From Notre Dame to Notre Nakba

The two recent posts about Sweden and Britain share the same general theme: the imminence of a multicultural Götterdämmerung in both countries. There is a sense that the endgame is at hand for each country — either society will descend into violent civilizational conflict, or the indigenes will meekly submit to the invaders and be annexed to the Caliphate. Whatever the outcome, the current situation is inherently unstable and will not last much longer.

The video below is an indication that France is approaching a similar singularity. In it you’ll see Muslim migrants occupying the forecourt or square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Notre-Dame de l’Assumption in Clermont-Ferrand and changing the name on the sign to “Nakba Square” (the word nakba means “catastrophe”, and is used by Palestinians and their supporters to refer to the founding of the State of Israel).

Many thanks to Ava Lon and Vlad Tepes for putting this video together:

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  1. The caption says it’s the cathedral of Notre-Dame de l’Assumption in Clermont-Ferrand- a fine gothic structure, but not the one in Paris. Still a disgrace, though.

    Many years back, I went into the one in Paris with my camera and tripod, and was told I could’t use the tripod; the word “professionel” was uttered. A friend of French descent later explained to me that the average French person couldn’t understand why an “amateur” (good French word) would prefer to take his own photos when professionally produced ones were available.

  2. changing the name on the sign to “Nakba Square” (the word nakba means “catastrophe”

    Who said there is no freedom in the west ? Just look how much freedom the INVADERS have to impose their shari’a and will. Isn’t this beautiful when you see democracy working? Now we can deeply understand why the interference in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria. . . in the name of democracy we turned them into Caliphates, and produced something dear and near to the west’s hearts : REFUGEEEEEEES, Stupid.

    Oh Nakba = catastrophe refers to the Jews regaining part of their land from the claws of the Eternal Ubiquitous INVADERS. No one talks about the series of Nakbahs that took place in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Constantinople, (the whole of Asia Minor, India, Afghanistan , Malaysia, Indonesia, Armenia, . . . etc. All those countries were invaded by blood and swords after the Pirate Burst in 632 AD. Every plaza in every city from Morocco to Aussie and from Arabia to Norway has a Nakbah memory. Manchester’s Nakbah was last year on May 22, 2017. But for TRAITORS that’s not nakbah but a byproduct of democracy.

    From Jihad Watch:
    History of Jihad

    Today’s holy month inspiration comes from the time of the Crusades. In 1268, as I recount in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, when the jihad forces of the Mamluk sultan Baybars took Antioch from the Crusaders, Baybars was annoyed to find that the Crusader ruler, Count Bohemond VI, had already left the city. So he wrote to Bohemond to make sure he knew what his men had done in Antioch:

    You would have seen your knights prostrate beneath the horses’ hooves, your houses stormed by pillagers and ran- sacked by looters, your wealth weighed by the quintal, your women sold four at a time and bought for a dinar of your own money! You would have seen the crosses in your churches smashed, the pages of the false Testaments scat- tered, the Patriarchs’ tombs overturned. You would have seen your Muslim enemy trampling on the place where you celebrate the Mass, cutting the throats of monks, priests and deacons upon the altars, bringing sudden death to the Patriarchs and slavery to the royal princes. You would have seen fire running through your palaces, your dead burned in this world before going down to the fires of the next, your palace lying unrecognizable, the Church of St. Paul and that of the Cathedral of St. Peter pulled down and destroyed; then you would have said, “Would that I were dust, and that no letter had ever brought me such tidings!”

  3. Confused individual has the wrong country… maybe he actually wants to celebrate the event – that is usually how squares get given names. How many squares of defeat do you know? Any?

    Here is another confusing one :

    Riposte labels the law as frightening, but the article ( translation is good enough) is actually pointing out that crime with possible Islamic influence should not just be more severely punished but labelled as influenced or aggravated by such.

    Maybe they are thinking a possible bias of judging influence will be used mainly against locals.


    • Figured it , the author is saying that the courts should get to know this law better, that they are afraid of this law and don’t seems to apply it or to want to give recognition that Islam is incentive .

      Seems obvious, but when they are posting someone else’s work the title makes think they are either questioning the author or insinuating another facet to the meaning of the law.

      I haven’t seen one case where Islam is listed as aggravating, sort of all gets fobbed off as extremists who misinterpret the religion because they aren’t thinking straight etc.

  4. The average Westerner reading the first paragraph of this post would think that the the author was paranoid and delusional. Unfortunately he is not; anybody who has regularly read this website, Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch”, Frontpage, the Gatestone Institute’s, followed Douglas Murray, Brigiitte Gabriel, Milo Yiannopollos and Pat Condell knows the tragic reality. There will be no revolt, like a frog in slowly heating water the West will just be meekly consumed into the Umma.

  5. Would that the Nakba would indeed be the end and reversal of Islamic conquest.

    It’s pretty much the only significant recent surviving example, I’m afraid. Eastern Europe and Greece being brought back from the Ottoman Empire seems to be forgotten outside the immediate area, though also fairly recent.

    Pretty much everywhere else, the direction of travel has been towards MORE Islamic conquest.

    That, I suspect, is the reason why Israel is such a sore point among Muslims generally.

    If Israel were gone, Spain would probably be the next target.

    (I’m aware that there are events not fully understood going on in Burma right now, and that there was some serious pushback in the former Yugoslavia, as well.)

  6. If you don’t believe in anything, there is no culture to defend. Muslims have very strong beliefs. They fill the vacuum of a faithless People.

    As long as the “trains run on time”, and the iPod continues to stream content, what difference does it make? (collective shoulder shrug)

    A faithless Church, led by a faithless Pope, who cannot explain what makes Christianity special in all the world, cannot leaven Western Civilization and give it a reason to endure in the face of an invader.

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