All Dames Get Outta the Pool!

At the request of a culture-enricher, a town in Germany is considering establishing swimming periods at the municipal pool when no women will be allowed.

Nash Montana, who translated the video for subtitling, includes these notes:

North Rhine-Westphalia: An Arabic association in Beckum demands separate swimming for men and women. “In our culture, women and men don’t swim together,” says the chairman of the German-Arabic association in Beckum. And the drunk-on-tolerance mayor agreed to it, and is now baffled and surprised about the protests.

P.S. The comments of the people on the street explain why Merkel was reelected and why Germany is doomed. DOOMED!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Men swimming only with other men, this is something
0:03   that’s happening only in a few cities in Germany so far, such as here in Mainz.
0:06   Here at the indoor pool in Beckum it was done for the first time,
0:09   and immediately protests came pouring in.
0:12   Mayor Karl-Uwe Strothmann did not expect this.
0:15   After all, there have been women-only swimming times for many years already.
0:18   “I was really surprised that now, as we offer the same
0:21   for men as we do for women, that it is being discussed so intensely.
0:24   That has just really baffled and surprised me.”
0:27   Strothmann knows the protest letters;
0:30   there’s talk of “no special rights for
0:33   religious fundamentalists…” or,
0:36   “this is how isolation works, but not integration…”
0:39   However, he can’t understand the indignation.
0:42   “Ultimately, the background behind all this was simply
0:45   that for over ten years now, we have had women-only swimming,
0:48   which has been received positively. Three times per year
0:51   it takes place in the pool outside the usual opening times.
0:54   Therefore, the only question that comes up for us, since the women-only
0:57   swimming has never been questioned at all in past years,
1:00   if due to the law for the equal treatment of everybody,
1:03   it is imperative that we allow men-only swimming as well.”
1:06   Mustafa Shalabi is the one who
1:09   filed the request for men-only swimming,
1:12   he is the chairman for the German-Arabic assembly in Beckum.
1:15   Some members, he says, have an issue with the fact
1:18   that men and women swim together.
1:21   “We have filed this request…
1:24   for… uh…
1:27   for our newcomers, who… uh…
1:30   just arrived from Arabic…, from the Arabic area…
1:33   In our culture… [*sniffles, swallows laboriously]
1:36   there the women and men don’t swim together.
1:39   There they swim separately.”
1:42   In the city center it’s market day.
1:45   But we are asking Beckum people on the street if they think men-only swimming
1:48   is really as horrible as it says in the protest letters.
1:51   “If the men want to swim together, then they should swim together,
1:54   and if they don’t, then they can swim mixed, I don’t see the problem.”
1:57   “If this takes place outside regular opening hours, then it’s okay.”
2:00   “Principally, I don’t think this is bad, because the women too
2:03   had their time where they wanted their own rights,
2:06   women-only parking, women this, women that,
2:09   and I think why shouldn’t men have their…
2:12   have their own swimming times.”
2:15   “If this is offered for women, why shouldn’t it be offered for men?”
2:18   “Equal rights, it’s always been like that, no? I think this is good.”
2:21   The city center people of Beckum seem to be
2:24   very relaxed concerning this topic.
2:27   But still, the protests have caused the men-only swimming project
2:30   To be put on hold for the time being. Over the next few months,
2:33   the appropriate boards will discuss what will happen next.

25 thoughts on “All Dames Get Outta the Pool!

  1. “In our culture, women and men don’t swim together,”

    Whose culture? Look, moron, you’re in Germany. It’s German culture. Don’t like it? Go back to where your culture (whatever that is) is the norm.

    Unfortunately, Germany isn’t Germany any more or won’t be for long unless the identitaires get the clueless members of their society awake.

  2. It’s pretty simple: if you don’t want to swim mixed, you don’t swim, or you build your own private pool.

    At the limit, I can comprehend how the migrants don’t get it.
    I don’t understand why the native Germans don’t.

    Methinks that the *gene& pool will be getting a little chlorine pretty soon, if this attitude persists.

  3. The Arab Shalabi says that he has applied for male-only swimming in Beckum on behalf of new Arab arrivals. And the mayor says that female-only swimming is 3x per years outside normal opening times.

    So as everything turns on the control and suppression of Muslim women, I suspect Shalabi, who has the unkempt beard characteristic of the pious Muslim, is aiming at expanded prevention of unmarried or married Arab women meeting other men unsupervised at the swimming pool.

    It is currently easier to sell this idea to the kuffar as “gender equality” than to demand that the female-only times be expanded.

    Additionally, Arab parents can now direct male children to go swimming at the male-only times rather than risk them meeting unapproved Muslim females by accident or design at the pool (kuffar girls are no concern here, cf. Rotherham, Telford).
    Male-only hours takes pressure off Arab parents during a heatwave, for example, when the male offspring want to go swimming.

    I wonder if the male-only times will be deducted from or are additional to the normal opening times?

    (NB. the Israeli radical Uri Avnery, much reviled at GoV and elsewhere no doubt for being the bane of Golda Meir and early meeter of Arafat, was born and raised in Beckum in the mid-20s; it will be interesting to see if he comments on this development in any way.)

  4. I don’t know the exact reason for the women only hours, could be due to “migrant behaviour” for all I know, but the muslim men only is based on religious grounds.

    That is to say if you make concessions it is that you are agreeing to on religious grounds. Islam has a lot of concessions to ask for, even without leaving the poolside

    • Would love to know what happens if a woman identifying as a
      Male showed up at a desegnated male only swim session!

      There’s a thought for all you patriotic German ladies, show up
      In your hundreds, identifying as male and nip this nonsense
      In the bud.

      • True to factional middle eastern realities the endeavour should fall under a movement so as to deny criticism on the grounds of lack of respect towards guest culture .

        I suggest BABs, the Beckum Androgynous Brigades ?

  5. IMHO it is and always was about Islamic supremacy,to change the rules and cultural norms step by step in an effort to have it ‘their way’.

  6. will the life- guards present be muslims too? knowing that muslims are generally very skilled swimmers and courageous life- savers, the possible outcome casts a smirk on my face.

  7. Europe is still a majority of white people who follow the teachings of Christianity not the teachings of Islam-the Muslim is not of our culture, its so called faith is an ideology, which has no authority in our lands-or certainly should not hold sway over Christian democratic ways. Those supposedly in charge in Europe are either a complete lot stupefying, ignorant idiots or utterly complicit in their efforts to bring about the fall of such evil across all European nations.

    • the left run political Europe, it has nothing to do with who is the majority.

  8. I have come to despise modern Germans so much that I am beginning to enjoy their humiliation.

    • let me join in! In recent times, I have changed my rhetorics: when asked by do- gooders who rate me as a knowledgeable person about the ” matter”, I say : no idea.Get yourself familiarized with the facts. You’ re on your own now!

    • I’m scared of what Islamic religious fanaticism AND German engineering could come up with, working in tandem.

      So I’m not enjoying it at all, because I worry about the REST of us. I’m not going to hide it: I care very much about Germany, because Germany being an Islamic “Republic” could be a worldwide menace.

      Remember the Nazis. It *can* happen again.

      • Yep. Especially here in Eastern Europe people think “Germany wants migration – let them have it!” . But it may have one day have bigger consequences… in 20 years, could Poland find itself squeezed between two majority-Islamic armies, with the Western one potentially under the command of an Islamic chancellor?

  9. Why would anyone choose to swim in a pool of water after or with people who grew up with a fatwa against toilet paper? Pools all across the globe turning into human petrie dishes (or worse) as I type. 1 ppm chlorine to water needs to be reversed.

    • Honestly, dry wiping isn’t that great either, and people from “water” cultures (not all of which are Muslim) find dry wiping quite disgusting.

      I sort-of agree with both points of view. Without getting too much into details, I’d recommend paper, followed by wet wiping.

      So either way, thank God for chlorine!

      It occurred to me once, as I was gazing at a water treatment plant, that water filtration/chlorination and sewerage probably does more for overall population health than hospitals and doctors. Yes, I know that chlorine can have negative aspects, and it might not be ideal to drink too much of it, but on the overall, it beats cholera, etc.

  10. I’m totally shocked! Don’t you want ecual rights for men and woman?
    Even the Germans want to have it…
    Next thing will be Muslim Men ONLY. That will make it – Halal.

  11. How lousy of the Imams to spoil the ‘refugees’ fun. German women know that they get ‘inadvertently touched’ if they swim with Mo’s Horndogs and ‘frotted’ on a crowded train. How enriching for them.

  12. The only sensible response should be: what you do within your country and culture there is up to you. What you do here is up to us. If you don’t like mixed swimming, excellent. When are you going back home?

    Sadly, we don’t live in a sensible society anymore.

  13. The mayor can’t understand the indignation? It’s called the thin end of the wedge. Next Mustafa will want segregated side walks with men walking on one side of the road, and women on the other. It’s German culture that is having to change, not Arabian culture, and that’s worth protesting against.

  14. The Germans on the street likely know what may happen, if they voice an un-PC opinion on TV… perhaps that’s why they’re showing themselves to be so tolerant?

  15. this is happening because of the work of the women’s rights advocate angela merkel.

    • Merkel doesn’t give a fig about German women. She wants and supports immigrants, of which about 80% (or more) are single males.

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