties in proving consent between two parties who want to engage in intercourse.

“The app is designed to facilitate and strengthen [the concept] that persons who are about to enter a sexual connection shall do so voluntarily and consensually”, it says, inter alia, in the description in the App Store.

In an article in Aftonbladet, the reporter Miriam Bratt speculates that the app might make it more difficult for women to “change their mind” in the middle of intercourse and subsequently assert claim of criminal liability for rape. But the attorney disagrees with this criticism.

“This app is not meant for cases of sexual assault or in which women are in an exposed situation. This is only for those cases where things are unclear in some way, and such cases occur quite often,” says Baharak Vaziri to Aftonbladet.

However, one can never be entirely sure of not committing rape. This is because the law demands that consent be obtained “before each new moment” during the sex act, and it is dubious whether one can avoid criminal liability by obtaining consent for all moments beforehand, which is the idea behind the app.

“Witch hunt” against Swedish men

The new sex law has received harsh criticism in other countries, but completely evaded debate in Sweden’s so-called established media. Germany’s biggest daily newspaper Die Welt stated recently “Sweden Drives Sexual Correctness to the Extreme”.

The paper also takes on the reversed burden of proof which de facto applies in Swedish laws on sexual crimes and mocks the so-called problem which this law is thought to correct.

“In recent times (December 2017), Swedish women have been reporting violations every day. They report rape while sleeping or being too drunk to say no. They describe that they wake up with a ‘mental freeze’. Others, such as a politician for the Green Party, explain that it wasn’t before days or weeks after the occurrence that they understood that in fact they had been raped.”

According to the newspaper, the Swedish debate only broke out in full under last autumn’s #MeToo hysteria, which had as a consequence that the country’s establishment went on a campaign of outright persecution of sexually active Swedish men.

“Since then there has been some form of witch hunt in Sweden: Many men got fired from their jobs after a leading newspaper outed them as being accused of rape, particularly with the accusers’ being anonymous women. Sometimes the claimed assaults lay decades in the past,” writes Die Welt.

The newspaper states that the procedure violates the presumption of innocence in the European Convention, which says that anyone accused of a crime shall be treated as innocent until proven otherwise. But this is not allowed to be debated in Sweden, which the Swedish establishment made patently clear already when the columnist Staffan Heimerson was fired from Aftonbladet after he had questioned just how things stand with the presumption of innocence in connection with accusations of sexual crime in Sweden, reports Die Welt.

Translation notes:

1.   Bank-ID is a digital authentication tool widely used in Sweden for secure online banking.
2.   The term ‘plaintiff attorney’ is what machine translation gives for the Swedish word’s Wikipedia page of which no other language version is available; the translator lacks the legal expertise to say whether there is an English equivalent.

37 thoughts on “Need to Get Consent From Her For Sex? There’s an App For That — In Sweden

  1. Way back when, if you wanted to have sex, you had to be married. It was because back then sex was for procreation, and marriage was the contract that provided security in the baby making endeavor.

    These days sex is only for fun. Most women dress and behave like harlots, yet they want to be secure like daughters, sisters or wifes. So what does the big daddy government do? An App.

    The future couldn’t be brigter!

  2. So how do you prove the female wasn’t coerced into giving approval?

    Will people having affairs want a record of their cheating and how long until someone hacks the database or the app and exposes who’s doing what to who?

    Will sex by drunk people at student parties now automatically be regarded as rape by the male?

    What happens, as I believe was the case with Assange, where consent is given but claims of rough sex and or later unconsented sex are made? Will the app have to handle the duration of the sexual activity and list all permissible activities within that timeframe?

    What a legal nightmare and no wonder a lawyer came up with this. She’s probably rubbing her hands in glee at the thought of all the cases she’s now going to be involved with.

    • I had a female lawyer express exactly that when I mentioned to her that current circumstance in (another) country must bring a lot more legal cases.

      I had my revenge for having to listen to that, I let the judge know this lawyer had called her a witch.

  3. Clearly Sweden is suffering from a permanent brain freeze and it’s not the kind caused by Slurpees.

    • It’s the same frozen brain that came up with the idea of those rape bracelets. I can just see one of those violent immigrants pausing in his assault to get the victim’s permission to continue.

  4. This measure will definitely decrease the already low birthrate in Sweden. Swedes are trying every possible way of making their nation disappear. It has to be admitted, they are doing it very creatively.

    • I would call it “very bureaucratically”. This is not creative, it’s just one more restriction on private behavior by the Administrative State and its acolytes.

  5. I lived in Sweden briefly in 80s, visited often in 90s, I was aware then Sweden was a very very strange place, very strange odd people.

    Very cold people, you would always feel like an outsider, they don’t allow outsiders to break into their lives, strange now that they welcome Arabs, muslims, fake refugees, etc.

    I don’t get it.

    I guess it’s just the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan being foist upon them, they have no say in the matter.

    I pray the revoution will begin in Europe.

    Any person preaching socialist commie marxist ideology must be [intemperate suggestions redacted].

    Lock and load

    • I’ve been to Stockholm at least a half dozen times in the last 10 years and I have never had a problem with making new friends there. Most of the Swedes I talk to are not much different than traditional Americans. They work, have hobbies, and are put off by the goofy government. I have ran into a radical leftist too, she had a ring through her nose and tried to explain to me how late term abortion did not kill a baby and how Sweden had a high rape rate because Swedish men were raping their wives. That was the exception though. Sweden is no different than many other places in that there is still a core of traditional Western people. It’s probably not 50% or the governments wouldn’t be so radical. But even in France, 30 to 40 percent of the population are not American hating leftists. I don’t buy that “all Swedes” support this stuff. Go to the street car event August 4 and talk to them. At that event you will see American flags, confederate flags, Harley Davidsons and American cars, hundreds of them. I think you were hanging out in the wrong places.

      • It’s “funny” how American flags are now a pretty radical thing to fly. As are England flags.

    • I lived in a town outside of Oslo, Norway in the 80’s as a high school kid, and I was the beloved queen bee of that town as I came from CA. I was shocked at how much the Norwegians loved American culture and Americans. I later studied Norwegian and went back there. I was never lonely over there, people talked to me wherever I went. They were way friendlier and receptive to the Americans than the Germans. I always hit it off with the
      Scandanavians, even today. Spoke with a Dane and Norwegian for 3 hours on the plane a few weeks ago, and they both were quite upset about losing their respective countries to multiculturalism.

    • They “welcome” refugees, but the Swedes are a somewhat aloof, private people. One only gets truly “let in” socially, by exception. As with Scandinavians generally. The Finns are ethnically and indeed racially different, a much warmer people. And the flip side of that is that when the Soviet Union invaded them in 1939, they fought back alone magnificently.

  6. Forgive me for being obtuse but I thought that consent can be withdrawn up to the point of ejaculation.

    Even more obtuseness (and apologies) but I really thought the law allows for a lady to claim rape even after the event and even if verbal consent given beforehand (which I accept might also be coerced). Hopefully one does see the conundrum in all this?

    Maybe the law mandate it be live-streamed?

  7. I`m a bit obsolete and don`t quite get it.
    So, do I have to sign a formal document to express my consent or perhaps phone somewhere before the act?
    It would be clever from Sweden to establish a special ministry for sex intercourse(s) with special departments for voluntary, consensual, involuntary, and so on and on and on, sexual engagement.

  8. ‘Plaintiff attorney’ generally refers to a personal injury lawyer or ambulance chaser (as they are commonly known), who typically acts for the plaintiff on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis.

  9. I’m old fashioned enough to think that, were I to engage in a little casual sex (for which I’m far too old fashioned, or, should I say, old?), I wouldn’t want my partner for the evening even talking about it, but I certainly wouldn’t want to put him in a position of being able to flash proof on his phone when boasting.

  10. “The app is being launched by the female lawyer Baharak Vaziri, who states on her website that she works as a plaintiff’s attorney[2] and defence attorney.”

    Umm, this is generally known as “an attorney”. The fact that Ms Vaziri (funny, the Swedes I’ve met in my life tended to have surnames ending in ‘son’; to be fair there was Bjorn Borg and I did meet a Swedish attorney whose surname was Stenberg) lists herself firstly as a ‘plaintiff’s attorney’ is a marketing strategy. Perhaps she secondarily lists herself as a ‘defence attorney’ for those who are faced with prosecution for making false accusations of sexual misconduct by men.

  11. I hope that app has an Arabic version.

    It’s hypocritical of the legislature. When a man proposes to commit the act in question he must by law obtain detailed consent from his victim. However, when the legislature wishes to commit said act on the body politic, so to speak, no such exercise in obtaining consent is required.

    I can now understand why the Germans never invaded Sweden. Even they were afraid to take on such a fascist tyranny. Much easier to take on the Soviet Union.

    We must call on Germans now to devise one of their brilliant linguistic concatenations to describe Sweden. Something like “joketragicsubmissivetimorousobedientcredulousestrogenbesottedsmorgasbordeatingfurniture/armamentsexportingtundramasochists.”

    • I have to wonder if there is an exception for migrants and visitors. Imagine not knowing, going to Sweden, meeting someone and you don’t get to go home for several years.

  12. So, even fewer native Swedish children will be born in the next decade or so, while non-Swedish cultures will ignore the law with abandon and continue procreating with aplomb.

    • Ah yes, but they will be digitally signed children with certificates of consent, it counts you know.

      If you had ever been told your child was illegitimate, in spite of all facts to the contrary but a marriage ceremony to prove/”prove” this, so leaving that child undocumented and stateless, you might understand why pre-natal chipping is a fad in waiting… impatient fathers glued to their phones at for that vital message :

      Congratulations, consent no. 73 with citizen Af3442766 has processed correctly.

      It would be as convenient as the above to think I was joking…but if you look at how we are managed, and already accept to be managed, it is not even a further step. The only difference is being given a screen to hide behind – like the one in front of you now.

      • In fact, it’ll be improved beyond that: if you’re the only one who executed “consent” with that particular window within a 3 month period, *and* she hasn’t filed a rape claim with the police from another “encounter” *and* she gives birth approximately 9 months later, child support will be *automatically* deducted from your pay by the tax authority!

        In other words, if you made the mistake of executing “ConsentApp” with an SJW (and used a condom), who is later raped by an umm… less desirable male (or less wealthy one), said SJW is unlikely to report it, leaving you on the hook for the child support. Reporting it would be *waycist* *and* unprofitable, you see. It all comes together.

        To ask for a DNA test of the child will, of course, be *waycist* – especially if he doesn’t look at all like you.

        I can so see this happening. Give it 15 years…

        • I suppose “Hey, he looked at me” and a screenshot to prove it is progress compared to crawling behind a bush and having to do battle with the forces of creation, to emerge with a child from the bloodied conflict.

          Men should be thankful just to receive an sms and the bill, unhunh.

  13. Get the damn formed filled out at the beginning of the “date”. No reason to waste money and time and buying dinner – for nothing.

    • …could throw in a pre-nup just to let her know how serious you are about her ?

  14. I want to see them enforce this on Muslims. I really do. Stocking popcorn…

    • Sex for scorn is not a very balanced equation though from a woman, normally it is the other way round and for obvious reasons (of burden) Guess she was teaching him he was still up to it or having the final say ?

      It’s sad though when you see so much despair/hate in a person, we would not want to know why – a lot of this can go way back beyond recent relationship.

  15. Good! Men who let invaders molest and rape their own daughters don’t deserve to HAVE a country. This is a country governed for 7 years by Olof Palme who was AN ACTUAL KGB AGENT with a code name and everything. It is his party that has created the 21st century Sweden we all stare at in disbelief.

  16. In practical terms later trial and punishment is a disuasive reminder, an effort to instill something of an accepted norm.

    In reality the effects of informal accusation are maybe as severe in society as the result of any trial, I say society meaning a more traditional relatively close knit one, not the open borders variety.

    The crux of it has to be if a female has (should have) the authority, at any point chosen, to command that a male physically desist ( and male / female can be used interchangeably obviously… hopefully it will be that combination, I think must be in fact because the roles are rooted in reproductive theory, not wider pleasure or whatever some now attribute a confused satisfaction to, though even those can tie in to the first, or be made to in an improvised, if not perverse, manner ) .

    So, if we set aside all variety of “native impulse” for a moment, as well as assuming the female is fully in charge of her faculties, should she have command of if she is “used” (to use a coarse vernacular that befits the meticulous coldness of law)?

    I think the answer must be yes.

    However an app and a team of lawyers are not going to change very much in a meaningful way beyond possibly registering that at some ( maybe meaningless) point consent was given. As mentioned, it is the reverse burden of proof that is hard to fathom, you really end up with a kind of draw in a shaming contest – it’s pretty gross to think that on entering a relationship the partner may drag you into public at any point under accusation and you having to place all intimacy to open scrutiny just to try to defend from that accusation, and knowing that at best you are going to get an unresolved dismissal of the case with a perpetual insinuation tagged on to you.

    To me that seems a vicious and destructive weapon to place in the hands of the (generally) female, and will be understood by men to be part of an offensive armoury that may be used at any time by their partner – a person cannot compete with the power of state once it finds its accomplice to work with , this is known, and so there remains only the long weary tread of cooperation and defense. Miserable for someone innocent.

    Islam advises that whenever two of potential “unsanctioned activity” are in company alone, a third is always present to tempt, which is why it prohibits that circumstance – an understood social norm.

    Chaperoning used to be much more common in some western societies. For the anglo world it is seen as old fashioned but still youngsters are arranged to keep an eye on each other.

    In Spain it was quite prominent until recently, very often previously (and in some neighbourhoods still) , when young ladies went for a walk they would hold hands for example. Well I don’t need to explain why this is less often the case now, the meaning being replaced by another much less natural one that has disrupted and fouled a protective innocence. Women are as much their own worst enemies…or women of one society are the enemies of another is likely closer.

    Anyway, I suppose there always remains isolation or the chastity belt, all good as far as locksmiths and gdp are concerned. So maybe better to leave it on a light note with an old joke:

    “So, this guy was going to Crusade. He put on a chastity belt on his wife, gave the key to his best friend and said, “if I don’t come back in 3 years, set her free.” He starts off on his horse. After a while, he sees a big cloud of dust behind him. Someone was riding his horse really fast. So, he waits. The horse catches up to him. It’s his best friend.

    “You gave me the wrong key”, yells his friend. “

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