Send in the Clowns

Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau visited France recently, and didn’t make as much of a fool of himself as he did earlier in India.

The French video outlet TV Libertés had a few things to say about Mr. Trudeau’s visit. But I must say that I object to their characterization of him as an “Anglo-Saxon”. He’s Canadian, but Québécois, which means that he is French (even if he is a rube by Parisian standards). Besides, if the rumors are true, he has quite a bit of Latino-Caribbean blood — about 50%, actually.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:20   The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visits France,
00:24   and for the occasion his counterpart and alter-ego, Emmanuel Macron, rolls out the red carpet
00:28   for him. On the program: the defence of the CETA treaty and presenting
00:32   A less ridiculous image than during his trip to India.
00:36   Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The PM of Canada
00:40   receives honours from France. Justin Trudeau, whose style is largely reminiscent
00:45   of Emmanuel Macron, is ending a 2-day visit to Paris, the occasion for him to
00:49   sell us his CETA and to make us forget his ridiculous passage to India.
00:53   The incarnation of the future world, Trudeau is somewhat the “Canadian Macron”, only worse.
00:57   Justin Trudeau, 47 years old, and Emmanuel Macron, 40 years old,
01:01   a new generation smelling the “Open Society”. And for the visit
01:05   of the Canadian PM to France, it’s no surprise that the French Head of State rolled out
01:09   the red carpet: a meeting with the French President on Monday and a first-ever appearance before
01:13   the National Assembly this Tuesday, “first-ever” because it is the first time that a Canadian
01:17   head of government has appeared in front of the Lower House under the 5th Republic; only
01:22   20 heads of state have had this privilege. And why such
01:26   preferential treatment? Firstly, France has close commercial relations with
01:30   Canada, almost €10 billion of annual exchanges between the two countries.
01:34   Then we must look at the personality of this Head of Government: at the controls for three years,
01:38   Justin Trudeau has everything of the little lieutenant of the ‘Open Society’: globalist,
01:42   cosmopolitan, pro-immigration — Trudeau ticks all the boxes.
01:46   Young and dynamic, he is in a way the alter-ego of our president, but “less good”
01:50   or “worse”, depending on opinions. His political activity was marked by a mind-boggling
01:54   repentance towards the LGBT circles with a scene in front of
01:59   Parliament that has become legend, where Trudeau simply started to cry…
02:11   a vision of history that
02:15   belongs to him, and borders on masochism. —Today
02:19   we finally talk about Canada’s role in oppression,
02:23   criminalisation and systemic violence
02:28   against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,
02:32   transgender, queer and bi-spiritual communities.
02:36   A vision of the excuse that goes as far as a quasi-medical analysis of behaviours
02:40   by society. —My hope is that, by talking about these injustices,
02:44   by promising that they will never happen again,
02:48   and by acting to correct these mistakes, we can begin
02:52   to heal together. —And always in the
02:56   background of the Canadian PM, the self-hatred, also cultivated in Europe, but
03:00   which, it must be said, reached its paroxysm with Trudeau.
03:05   When they arrived on this territory, those who colonised it brought with them
03:09   foreign norms, good and bad ones,
03:13   with acceptable or unacceptable behaviours.
03:17   And voilà, the character whom France honours, elected with his liberal party as
03:21   a man of the world afterwards. Like Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau has imposed a
03:25   new style, even if it meant mixing brushes by doing “whatever”, for example in India,
03:29   where he thought it would be clever to imitate the traditional costumes of one of the greatest
03:34   civilisations of humanity. The Canadian PM obviously does
03:38   does not know the difference between a vulgar “Gay Pride” event in Ottawa and a diplomatic visit
03:42   to a great world power. It is alarming that during his sojourn, this individual was even
03:46   invited by a Sikh who had tried to assassinate an Indian Minister in Canada in the 80’s,
03:50   enough to be a little electioneering aimed at the Sikhs of Canada, but also
03:54   enough to anger the Indian officials, who overwhelmingly ignored the visit of
03:58   the Anglo-Saxon clown. In his style one also finds Macron, as during his interviews
04:02   with the European Authorities where he practices double-speak and high-flying platitudes.
04:07   When we work together in a respectful
04:11   and responsible way — and that does not mean that we will always agree on everything;
04:15   on the contrary, the moments when we have differences of perspective and
04:19   opinion challenge each of us to
04:23   prove well that we are right and why we
04:27   are right, this allows us to to to [sic]… gather our arguments…
04:31   Understanding our differences makes us stronger:
04:35   rather light as an argument to try to impose on us CETA, a transatlantic treaty
04:40   of free trade, which is very much disputed. Globalist, Trudeau also claims to be an ecologist,
04:44   but here too, there is still work to be done. Since his arrival at the controls, his country
04:48   has fallen far behind its climate objectives, and for good reason: Failing to defend
04:52   the environment, Trudeau decided to proceed with an oil pipeline expansion project that could cause
04:56   environmental and human damage. The indigenous communities living
05:00   on the pipeline sites are also hostile to the project,
05:04   but these native communities do not seem to have the PM’s favour.
05:09   So: finally not very much of an ecologist, but still very globalistic and free-exchange, favouring
05:13   mass immigration to “dissolve yesterday’s Canada” in his own words.
05:17   Trudeau had called for the migrants refused by the policies of Donald Trump to join
05:21   his country. As you will have understood, Trudeau is a bit like a Test Model of the little head of
05:25   a cosmopolitan government, a model not really well accomplished whose inspirations are similar
05:29   to those of Emmanuel Macron: use of social networks, exacerbated modernity, blurring of
05:33   lines between high public and private spheres, such as the appointment of Isabelle Hudon,
05:37   A businesswoman and Canadian ambassador in Paris, young, dynamic,
05:42   full of ambition and craving to change the world. The little Canadian minister is not up to
05:46   the expectations he raised. Emmanuel Macron, who is subtler, probably much more
05:50   intelligent and less embarrassed by repentance and even communitarianism, is in a way
05:54   the second-generation model of the “cosmopolitan Head of State” …Trudeau
05:58   no longer enjoys a state of grace in his country and passes for a clown at the international level.

11 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns

  1. I laughed until I cried. The French do have a wicked way with words, and they had some pretty subtle digs at Macron as well as the not so subtle ones at Trudeau. I think the next elections will be interesting. Neither seem to be gaining in popularity in their countries.

  2. Trudeau is an ‘Anglo-Saxon’.

    As a French-Canadian myself I laughed when I read this.

    This is a very clever French insult reserved for those who are an embarassment to French identity.

    It is not necessarily meant as an insult to Anglo-Saxons either.

  3. I’m surprised Mr Trudeau didn’t have a French costume to wear. Including a beret, a black and white striped shirt and necklace of onions. Possibly with a Disque Bleu cigarette in the side of his mouth.

  4. Three of Trudeau’s grandparents were Anglo Canadian but I suspect being raised by his father tips him over to the French Canadian side

    • Which father? The one whose name he took, or the one who (according to rumor) actually sired him?

      • In any case, he seems to have inherited the worst characteristics of whatever genetic strains he has in his ancestry … whether French, Anglo, OR Hispanic (?)

  5. The India ” business ” trip he made looks like a National Lampoon vacation movie Chevy Chase would have made 30 years ago.

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