Emmanuel Macron Speaks From the Leprosarium Formerly Known as Europe

Last week, in a speech much derided by the Italians, French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron one-upped Hillary Clinton by referring to his political opponents as the “leprosy” of European politics.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Try not give anything up — in these troubled times we are living in — from your love
00:04   of Europe. I say that
00:08   with much power and emotion,
00:12   because in these territories
00:16   about a little more than twenty-five years ago, we, I think, saved Europe.
00:20   Without the great French trust, the euro wouldn’t have existed.
00:24   And sometimes things are being played for nothing.
00:28   And here, this is one of those
00:32   soils of the Republic, we vibrate while we talk about Europe.
00:36   We love Europe. And we know that when you love the local,
00:40   when you love your fishing, your region,
00:44   your production, your field, your Republic, you also love your Europe,
00:48   and you carry her. And you defend her.
00:52   And I say unto you with much gravity in the moment we live in.
00:56   Many hate her.
01:00   But they’ve already hated her for a long time. And you see them surge
01:04   like leprosy, a little bit everywhere in Europe. In countries where we thought it was impossible
01:08   to see it reappear; and neighboring friends,
01:12   they say the worst and we’re getting used to it!
01:16   They make the worse provocations and NOBODY,
01:21   and NOBODY is scandalized by that! We are turning
01:25   on ourselves: you aren’t enough this or that. They come to accuse Europeans
01:29   of not being European enough, or not exactly the way they would like them.
01:33   And they forget to denounce those who aren’t at all European any more, who hate her, and are
01:37   ashamed of their projects. We get used to all the extremes; in countries that
01:41   for years have been pro-European, like us! And for that
01:45   our economic, journalist, political elites
01:49   bear a HUGE responsibility!
01:53   HUGE!
02:01   Therefore I say unto you this,
02:05   that everyone…
02:09   that everyone watches the reality of what is going on!
02:13   At the same moment the challenges: economic, humanitarian, human;
02:17   challenges that we face, but without forgetting the everyday challenges
02:21   of our society. Look! I’m telling this to all the lesson-givers.
02:26   Come and tell me that we have to welcome everybody!
02:30   Today! But have a look at French society and her fractures!
02:34   Look what we are also doing, and we have no reason to blush about it, and I can defend it
02:38   point after point and detail by detail before you. And I want France
02:42   and national cohesion to stay in place, and our middle classes to find their place!
02:46   And at the same time to be up to the task
02:50   of our tradition of hospitality, especially concerning asylum. Which doesn’t mean
02:54   everything and whatever. But look elsewhere when others betray
02:58   that very asylum, cause the worse kind of humanitarian provocations.
03:02   That’s what we have to combat! And denounce. Not in dividing ourselves. It’s against that
03:05   we have to scandalize ourselves: against nationalism which is being reborn, against
03:09   the closed border that some are proposing. Therefore I say this unto you, today
03:14   with — you can tell — a great deal of passion attached to my body:
03:19   I need those territories that believe in Europe. I need
03:23   French men and women who believe in this project, because they know
03:27   our history, because they know the price of nationalism,
03:31   because they know the costs of stupidity, because they know that you can
03:35   confront your fears, [you can] try to treat them in a way that is increasingly difficulter
03:39   because nobody is ever happy. But who is more responsible
03:43   than he who plays with fears? Therefore, my friends,
03:47   this request is strong and vibrant, but in the coming months
03:51   in the coming years, don’t ever forget to be
03:55   European with strength. Not a self-complacent European, no! Europeans as demanding as you are,
04:00   precisely, Europeans from Brittany, like you, [who] know how to be [demanding], who request
04:07   a good common agricultural policy, who will ask
04:11   to be protected
04:15   against the excesses of detached work, legitimately! Who will request
04:19   to have their region protected, as they should be. I do believe in this Europe that protects,
04:23   and in this ambitious Europe. But let’s not forget
04:28   our principles, our values, our history.
04:32   So, yes, in order to protect her, I will need YOU.

21 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron Speaks From the Leprosarium Formerly Known as Europe

  1. This man’s is ego is so big it’s scary…after shootings mass stain ..lorry running over baby’s in prams ..teens hanging out of windows holding on their life’s. .he still crows of EU values ..these same values he has just decided to uphold for his elitist parties .hid grand houses…the would be king of fracne. .death to the king..long live the king! Pathetic mam.

  2. Mr Macron is master of hypocrisy. He accuses others (intending Italian government) to close its harbours to illegal immigration, meanwhile France is ceiling tightly its border with Italy, and keeps its own harbours closed to ships loaded with immigrants. Mr Macron wants Italy transformed into a gigantic reception centre of ongoing African immigration, separated from the rest of Europe. How convenient!

  3. An eminent representative of the “traitorous class” as Paul Weston calls them. He and others of his ilk will stand in the history books of future on par with other Quislings … if there are any history books in – say – 100 years from now.

    P.S. From today’s history annals: ‘Quisling was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress at 02:40 on 24 October 1945″.

  4. When the French hear this rubbish I wonder what they think about his hallucinations: Do they think that he is the perfect son of the so-called French Revolution?

    Did the French Revolution happen to get rid of Whimsical kings, who were unworthy of the great French people, and install jihadis and Caliphates instead. They had so much hate for clergy and churches, and in contrast so much love for imams and mosques. Oh the French know which is better.

  5. It is really sad that the French people allowed themselves to be fooled into voting for this person who is so obviously unfit to govern a country. In fact, he is only fit for a cosy mental home in some picturesque Alpine valley with kind nurses and excellent food. And far, far away from the traumatising hustle and bustle of political life, from noisy and overcrowded Paris.

    • I couldn’t agree more with the first sentence. Macron clearly stakes himself out as the antithesis of a French nationalist. He simply is not exercising his elective French presidential power for France’s benefit, and here he all but openly admits it; Charles de Gaulle would be turning in his grave!

      Contrast Viktor Orban, a Hungarian elected to power to govern Hungary. Orban makes Hungarians, the preservation of Hungarian culture and identity, the social cohesion of Hungary and the welfare of Hungarians, his paramount concern in the exercise of his elective power. What’s not to like?

      Macron, on the other hand, although a Frenchmen in the traditional sense of the word, is all for and only for Europe; with a cursory nod to French regions such as Brittany (which has its own non-French language). With his partial Hungarian roots, Sarkozy was less ethnically French than Macron, but was a Frenchmen: he regarded himself as fully French, he was fully immersed in French culture and tradition and exercised elective political power for France and the French. Like the Jewish Pierre Mendes-France or the Jewish Leon Blum, who, granted elective political power by the French people, governed France FOR the French people. It would never have crossed Mendes-France’s or Blum’s minds to do otherwise.

      The Western world is now politically dividing into Macronists and Orbanists (copyright: Julius O’Malley). Geert Wilders is an “Orbanist”. Angela Merkel is a “Macronist”. The Swedish political establishment is Macronist, the Czech political establishment is Orbanist. This is the true, new, paramount political divide.

      And now let us watch how Orbanist Czechia fares as a society vis-a-vis Macronist Sweden. Norway, too, is Macronist, though not quite so far gone. On a recent visit to Prague, American-born author Bruce Bawer’s ethnically Norwegian partner, started weeping after a few days. When asked by Bawer (author of “While Europe Slept”) why he was weeping, Bawer’s partner (yes, they are two homosexual men, but the Counter-Jihad MUST be a broad church if it is to have any chance of being effective: cf Milo Yiannopoulos, Douglas Murray, Anne Marie Waters and the lesbian leader of Germany’s AfD) answered that he hadn’t seen a single burka or niqab in Prague, whereas in his small hometown (population 25,000) in Norway (where Bawer and partner had relocated to from Oslo in order to get away from Islam, after previously having left Amsterdam over a decade earlier for the very same reason) wearers of these horrid foreign garments were a depressing, multiple, everyday sight. Czechia has a mere 3,500 Muslims and, as a de facto national policy, is going all out to keep the number minimal. The Czechs want Czechia to be Czech; a refreshingly, though common sense, Orbanist stance.

      As commenter Barbara Ethel, below, stated of Macronist France: “They could have had Mme LePen. Fools.” Indeed, one shakes their head in disbelief at the choice the French electorate made between the Orbanist Marine Le Pen and the out-of-nowhere Macron. I hope I live to see the day when Orbanist niece Marechal Le Pen is elected President of France.

  6. Dear me the mask is slipping. I’d say there is enough material for two psychiatric doctoral theses….and a conference.
    The man is clearly unwell.
    They could have had Mme LePen.

  7. In his speech, replace the word “Europe” with the acronym “EU” to uncover the ridiculousness of this french clown, who has no clue of what Europe really means.

  8. Do not hold Macron’s words against him. The poor man has been suffering for years from the psychological effects of an older sexual predator who has ; and still is confusing his poor, inadequate mind.

  9. This fool thought he could manipulate Trump by sucking up to him and using the big handshake. His mind works at 10 levels below a kindergartener.

  10. Such foolish speech even does not deserve a rebuttal. Ayatollah Khomeini, a man with a vocabulary of 75 words and not the slightest grasp of grammar, could speak better than this. I wish I could resurrect Montesquieu for a few minutes to listen to this speech. Then I would laugh into his eyes.

  11. He doesn’t identify exactly what this ‘leprosy’ is, but apparently nobody is scandalized by it. So it can’t be the ‘far-right’ can it? One of those speeches where you can safely say it is the total opposite of the truth.

  12. This is the most incoherent piece of merde I’ve ever heard. The only “leprosy” is that carried by Muslims–they are the haters of France, Europe, and civilization. Who is he kidding?

  13. The best way to watch this speech is without sound and subtitles and then with sound and subtitles.
    Then what do you see?
    A man not trying to convince his audience but trying to convince himself.
    He doesn’t believe what he is saying.
    He is rambling and incoherent and he knows he is losing it.
    There is no line in his story and its pure emotion.
    He knows the gig is up.

  14. Macron has no personality, no voice,no energy.
    French are looser again and again.This time no one will go and save them.No a bloody life it’s worth spending for people like that

    • The term ‘milquetoast’ (Macron) comes to mind…Poor Europe…All the nasty wars, all the young men dying on the beach at D-day to save you. And finally you had a beautiful peace for the most part.

      Please prove those people wrong who say, “Europe is gone”.

    • The term ‘Milquetoast Macron’ comes to mind…Sounds catchy…

      Poor Europe…All the wars, and all the young men dying on D-day to save you…Please prove those people wrong who say, ‘Europe is gone’…

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