The Swelling Tide of International Support for Tommy Robinson

Dr. Turley comments on the growing anger and the far-reaching consequences of Tommy’s arrest. With some good news for a change.

Here’s his book:

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future: How the 2016 Election Signals the Dawning of a Conservative Nationalist Age

Here’s his bio:

Steve Turley (PhD, Durham University) is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and classical guitarist. He is the author of Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (Classical Academic Press) and The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians (T&T Clark). Steve blogs on the church, society and culture, education, and the arts at He is a faculty member at Tall Oaks Classical School in Bear, Delaware, where he teaches Theology, Greek, and Rhetoric, and Professor of Fine Arts at Eastern University. Steve lectures at universities, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. His research and writings have appeared in such journals as Christianity and Literature, Calvin Theological Journal, First Things, Touchstone, and The Chesterton Review. He and his wife, Akiko, have four children and live in Newark, Delaware.

Please pray this is over soon or the B may starve to death… when I have no appetite, I can’t cook.

18 thoughts on “The Swelling Tide of International Support for Tommy Robinson

  1. I thought it was needless grandstanding when I first heard about this but it turns out he’s done a great thing. By being arrested he’s shone further light on what’s going on in the UK, a light which otherwise would not have been cast.

    Well done Mr Robinson!

    • You can guarantee that the useless, self loathing, ethnomasachistic,
      Self seeking puppets ( members of parliament ) will stay silent
      To a man/woman on this issue. Shame on them!

      Would like to hear from Nigel Farage on this issue, and in particular
      From the new and much heralded Home Secretary too.

      Seven coppers to detain one man, armed with a mobile phone
      Whilst moped gangs terrorise London, stabbings a daily
      Occurrence, and we are told crime is down!

      My thoughts are with this man and his family, free speech is
      The foundation of justice, even if you choose to disagree with
      Someone. Incidentally why are hate preachers, often by
      Invitation, allowed to fly in and out of this country at will?

      Will the odious Corbyn be arrested along with the equally
      Repugnant Livingstone be hounded for their views on
      Anti semitism ( totally mealy mouthed inaction)?

      Blair too this country to war on a LIE yet still struts the
      Political world, a multi millionaire.

      Hopefully some good will come out of this travesty of
      Justice, just maybe the catalyst of a change in public
      Attitude to the police. They are here to fight real crime
      Not to be political, Orwellian overlords of who can say
      What, where and when

      Wake up Britain for pity sake!!!!!!

      • So that is it, I was wondering the last time someone wrote it and seriously thought it was about her nose . Because I try to avoid taking to prying on personal / disassociate with that kind of synthetic judgement I did not look it up either… I just remembered a Not the Nine O’clock News sketch about her and something to do with Barry Manilow I think along those lines no pun intended. Duh.

  2. I’m not very optimistic about the situation as a whole…and here’s why.

    Assume the best possible outcome: massive international publicity forces the British government (I use the term loosely) to turn Robinson loose with a symbolic slap on the wrist. Masses of people both in and out of Britain see the case and the extent to which the British government is willing to go to silence any dissenting information or views.

    Take an average working prole, who’s daughter was harassed, injured, or raped by a Pakistani Muslim. The police couldn’t care less when the father reported the crime.

    So, the father considers posting the information on Facebook or Twitter. But he knows there’s a good chance police will show up at the door at 4 am and cart him off to a prison filled with jihadist Muslims who won’t take kindly to your publicizing Muslim crimes.

    But in your case will Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Jordan Peterson, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Gates of Vienna, Steve Turley, Ramzpaul, etc, create videos, thousands of tweets, and mass rallies? No. Not because these people have not the best of intentions, but they simply can’t make a case for every government abuse of a totalitarian police state. So the proles victimized by the conscious neglect of their security and safety by the government know they can be thrown in prison under life-threatening circumstances and kept there. It has an amazing resemblance to the Gulag. So, unless there are really massive, and I mean massive, rallies in the street, the incident is as likely to assist in the intimidation of the population as it is to embolden them.

    It’s like the massively rotten Communist system of the USSR. Everyone knew it was rotten and decaying, but the only option for dissidents was ultimately to leave the country until the whole system collapsed from the inside. It’s not that easy to topple a police state.

    The positive side, if there is one, is that the system cannot maintain itself. It’s physically impossible. The increasing number of migrant invaders claiming social services will overwhelm the capacity of the country to produce goods, even if the Muslims didn’t directly attack productive people.

    • ” The increasing number of migrant invaders claiming social services will overwhelm the capacity of the country to produce goods”

      Not sure this is true, at least not within the next couple of generations. The UK gets a large part of its finances through banking and other non-productive means.

      It has plenty of money to care for all the layabouts, it can even take money from the elderly if necessary as it’s better to pay off the barbarians than worry about threats of voting for the other party, particularly when both main parties are following the same book.

      Those who can afford to will retreat to exclusive areas with private security and the UK will end up like those third world nations full of poor people with a ruling class so much wealthier than the masses can’t imagine ever getting en par with them.

      By the time this happens the people affected won’t remember a better time, those that did while this transformation was in its infancy, i.e., now, will be too old to do anything other than moan.

      I’m already seeing a degree of rudeness online that didn’t exist ten years ago. I don’t mean trolling, but admins showing intolerance for those with different views to their own, open hostility rather than debate, the willingness to vilify people at the drop of a hat, to lash out at supposed political opponents.

      For those who’ve not heard of Reddit, a social media cum forum site, you can be banned from some subforums for simply making a comment in an unrelated subforum that the creators of the first don’t like, it’s surreal.

      • I’m already seeing a degree of rudeness online that didn’t exist ten years ago. I don’t mean trolling, but admins showing intolerance for those with different views to their own…

        We do that. It’s not that we object to differing views, it’s simply that we won’t allow ugly comments that attack others or make claims about the ancestry/motives of certain groups. Those comments add heat but no light and send a comment thread sideways. Besides, have you ever looked at, say, a Breitbart comment thread? I can’t make my way through one – exchanging insults, etc.

      • “Not sure this is true, at least not within the next couple of generations. The UK gets a large part of its finances through banking and other non-productive means.”

        I was in London last week.

        I’m sure some areas of east London are muslim [cesspit] neighborhoods. But central London where the financial workers work is nice (apart from architecture). Lots of people going around doing their business, restaurants, pubs, hotels.

        If the muslim supremacists start to be there everyday with their men-dresses and ninja looking women, shouting (or worse) at people on a daily basis for having a pint or eating during ramadan, I don’t think it will take two generations for people to start thinking twice about going to work in the financial sector in the UK.

    • I couldn’t agree more iwth your take on it.

      That is WHY this case is so important.

      If they get away with this, it will continue, to the point where it becomes personally unbearable for a majority of native British, but by that point, they’ll have lost the ability to fight back – at *best* in a scenario like that, long-term there will be ghettoized areas, like Northern Ireland in the Troubles. At worst – we know what happens.

      If they get away with this, it may be an “abandon ship” moment.
      Let’s hope not. It really feels that dramatic to me.

  3. I believe in unity and acceptance. My own ancestors were immigrants from Belgium and Germany, so I am living proof of how important these qualities are.

    It’s also naive to assume that everyone else in the world will share these values.

    You don’t see Japanese immigrants driving trucks into crowds of innocent people; Japanese immigrants are welcome.
    You don’t see Indonesian immigrants committing honor killings; Indonesian immigrants are welcome.
    You don’t see German immigrants raping children and then lying about their age; German immigrants are welcome.
    You don’t see Indian immigrants beheading people on live national television; Indian immigrants are welcome.
    You don’t see Brazilian immigrants setting up networks of grooming gangs across host nations; Brazilian immigrants are welcome.

    African and middle eastern Muslim immigrants cause a spike in rape and murder wherever they settle in large numbers. London has exceeded New York in terms of murder per citizen. Dozens of brutal grooming gangs have operated with impunity for the last four decades under the screen of political correctness. Malmo Sweden went from the shining jewel of Europe to the rape capital of Europe in less than a decade when they took on more Muslim migrants per citizen than any other nation. Here is a map of all the terror attacks that took place in the last decade. How many have taken place in Poland and Hungary?
    You are not going to convince me that all this death and destruction is just a figment of my imagination.

    Remember that old expression, “once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend”?

    I want to be inclusive. I want to accommodate and accept other cultures. But not all cultures want to do the same, and blindly assuming that our desires are the same as theirs is foolish and egotistical on our part.

    • “I want to be inclusive. I want to accommodate and accept other cultures. ”

      You also want to think through the implications of your professed immigration policies.

      You’re taking as the criterion for immigration, that the immigrant not have a culture or personal proclivity for violence. All other immigration is fine with you.

      But, most immigrants, including those from civilized, law-abiding countries, have their own political and social views different from yours. By inviting large-scale immigration into your country, you’re diluting those views and that culture and the political framework which forms the identity of your country.

      So, there is a case to be made for no immigration at all, or a very small number of immigrants who will contribute materially to the well-being of the host country. For instance, Albert Einstein was clearly an asset to the US when he immigrated here; in spite of the fact that Einstein was a globalist socialist. His scientific contributions outweighed the deficit of his political baggage.

      But, it’s very dangerous to assume that the immigration of vast numbers of people with a different cultural and political outlook will be a positive contribution to your country. How can you have “diversity” if you homogenize everything?

      Ideally, the US and other countries will eliminate the immigration provisions mandating refugee status. People from oppressive, vicious countries will have to make it on their own. Even government assistance to other countries is as likely to do harm as to have benefit. Any assistance to sub-Saharan African countries that lowers the death rate is a net minus as long as the assistance doesn’t dramatically lower the birth rates.

  4. It’s clear that Islam already rules over the UK, what we are witnessing confirms that. What happens when the Religion of War aims Britain’s nuclear arsenal at other kafir countries? This can occur even as the system collapses. Since to die for Islam’s gains is glorious, they don’t care if warheads come back at them or the system collapses….

    • I think it’s more true to say the cultural-Marxists in league with the Islamists control the UK. I also don’t think the cultural Marxists have thought through the implications of the totalitarian state they have created in league with Muslims. But, I’m not sure it would make a difference for them. Leftists are notoriously short-sighted. Perhaps those with a genetic predisposition to immediate gratification are naturally attracted to the left. Anyway, there are precious few examples of leftists changing their views because of actual facts.

  5. Good to see rising outrage around the world as the news of Tommy’s secret jailing is leaking out. This time the Elites may have miscalculated the backlash. Time will tell.
    Free Tommy Robinson!

  6. Just read from Paul Weston’s blog. Unfortunately my computer sound system is broken. But I somehow ended up on Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media. It triggered the thought that former PM Harper is now more favored than current PM, boy wonder, and I don’t mean that as a complement, by a decent percentage.

    I hope that PM Harper who seemed to be a most reasonable person and leader might speak out on this and perhaps shame the British totalitarians. Anyone have any insight if Rebel Media might approach Mr. Harper?

    Mike from Brooklyn

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