Honor Abortion Forced on Pakistani-Italian Girl From Verona

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

The girl was taken back to her country of origin through deception. To her friends, she wrote: “This time my father will kill me.”

Taken to Pakistan through deception by her father. Then tied up for 8 hours and forced to abort. A story that makes one shiver, and which saw the protagonist, a girl of Pakistani origin, residing in Verona. Now the 20-year-old has been freed by the police in Islamabad. She is safe and in the company of representatives of the Italian authorities. In February, Farah told her friends, “We’ll see each other in a week.” From then on, however, nobody had seen her.

The student, enrolled until last year at the professional institute Sanmicheli in the Veneto city (Verona), had become pregnant by a boy, himself also Pakistani, with whom she was having a relationship. A fact that infuriated the parents to the point of forcing her to terminate the pregnancy. “They punctured me and killed my baby. My father wanted me to get married here,” wrote Farah to her friends on WhatsApp. And then in an audio, she told: “They sedated me, tied me to a bed and forced an abortion”. The (Italian) foreign office intervened, asking the Italian embassy in the Pakistani capital to check up urgently on the news concerning the student.

Maltreatment in family

As reported by TGcom24, the girl has lived in Verona since 2008. Her father is owner of a business, and has been reported previously for family abuse; the girl even turned to social services in September for help. The situation was so serious that the municipality decided to put her up for a period of time in a protected shelter.

Sarah, after stating that she was reconciled with her family, returned home and was then forced to go to Pakistan. Here the nightmare began. And to tell it, the 20-year-old used WhatsApp messages to her friends. The young woman was locked in a room, tied up and sedated until the intervention by a (female) doctor, who induced abortion with a pill. Pushing the investigation was the young woman’s school network, from her friends up to the (school) director.

Farah is well-known and appreciated in her school circle. So much so that the professional institute San Michele she attended acted to arrange her exams in a manner that would have permitted her to face the months of pregnancy more serenely.

Her story is reminiscent of that of Sanaa, the Pakistani girl who lived in Brescia and was killed by her father, solely because she wanted to marry an Italian.

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  1. could it be, that the parents considered italians/non-pakistanis as an inferior sub human race, that they really do not want their daughter to have mixed blood child out of marriage? (or out of sale is more apprppriate considering their enriching culture). So this is a good learnig lesson on integration. We always are told, that we have to open to them, as if they were happy to be our friends. But they are not at all, it is just convenient for them to come here. But the problem are the eu/us leftard politics who thought we were all happy to live together, which is really not as this example reconfirmed to us. And nothing will change it, a pakistan is happy if his daughter marry a pakistan and has children of pakistani origin, and not otherwise as hollywood movies/mainstream media are always story telling. We cannot mix so different culture, as that of pakistan and that of italy, fooling us of melting pot and all other big [barnyard manures] that came from america. This story is the reality, and everybody should stay in his country, for better living of us.

    • No, read it more closely — the girl’s paramour and the father of the child was also a Pakistani.

      • According to the following link to a leftist news-pravda, the boy was “italian” (an adjective that these days is totally meaningless and most of the time misleading), despite it is no further specified if it was of Pakistani origin or not).

        Whatever was the real motives, for the parents not wanting their daugheter to have a child outside of marriage, I was just implying that people from Pakistan is not interested to become italian. They come here just because traitors, who sold the country to globalist US/EU international organization of crooks (IMF/ECB), let them in. Pakistani (and muslims too) are not interested to become italians. And I do not see any problem with that, I would never care to become a Pakistani either; Italy and Pakistan are not the USA where people, maybe (at least in the movies), dream to go and want to become some kind of a new person.

        These people (the parents of the daugheter) are bad or good? They have their different culture/gods/rules/mind; but in their country they are probably considered good parents. Why? Because it is a shame to have a baby of mixed heritage and outside of marriage. Is not a woman worth half of a man in Pakistan ? Can a man in Pakistan own 2 (or even more?) wives ? They (the parents) did what they thought was right for their family. In ancient roman society the father had the Ius vitae necisque, the right of life or death on his own children. Also we in Italy have the right to abortion (at least within the 4th month if I am not wrong). In Pakistan, they probably have the same right on their daughter children, if she does not belong to a husband. Maybe their methods of persuading her, were a bit brutal, but in the end the facts would not change.

        • Well, according to the translation, the Il Giornale article above says she “had become pregnant by a boy, himself also Pakistani”.

    • Yopur comment reminded me of something I read a few years ago: that since Sicily had no mountains to which they could flee, they learned to be ruthless from the Islamic pirates who preyed on them. I have no idea whether this is true or not5, but Sicilians are a law unto themselves, even on first arriving in the U.S.

  2. We cannot mix so different culture, as that of pakistan and that of italy, fooling us of melting pot and all other big [barnyard manures] that came from america.”

    No Irish apply!

    I’ll try to unpack this. The history of immigration to America is a far different tale than what is happening in present time.
    My maternal Grandmother and her mother came here in the 1890’s as did my maternal Grandfather. There was no welfare state. You lived or died of exposure, disease or starvation based on your own ability to employ yourself.
    My grandparents had only 2nd grade educations because they had to quit school in order to feed themselves.
    My maternal grandmother fainted in a Salvation Army line for food baskets during Thanksgiving in approx 1910. The Salvation Army brought her home and gave her and her family a food basket. My Grandmother and her mother took in washing because there was no other work for them. My Grandmother ended up working at a girls school doing their washing for many years until she met my Grandfather.
    It is very interesting to me that the girl’s school in CT actually paid tribute to my Grandmother in the 1980’s.
    And yet… they went on to build a life with 5 children and all the boys went to college. The girls all went to secretarial school, Katherine Gibbs.
    This is what the American dream used to look like.

  3. And yet, the “American Dream” now looks like getting in here and signing up for all the welfare benefits that the American taxpayers can buy while they tell themselves how good and charitable they are…
    When my Grandparents lived in NYC there were over 200 charitable agencies in the city alone. Now there are very few because the gov’t has taken over the charity business. Even in my lifetime being elected to lead the hospital charity in our locale granted huge prestige to the WOMAN so elected.
    Inter-ethnic marriage was one benefit of our melting pot. My Aunt Mary married an Italian. We said she converted from Irish to Italian… But keep in mind they were both Catholic and, as a matter of fact, were raised in the same parish.
    That, I think, is the huge difference between immigration 100+ years ago and today. The welfare state and the religious difference.
    I don’t believe there is any way to reconcile Islam with western culture. I’ve been at this game for quite some time and it just seems impossible. Islam keeps moving forward and we keep moving back. Every now and then we get a glimmer of hope like Muhamed Salman in KSA trying to liberalize his country but, the steady drumbeat of Islam marches on in the west.
    So, if you want to tell me that American assimilation is horse manure by today’s standards, I would have to agree. It wasn’t so in the past.
    In fact, American integration in the past was a miracle!

  4. So at what point does the west start to understand that there are bad people who are not part of their society, and are not bound or protected by their social contract.

    More importantly, when does the west come to terms with the fact that such alien mentalities cannot necessarily be accommodated en masse. Some can only be killed. For as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, if the mohammedans get the upper hand the westerner will submit or die.

    You can ONLY deal with mohameddans by their own rules. They will respect no others. SUBMIT OR DIE. Period.

    But as the mohameddans laugh about among themselves, the number of actual MEN in the west diminishes by the day. So what have they to fear?

  5. Reporting this story as if it’s wrong is pathetic, if Europeans had values similar to thsi they wouldn’t be facing extinction

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