Beasts From the Brute Farm Attack Young Woman in Essen

Two bestial culture-enrichers attacked a young German woman at a metro station in Essen — they broke a glass bottle on the back of her head. When you watch the video below, you’ll notice that the young woman fought back vigorously, despite the blow to her head, so that the two “youths” felt it prudent to run away.

Ava Lon, who translated the video for subtitles, includes this linguistic note:

The place where the attack happened is, interestingly enough, called “Viehhofer Platz”.

  • Vieh means cattle, livestock, beast or brute.
  • Hof means court, farm, or farmyard, and adding -er makes it a genitive or possessive.
  • And Platz means square, of course.

So the attackers were beasts from the brute farm.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Young men beat an unsuspecting girl from behind.
00:04   Now Essen police are using these pictures
00:06   to find the cowardly attackers.
00:12   It happened at the metro station Viehofer Platz.
00:16   Both young men followed
00:18   the 17-year-old girl beforehand.
00:24   Unnoticed by the young woman,
00:26   one of the perpetrators approached
00:32   and broke a glass bottle on the back of her head.
00:36   The young woman defended herself
00:38   against the attackers.
00:45   The perpetrators ran away after that
00:49   Who knows these men?
00:53   Tips: for the Essen police 0201-8290

27 thoughts on “Beasts From the Brute Farm Attack Young Woman in Essen

  1. It looks as though she has taken a self-defense course. All young people in urban areas need to do that, asap.

    For that matter, it doesn’t just apply to the young.

    • First principle of self defense is to be aware of your environment. Never let strangers get close behind you if other people aren’t around, and in particular, keep your attention focused on them and don’t be distracted. She’s just lucky the blow didn’t stun her to the point she would unable to move.

      Another thought is that the video is a police appeal. It is surprising the police in Germany would publicize an unprovoked attack by “asylum-seekers”.

    • @Dymphna: what is it about her defence that makes you think that? I am curious.

      I see only a young woman, who seems strongly built and tall and possibly a sportswoman, lucky not to have been badly injured by a glass bottle.

      I do not see any legwork by her (evidence of training) against Attacker 1 when in his grip; she then connects with Attacker 2 and Attacker 1 gives up, I think.

      On the one hand she did not look behind her coming down the steps (no situational awareness in Hijra Badlands, hence I am sceptical that she has done any training) but on the other, she was lucky that Attacker 1 was stupid enough to wait until she was on level ground again before bottling her; if he had done so before, gravity would have bowled her down the steps to his advantage.

      • It was her ability to throw off her attackers. Often, in real life, that doesn’t look spectacular. This wasn’t a Hollywood moment…since she is a girl and was going against two men, she should have been overwhelmed by their inherently superior upper body strength. But that wasn’t the case.

      • Agreed.
        It sounds like you have a more realistic undestanding of Street fighting. Beyond “superior upper body strength” being the end all. I’m jealous she’s so tall. I’m five feet and that guy pinning me from behind would have been worse.

        That other video of a migrant kicking a girl down the stairs from the top, still haunts me.

      • One thing which would make one think she had training or at least practice, was that she stood and faced her attacker and made an attempt to fight back. Too many women would simply be stunned, or just run away. Perhaps she took part in a competitive sport, where she learned to persevere, although she didn’t know specific moves to ward off an attacker.

        For my money, as you mentioned, if you spend an hour in a self-defense class, the most important aspect to be learned is awareness of the situation, and the determination to avoid it. By the time it comes to actually fighting off two determined male attackers, the girl would have to be relatively experienced and very well trained.

      • My first impression was that she used some leg work to ward off #2. When looking at the video again I also detected some leg work against @1. Whether that’s trained leg work or simply a survival instinct I’m not sure.

    • They would have convicted her for adultery since there were not four male witnesses (participants) to say otherwise.

  2. Do you know these men? the news clip asks. Go down to the migrant centre and pick them up.

    Actually this woman did well, fighting off two larger men. They are pack animals who hunt in groups. They did appear to get away with her handbag though. These sorts of stations are clearly unsafe for women alone and Germany is going to have to have security guards posted before long. One of the unspoken costs of the muslim migration is Policing costs in Western countries will skyrocket in the attempt to control lawlessness and allow ordinary citizens to use public transport in the future. Either that or surrender the streets to the barbarians.

    • @Baucent: there is another aspect of public safety which as far as I can see nobody has mentioned since 4.9.2015.

      It is this: once the Orcs (as they are known by now on the German Internet) start driving on German roads, whether legally or illegally, the road toll is likely to approach that of the countries they come from.

      (Currently, the role played by young male Turks, – incl. those born in Germany with German nationality from the West Asian underclass – in killing ethnic Europeans while at the wheel in Germany is difficult to ascertain.

      That is because ethnic origin is not recorded for road accidents, merely nationality, as far as I know.

      But my anecdotal impression is that as the number of Turkish males in the relevant high-risk group of young males in Germany increases, their role is naturally strengthening.)

      As regards the country-shopping migrants since 9-2015: foresight, prudence and carefully-maintained vehicles do not feature in Cameroon or Algeria.

      In fact, I imagine that – because in advance of family reunion immigration, the Orcs being male and under 35 – their killing of themselves and indigenous EU Whites on German roads will be disproportionate, in the same way that vehicle insurance premiums for young males always reflect riskiness.

      So the next SJW lawyers’ anti-discrimination suit on behalf of African clients looms. Or has EU insurance law already adapted?

      Note that already in 2015, German drivers whose vehicle was damaged by the bicycle of a “refugee” who naturally had no third-party insurance were required to pay the repair costs themselves.

    • An additional problem is that as the migrants increase in number, the Muslim organizations will increase in political influence and will actually punish the police for any effective work against Muslim attackers. You can see this in the grooming gangs in Britain. The Muslims, as an identity group, had a clear organizing principle to concentrate their influence and discourage the police and social welfare organizations from preventing or punishing the perpetrators. It was only when the situation became bad enough to rouse the real English, still (for now) a majority, that anything was done about the systematic rapes.

      In other words, political influence is always leveraged by identity group politics, a very clear reason for not allowing in large numbers of migrants, even those willing to work and not likely to commit crimes.

  3. I am deaf in one ear and have only partial hearing in the other. This scenario is the stuff of nightmares for me, being attacked from behind with an object. I wouldn’t have heard his footsteps behind me at all. Kudos to this young lady. An older, less fit person would have ended up a statistic.
    It is guerilla warfare in Western Europen cities these days..

  4. What other choice did she have if the other option was being raped and potentially murdered? If all men in countries west of Czechia and Poland lost their [manly generative equipment] this is the only way women over there can protect themselves. Hopefully next time it won’t be three or more of the scum. And with attacks like that, why wasn’t there an officer patrolling the station? A German officer, as one with migrant background would’ve just joined the scum. After some attacks in Western Europe back in 2016 and I think well into last year our military joined forces with the police and patrols of several men with automatic rifles were seen on every subway stration, until the potential risk lowered again. And I DID feel secure with those men around. It’s also common practice for local police officers (we have two types of police in Czechia – municipal and state) to regularly travel public transport during potentially risky times (like Friday nights or during a sports event).

  5. ” ….. once the Orcs (as they are known by now on the German Internet) start driving on German roads, whether legally or illegally, the road toll is likely to approach that of the countries they come from.*

    This is so. My evidence is “only” anecdotal (not statistical) but that doesn’t invalidate what I’m about to say. Whenever I see or hear a vehicle being driven in a certain way: (a little) too fast, pulling out from a side street etc. when a more prudent person would have waited, weaving in traffic, the ethnic origin of the driver (if I can see him) is always Middle Eastern/Arab/North-African. This is not the same as saying they’re the only ones who drive like this. I’m just reporting my observation.

    • and they have a preference for noise, manipulated mufflers and such. This is clearly primate behaviour.

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